Introduction To Dry Water Block Fasting

Introduction To Dry Water Block Fasting

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This video is going to be an introduction to Dry Water Block Fasting and a very informative “Connecting the Dots” Mini Lecture. Disconnecting Our Old Life is a Necessary Evil to get a New Life. Are you Ready for “Parasitic Disconnection?”

You will need to learn how to “Terrain Modify” these creatures out of us without directly stating a fight with the parasites.

Have you ever done a “1 day” dry water fast, or any type of fast ? Most people have never fasted before.

This is something you may want to not just try but to really master the “Art of Fasting”.

Dry Water is Steam Distilled Water which is the water of choice when you are detoxing and wanting maximum hydration.

This is the water we use in our Hawaiian Detox and rejuvenation retreats.

We make the “Dry Water” ourselves and you can too. If you want clean water get a USA made Steam Distiller that we share with members on our site.

Beware of the steam distillers that you may purchase on the internet especially the Chinese / foreign models.

Fasting in any way can help you get to the next level of your Evolution, and really helps bring the body and the mind into equilibrium.

If you have not heard about dry water fasting then you are in for a real treat for your mind and body.

Dry Water Fasting is one of the best ways to break addictions, bad habits, depression, fatigue, sickness, insomnia, headaches, parasites, many types of intestinal dysfunctions, etc.

We can also have good additions too like taking care of yourself, exercise consistently, knowledge in detoxification and rejuvenation, experiences that evolve us etc.

Start a fast just with low sugar or veggie smoothies, or not eating any meat for a 1 to 21 days. Then go back to your old diet and you will see it doesn’t fit into your new “Evolutionary” Life Style as much as it did.

Hope you enjoy this Introduction To Dry Water Block Fasting Video :))

Enjoy the Journey!

Dr. Robert

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