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People Have Already Started!

People Have Already Started!

What Is Terrain Modification?

Thousands of people have benefited from the amazing effects of terrain modification, which is the underlying principle of all the techniques taught here, at Earther Academy. The question is… are you ready for the challenge?

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We’ve structured our video courses in such a way that topics & ideas are grouped into logical sections of terrain modification.

Topics are covered in-depth and often overlap with other ideas in other videos, in order to connect the dots.

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People Love Earther Academy!

  • I love the hard work and care that goes behind the products that Dr. Cassar offers. He has certainly gone to extraordinary lengths to deliver us only the most mineral and nutrient dense food on the planet and allows us to cut through the endless malaise of false food and health propaganda that exists today.
    I am extremely grateful for your impact in my life, Mr. Cassar. I cannot thank you enough. When I was struggling to overcome a food allergy (wheat), your knowledge and products have helped me see and understand a side of my health that I have never known before.
    Matt –
  • He has confirmed many aspects of health that I knew were true but which is not supported by main stream medicine.
    It was very comforting to here him speak the truth. Keep up the great work that changes and saves lives.
    Kardean Pittard –
  • I would like to start out by saying Thank You to Dr. Robert Cassar he is a God Send Genius Man!!!
    My Life has changed for the best in every aspect of life because I have applied the knowledge that he was so kind to share. It is a way of life that words can not express only experienced once you apply the lifestyle that he has to share with us.
    The world would be a better place if everyone knew of this knowledge. I love all the products, they are the best on the planet. I am thankful for all the work that has been put into every aspect, from the videos to the products and everything, it is truly magnificent, a Life Changer.
    I recommend everything about earthshift and eartheracademy to everyone!
    JD Patterson –