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Dr. Robert Cassar

Father of the Terrain Modification Protocols, Practices and Principles, Founder of Earth Shift Products, Creator and Head Researcher of Earther Academy, Leading Expert in the Raw / Live Plant Based Superfood Industry, and Known World-wide as an Educator in the Naturalistic Healthy Lifestyle Community.

Graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine in 1984 and clinically practiced for over 14 years of clinical practice, consulting and personally treating over 100,000+ patient office visits before retiring because of due to a severe auto accident and awakening in 1997 resulting in an awakening that has led him to his current creativity, work and passion.

Prior to becoming a practicing doctor/physician of Chiropractic medicine at the facility he founded the American Chiropractic and Medical Group, where he employed five fellow practitioner’s and a resident MD – he was a former teenage Natural Body Builder, winning many local and state contests competitions in his youth. From an early age Dr. Robert Cassar has always had a thirst to uncover a deeper understanding of learn more about health, sickness, detoxification, parasitology, regeneration, all of nature, the occult, Gnostic sciences and evolution. The enhancement, optimization and upgrading of the human condition has been in his mind a driving force since he was a young child, where he often was looked upon as odd by his peers and school teachers in general because of wanting to know a deeper understanding then what was being presented in school.

Dr Robert Cassar has put forward a huge amount of his personal mental and physical energy being gained considerable notoriety worldwide as a driver to make an impact on the World around him with regard to gaining optimal health and cognitive capacity through his protocols. Describing himself as A “Solar-Powered- Radically Driven- Health Super Naturalist and Lifestyle Prototype Enthusiast” on a mission, his passion is to connect all of humanity with to the information that has dynamically changed his own life, both “Physically and Meta-Physically” too.

Currently he still continues to do what he loves best, which is being a pioneering researcher, experimenter, scientist and practitioner of parasitology, toxicology, detoxification, rejuvenation, self- sustainability, farming 6 large organic fruit orchards in Hawaii, producing a variety of “Terrain Modification” content for EartherAcademy.com students and the evolution of the human condition.

He has investigated and shared his findings that caused his evolution to practice a way of life, now referred to as a minimalist and a realist. While using the abundant resources of his current life stream Dr. Robert Cassar continues to endeavor his efforts to advance the knowledge, wisdom and understanding that we all have available within us on this miraculous planet if we choose to look for it with a deep passion.

Quoting him on what appears to be a pearl of wisdom from an interview regarding the minimalist in his Earther Academy Category “Rethinking Reality” series, he said the following:

What I have found out for over 40 years of research and experimentation:

“The secrets to a life full of health, wealth, happiness, purpose and evolution does not lie in how much we need or take, it lies in how little we actually take or need, also learning – Teaching the practicing of self-mastery and self- sustainability” are part of we share and teach at Earther Academy Research Institute on line digital student school”.

Dr. Robert Cassar also hosts (several times a year) 14-21 day Detoxification and Rejuvenation retreats and clinal studies for 6-8 people to learn hands on the Terrain Modification techniques in Hawaii.

The 30 acre sanctuary is private for the guests with on site waterfalls, fresh water pools, food growing everywhere on the land, gardens, beautiful ocean views, 2 saunas, distilled water, exercise and stretching gym. 

One of the many themes of Terrain Modification is to: Reset, Renew, Rebuild and to Upgrade, Enhance and Optimize yourself experiencing the many detoxification and rejuvenation protocols for 180 days, using a variety of clean liquids, probiotic live ferments, exercise, super nutrition, learning about parasites, growing living food and intermittent and block fasting.

Dr. Robert Cassar proposes a standing question: How do we live the least toxic and least self- destructive life as human beings within a toxic and self-destructive world mankind has unconsciously created upon this beautiful unknowable incomprehensible biosphere we call Earth, along with all its symbiotic creatures we cohabitant it with, both “Physically and Ethereally”?

We like to call this movement, or way to live with the least amount of destruction, the “Super-Naturalistic Lifestyle” or just the way we can all “Live, Respect and Thrive” with one another.

What an idea – to “Love” one another and all of the other breathing creatures that live with us too :))

Dr. Robert Cassar is the creator of the world renowned “Terrain Modification” protocols, practices and principles. Terrain Modification has been already practiced and learned by tens of thousands of people from around the world.

In 2008 he created the Earther Academy YouTube channel sharing some of his early philosophies and protocols. He started the channel to get us started and inspired to live more smartly and productive in many ways that we may not be able to see.

Some of his main themes of his teachings are “Upgrading, Enhancing and Optimizing” and that mostly means we will have to learn or re-learn some more effective and easier methods to “Dissolve, Wash and Re-nutrify” our accumulated poisons and toxicity including parasites etc.

Following the Terrain Modification simple and easy protocols leads to “Resetting- Renewing and Rebuilding” the body and mind to a younger, complete or better you.

In 1997, he suffered a severe car accident causing him to stop his 14 year Medical Chiropractic Practice to find a cure of his own dysfunctions and problems he had from the severe physical, mental and emotional trauma of this car accident. Digging deep into the world of cellular, neural regeneration which he now calls the “Terrain Modification Program”.

In Dr. Robert Cassar’s lectures, workshops and courses he reveals how everything in existence vibrates at various frequencies or what he calls “Body and Mind Resonance” and how to transform the body through the Terrain Modification Program’s Principles, Protocols & Philosophies is easy to do over a 180 day period of time.

He has found out through over 40 years of personal experiential practices – advocates eating and drinking – non contaminated live, high vibration, non-corrupted, and mineral dense foods, a gallon of distilled water a day, stretching and quantum exercising, rebuilding the intestines and gut wall flora, removing toxicity, chemicals, plastic and parasites etc.

Following these simple logical and reasonable protocols have helped literally 100K’s of people from around the world. We can all easily change our energy and vibratory levels, thus elevating our health and consciousness. Sometimes we just need to be guided a little to get back on track or just on the right track to start.

He also explains that the higher the vibrational output of the body and mind, the higher we ascend as beings and advance in our awareness and ultimate unknown evolution.

Dr. Robert Cassar discusses how, over time through toxic accumulations, both physiologically and psychologically, we age and ultimately die of sickness or some form of incurable disease because we don’t know how to remove accumulations and sidestep many toxicities.

He also explains how the science of “Terrain Modification” will transform our body vessels from acid-to-alkaline, carbon-to-crystalline, and from disease-to-ease. The first phase of Terrain Modification is 180 days to clean it up and then re-feed yourself with the correct nutrition.

“Becoming Your Own Doctor” in the areas of “Health, Wealth, Happiness and Evolution” is the name of the new game.

Dr. Robert Cassar has put forward a significant amount of effort to help make a better world (100’s of free videos on the internet) to show you what he has learned in his own personal dilemmas, and patients transformations to improve, optimize and rejuvenate himself and others.

After seeing more than 100,000 patient visits in 14 years in his clinics, he is continually driven to help mankind by sharing information instead of trying to treat individuals.

One thing he has learned is you really cannot help any patients or people in general unless they choose to help themselves with the right choices that are reasonable, logical and simple or as he refers to it with the Three E’s: “Easy, Efficient and Economical”. Self Responsibility and Becoming Your Own Teacher is a very important theme to him.

Dr. Robert Cassar’s work in the raw superfood food industry and healthy lifestyle community at eartheracademy.com has been an inspiration to countless people around the world.

He is now engaged in a growing Earther Academy as a private resource library where we can all come together to share and learn information from one another.