The Miracles of Liquid Block Fasting

The Miracles of Liquid Block Fasting

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The Miracles of Liquid Block Fasting and Skin Repair Workshop – We are going to investigate the Miracles of Fasting using the Terrain Modification Protocols. Block Fasting is the easiest way to detoxify and rejuvenate – thus resetting or rebooting the whole body/mind vehicles.

The BIGGEST SECRET I KNOW: Learning and practicing with patients for over 35 years of clinical practice, research and experimentation in detoxification and rejuvenation fields of Health, Wellness and Evolution.

Are you ready to Upgrade, Enhance and Optimize your life?

Tapeworm Lifecycle
Tapeworm Lifecycle

Intermittent and Block Fasting protocols definitely reset and reboot many dysfunctional emotions, addictions, cravings, intestinal parasites, constipation, sleeping patterns, depression, fogginess, forgetfulness and so much more.

Part 1 (40 min) is a “Connecting the Dots” fasting interview, with Rosa and Phil, talking about their 8 days without any food – only distilled water. Rosa and Phil are participants in the 21 Day Medically Supervised Detox and Rejuvenation Hawaiian Retreat.

60 year old Rosa from Zacatecas, Mexico  and 30 year old Phil from the east coast both “Graduated” from 8 days of drinking only Dry Water (aka Distilled Water).

A truly inspirational interview to share with other people that want to start there own “self responsibility” health and wellness lifestyle.

Part 2 (60 min) – is a “Skin Repair Workshop” with Phil and Rosa from our 21 day medically supervised detox and rejuvenation retreats in Hawaii.

Block Fasting has been practiced for 1000’s of years by all cultures from around the world for religious and health practices. So, please don’t think these therapies are a new fad or craziness.

When we stop eating any foods or calories at all the body starts to reverse its energy in three days and start to “Catabolize”, or start eating itself to provide the needed fuels or energy to still live.

Catabolism: is the breaking down of compounds ( fat, parasites, debris ) to release energy. Peoples body weight loss is a result of catabolism. We call this healing process “Ketosis” – the complete reversal of the bodies energy to restore health by eating part of itself – catabolization.

Ketosis is a normal metabolic process and in my opinion it is a highly regenerative super fuel that the body self produces internally while fasting.

When the body does not have any glucose for energy we produce “Ketones”. It burns stored fats, parasites, anything it can to survive to make an alternative energy source. When rebooting your computer, when the software or hardware are malfunctioning, it resets the computer to work correctly again. Fasting is exactly the same magical re-booting or re-setting parable or idea.

Fasting with the correct liquids will disconnect many addictions that you didn’t even know you had.

Fasting releases literally billions of microscopic yeast, mold, fungus, candida, parasites and many species of larger species that you can easily see come out of your body or skin.

Every creature that is alive defecates and urinates. When you are fasting they are not being fed so they don’t really poop any longer, so you feel so much better – more energy and clarity – not being poisoned by their feces/urine.

Parasites excreeted through Terrain Modification Intestinal Cleansing
Plasmodium Lifecycle

ALL parasites feces and urine are highly toxic. Constant flow of feces from other creatures living inside us is very detrimental for normal body and mind functionality. The more we feed them the more they defecate in us. Fasting releases the body from this super toxic daily assault.

We all have a variety of parasites in our bodies and minds. Once we stop feeding the parasites with sugar, carbs, blood, dead processed foods etc. then the parasites no longer can flow a constant river of super toxic feces and urine.

I personally know that parasite feces and urine causes the body much biological assault, just dealing with all of the internal parasitic feces in the body where it should not be. Learning intermittent and block fasting with a variety of Liquids of Vitality, and starting a ketogenic diet will massively disconnect the parasites from any fuel for them.

Sooner or later most everyone is going to get sick due to all the toxicity. So, let’s be smarter now so you won’t have to backpedal like I had to when I was very sick. Trying to figure things out when we are sick is not easy and it is much better to learn how to detox and rejuvenate now – sooner than later.

The idea and concepts are simple: Start living a life that is full of awareness – which will mean most likely we will have to learn and relearn just about everything.

Once we find out that our life before was as smart as we thought then it’s time for optimal negotiations from the ways that life was previous.

It is time for everyone to DE-accumulate the debris we all have, and start learning responsibly for our own health, wealth and happiness. No one is going to give it to you with a pill or a magic potion.

The main theme of the Terrain Modification Program is upgrading, enhancing and optimizing as much in your world as you can that makes sense, and is reasonable and logical for you to start your journey of a 1000 steps.

Tapeworm Lifecycle
Tapeworm Lifecycle

Learning intermittent and Block Fasting and the Terrain Modification Protocols are some of the simplest and effective ways to really have the body detox and rejuvenate.

Ready to help and teach yourself “How to Become your Own Doctor?”.

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Learning and practicing the Terrain Modification Protocols is a must to live healthier in this world that is very dysfunctional and toxic.

You are what you “eat, drink, say, hear and do” so be very conscious of that.

Hope you enjoy this “The Miracles of Liquid Block Fasting” Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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