Becoming Your Own Doctor for Health and Wellness

Becoming Your Own Doctor for Health and Wellness

Robert CassarBeginner, Free, Intermediate, Mind and Brain, Philosophy and Parables, Plant Based Diet 5 Comments

Becoming Your Own Doctor for Health and Wellness Video is going to be an inspiration for you to become your own Doctor / Physician.

Becoming Your Own Doctor for Health and Wellness means that you will be your own teacher, investigator, researcher and experimenter of yourself and then you can start do the “GREAT WORK” of yourself and others that wish to evolve from caterpillar to butterfly analogy and parable.

To be “Self Responsible and Irresponsible” is the Big Question to ask ourselves.

The best way I have found out for us to become our own doctors is to learn and practice the over 50 departments of “Terrain Modification” protocols, practices and principles of health and wellness of the body and the mind.

As you will find out in the future you / we will have to navigate to a more authentic lifestyle and critical thinking lifestyle and awareness.

Disconnecting our parasites and removing the toxicity is the game of the future if your are becoming more aware of becoming more aware and becoming more aware.

Optimize, upgrade and enhance your lifestyle. Make sure you ask your doctor if its all right to get Healthy, Wealthy, Happy and Wise.

If you have seen the Star Trek Series: Put on your Vulcan Critical Thinking Hat, and figure this out right now before you are sick and tired and must figure your dysfunction out with duress instead of reasonable logic.

We all need guidance to get to the next level of health and wellness. Make sure you do your research and have discretion while searching for the Truth, Lies, Secrets and Deceptions of your Life.

Once you find out that these protocols, practices and principles of “Terrain Modification” really do work, then it is up to you to share this information with a friend.

Hope you enjoy this Becoming Your Own Doctor for Health and Wellness Video Course ๐Ÿ™‚

Dr. Robert

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Comments 5

  1. Hello Dr. Cassar ,
    Iโ€™ve recently had test done to show I have high levels of H pavlori, now being tested for SIBO.
    Iโ€™ve done searches on your site looking for intestinal bacteria information and I am finding mostly parasitic my test showed no parasites or worms. I am looking for a healthy protocol to help my intestinal bacterial issue. Do you have any advice or info?

    Thank you for your time,

    1. Post

      Hi Collette!

      First of all, everyone has parasites even if the testing does not show it in either their feces and/or their blood.

      One of the best ways to check for parasites in your feces is to send your feces to a veterinarian doctor, and have them do a full spectrum parasitic analysis, as if it were your dog.

      You may want to look further into this course: How I Use CD With Various Therapies – and seek a experienced health practitioner to help you along with this therapy.

      You may also want to look at our Ferments Category.


      Dr. Robert

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