Releasing Deep Seated Toxicity

Releasing Deep Seated Toxicity

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Releasing Deep Seated Toxicity – We all are Physically, Mentally, Emotionally Toxic and need to be Cleansed No Matter How Old We Are or How Young We Are.

Breaking down the Lymph System, that is most likely hard tissue, and is very sick because it doesn’t flow within the body.

The Lymphatic Fluid is about 75% of the fluid that is in our entire body. Blood makes up about 25% of the total volume.

It is necessary to learn these protocols just to be half way smart if you live in the city, or what I call Toxic Land or even Mad Land :))

We are going to share with you the Protocols, Practices and Principles, that I have used with 10’s of thousands of people from around the planet, have also benefited from these life changing therapies.

Can you see though your skin? Or, can you see the veins in your arms, legs, stomach, chest, etc.?

The understanding is if your body is “clean it is lean”, and if it is “lean it is clean”.

I didn’t say skinny I said lean!

The skin promotes the hormones of life to work as you will see and practice in time.

The body needs to have vitality and strength when it is optimizing the best. We all need testosterone whether you are female or make we all have testosterone.

Most men and woman have lost their testosterone from having toxicity in many forms that have taken away the hormones of life.

If your skin is thick, hard, wrinkled, sagging etc. it is most likely because the skin / pores are clogged and the hormones are lacking.

Part 2 and 3 we are going to go through some of the essential protocols to practice and learn.

It is totally essential to detox and rejuvenate daily in this toxic world we live in. If not, we all accumulate and get sick and tired in time.

We call this a smart lifestyle that is specializing on detoxification and rejuvenation departments.

Hope you enjoy this Releasing Deep Seated Toxicity Video.

Learn and practice well :))

Dr. Robert

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Releasing Deep Seated Toxicity Part 2 and 3

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      Aloha Miles, I cant find the info on it now .. They took it off the internet .. I was going to send you Mike Adams – Natural News talk about GCMAF and a few others researchers too but it have been removed.

      See for yourself :))

      To hard to explain in an email here are a few links to get you started if you want to take a look into this magical element.

      :)) Dr.Robert

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