Overcoming Addictions with Block Water Fasting and Gwashing

Overcoming Addictions with Block Water Fasting and Gwashing

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Overcoming Addictions with Block Water Fasting Interview and Workshop with Michelle and Kelsey. How do we Disconnect or Remove Physical, Mental and Emotional Addictions that we all have and do not know we have?

Dry Water fasting or Steam Distilled Water Fasting along with the collective protocols of terrain modification really change lives for the better. We talk more about it in this Overcoming Addictions with Block Water Fasting Interview and Workshop Video Course.

Kelsey from California and Michelle from the UK are 2 graduates from our 21 Day Terrain Modification Detox and Rejuvenation Retreats to reset your body and your mind. This is one of the best vacations anyone can ever have for sure for yourself to reset everything.

These 2 intermediate graduates have fasted with steam distilled water for 14 days.

Doing a 7 day dry water fast would be graduating as a beginner and if you have finished a 21 day dry water fast then you have graduated as advanced for sure.

The personal graduation that you get is the “disconnection” of the parasites that are in everyone ( that’s right everyone ) controlling our hunger, thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions of many areas of our lives.

So “disconnecting” these “creatures” from our “mainframe computers”  ( our minds and bodies are the main frame computer or super computer ), is super essential to get back your vitality and power back from the insidious and very elusive parasitic creatures that are hiding in us, and yes, silently controlling us.

When you finally disconnect from these creatures you will find more of your authentic self without all the parasites that are always telling us what to do. The best part is you will not feel the parasites because they control us from behind the scenes.

Wait until you try this method of detoxification and rejuvenation.

I bet you have not tried any or most of these techniques / teachings or even heard of them.

These protocols have been followed by 10’s of thousands of people from around the world with excellent results in enhancing, upgrading and optimizing their lives.

Part 2 is going to be a visual workshop with some beginning, intermediate and advanced protocols, and we are going to show you how to detox and rejuvenate the lymph tissue areas in the breast.

Men and Women have breast tissue, and both genders can get breast or lymphatic cancers. So, if this is the case we need to really learn and practice the detoxification and rejuvenation protocols, practices and principles.

Constantly combining the lymphatic and skin protocols / practices will change your life for the better for sure.

Learning the “Terrain Modification Principles” is a must to live healthier in this world that is so dysfunctional and toxic.

Everything in Life is all a “Work in Progress”.

You are what you “Eat, Drink, Say, Hear and Do”, so be conscious of that.

Hope you En-joy these Overcoming Addictions with Block Water Fasting Interview and Workshop Videos! :))

Dr. Robert

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Overcoming Addictions with Block Water Fasting and Gwashing Part 2

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