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People Have Already Started!

People Have Already Started!

What Is Terrain Modification?

Thousands of people have benefited from the amazing effects of terrain modification, which is the underlying principle of all the techniques taught here, at Earther Academy. The question is… are you ready for the challenge?

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People Love Earther Academy!

Dr Cassar’s videos always help me. Earthshift products are a part of my daily diet. In the past I was on 13 RX meds a day. It is now 4 1/2 years for me with no RX meds! I am at a healthy weight and am healthier than ever before in my life. Praise GOD and Earthshift!

Corine Coyne-Chagolla

Recently I read an article published on Jul 31, 2015 08:00 am | Michael Greger M.D. It was called: “How Doctors Responded to Being Named a Leading Killer”. It is very rare you get someone who is a medical MD who will stand up for the people and have their best benefits in his heart. This site Earther Academy’ of Dr Cassar’s is a treasure trove of genius, simple, easy to use remedies. When those who have set themselves up as healing practitioners and who have instead acted as the opposite and failed to heal and when the tide is not in favour of healing, and when a a few start to stand up and practice their own brand of special genius, like Dr Cassar, we meet people of courage, of light and true medical practitioners. Know the geniuses in your midst. Protect them support them and nurture and appreciate their gifts. Others who also hold the true light of the healers are: healplusbeadsworks.com and Dr. Mona Liza Schultz amongst others. Dr Cassar and the rest which are too many to mention are the prophets amongst us regarding healing.

MaryLynne Hallot

I do not remember when the last time I submitted any types of reviews was. But here I will take the time to do so. The information Dr. Cassar has is very simple but also very powerful. It did not only help me created better health for myself but also better focus, higher energy, much more emotionally happy, more intuitive and re-discover my creativity. I am 51 years young and I have been trying most of my life to learn how to improve myself by learning about motivation, psychology and through sports activities and I always end up short in my endeavor, not any more.

Dr. Cassar, thank you for sharing your knowledge and if you have any type of workshop in the southern California let me know.

Serge DeMeyer

He has confirmed many aspects of health that I knew were true but which is not supported by main stream medicine. It was very comforting to here him speak the truth. Keep up the great work that changes and saves lives.

Kardean Pittard


Enough can not be SAID about how different it feels to live a life in freedom!

TM is a Supernova of Revolutionary Protocols That Will change your life!
(If you follow them correctly)

I Am So grateful to have stumbled across one of Dr.Cassars YouTube Videos in

My Intentions for discovering how to heal myself from heavy metal poisoning, medical drug residue, emotional trauma and a collection of other less-than desirable symptoms along with horrible digestion, anxiety, severe panic attacks, itching skin, massive unexplained weight loss and just basic concentration.

I listened to what Cassar was explaining and I couldn’t stop learning, I WANTED TO KNOW MORE!

Because the changes I felt were incredible!

And I am already a Vegan, Extremely health concious and Raw!

But times are changing and I think the most important thing for me was realizing to let go of your EGO and Listen!

Minerals, Enzymes, Nutrients, Water, Rest, Meditation, Oxygen, Nature….
are just some of the things that are important to me.

THIS Knowledge has Enlighted my Life.

Thank you Dr.Cassar and The Earther Academy!

If you want to Prepare for a year, Plant food.
If you want to Prepare for a Decade, Plant Trees!
If you want to Prepare For Eternity, Educate People.
– Chinese

You don’t know what you have, Until you’ve lost it,
like wise if you do the same thing you’ve always done, you will get the same thing you’ve always gotten.

You’ve Got To Help Someone!

I Love You,



Kendra Bordelon

Your not going to learn this information anywhere else. The sauna techniques are one of a kind. Doing it by yourself it takes a while to get it right but once you figure it out. Wow.. and anyone else who has been in the sauna and watched me started doing the same protocols because these techniques speak for themselves.

Randy Fruchter

Earther Academy is a new millennium nutrition science. It gives you tools to self heal and connect with people eager to learn healthy lifestyle. I love the videos and simplicity of the recipes intelligently put together.

Bianca Childs

I have transformed my eating habits for good! Thanks for all the knowledge that would otherwise have been hidden from view. Your old neighbor from Moorpark


I would like to start out by saying Thank You to Dr. Robert Cassar he is a God Send Genius Man!!! My Life has changed for the best in every aspect of life because I have applied the knowledge that he was so kind to share. It is a way of life that words can not express only experienced once you apply the lifestyle that he has to share with us. The world would be a better place if everyone knew of this knowledge. I love all the products, they are the best on the planet. I am thankful for all the work that has been put into every aspect, from the videos to the products and everything, it is truly magnificent, a Life Changer. I recommend everything about earthshift and eartheracademy to everyone!

JD Patterson

I love Earther Academy because it is a wealth of useful information for achieving optimal health and wellbeing. This information is extremely detailed, well researched and carefully put together. I generally am not left wanting in terms of unanswered questions based on the materials I have used. The website is well set out and includes a wealth of information which will keep you going for some time! I have been undertaking the protocols of Terrain Modification, Fasting and Skin Cleansing for around six months now and the results have been incredible. I have done 3 distilled water fasts, one 21 day liquid only TM regime and cleaned my skin with the solution and lay in the sun at least 20 times. I have lost a lot of my toxicity (i.e. fat and parasite puss etc), my energy levels are sky high, my perception has increased and I generally feel much better. I now try and incorporate these principles into my daily life so that they aren’t the exception but start to form around a new normal. This doesn’t mean that I TM the entire time but rather use the things I’ve learned to adapt my diet, exercise and meditiation routine to the way that best fits with my life as each day comes and what I need to be doing that day. I accept that I can’t be doing TM all the time and travel or that it will always fit my schedule. However, I do enough of it and have adapted my diet sufficiently such that I am still improving and feeling more well each day. To me this is what’s great about this, you can use the essence of the teachings and come as close to them as possible each day. I’m also encouraged to see new stores and restaurants opening up all over the world that build on a vegan diet and healthy eating. Thank you Earther Academy and Dr Cassar for helping me on my journey of knowing myself better and building a better me from the cellular level up and then integrating that into a way that I can live, learn and love! I LOVE YOU! 🙂

Daniel Spayne

I’m extremely grateful for Earther Academy and Dr. Robert Cassar because this site gave me an opportunity to feel like I had a teacher to guide me in life since I don’t have any coaches locally to assist me on spiritual philosophy and simple/economical nutrition. This academy is a prime example, to me, of how there is still sections of the internet that is connecting and educating people around the world with valuable and life changing information. Thank you.

Daniel Perez

I love the hard work and care that goes behind the products that Dr. Cassar offers. He has certainly gone to extraordinary lengths to deliver us only the most mineral and nutrient dense food on the planet and allows us to cut through the endless malaise of false food and health propaganda that exists today. I am extremely grateful for your impact in my life, Mr. Cassar. I cannot thank you enough. When I was struggling to overcome a food allergy (wheat), your knowledge and products have helped me see and understand a side of my health that I have never known before.


I’m 61 and never did sweat. Did his skin clean formula and drinks for 1 month. Now I am sweating all over.My son cleaned his nose for blackheads and it worked immediately. I love all the training and info Dr. Cassar gives. Watching all his videos and doing everything I can. Amazing teacher and humanitarian.

Patti Stirrett

Hello- I’m so excited to have the chance to tell other people about how I feel about Dr. Cassar. Well, I have been studying for about 5+ years on different healing modalities such as raw food, FIS, energy, cellular development, etc. (I could go on with a list of 20/30 different areas of my study). I found your website about a year ago, and as I watched more of the videos you posted, I began seeing the areas that you are different in. For example, You speak from your heart, there is a 0 B.S. factor coming out of your eyes. If you say it, you believe it. You state what you say and include the “why”, which is important to me because I question most things. It provides help to research things on my own, and for the average person. Your topics are wonderfully edgy. You discuss all encompassing fields of health and topics. By that; I mean, color vibration, elixirs, parasites, the “Big Brother” type government, gardening, supplementation, to Just showing us “you” on an average day. I love the talks that lead you into a self reflective mode, where you start discussing inner thoughts and growth. Oh…. I also loved the video on how to use the you tube to make your own videos too. I always wondered how to do it.~ I like the Earther Academy’s unity of like minded people. I’m fairly new to that site, and so far, have been interested in the posted topics. Earth Shift product are amazing too ! I just received my very first shipment. I have a great assortment of products, about a dozen, so I have a wide spread opinion that they are ALL wonderful- nail polish to coconut oil. Looking forward to incense on the next order : ) Even hotter cayenne powder would be fine with me : ) So, I hope you just keep doing what your doing. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit too, if so, I’ll look forward to learning even more new things!


This information is a game changer time to get with doctor Cassar programs and disciplines.. Reset your clock..it’s never to late… His products are awesome use them and give your body what it needs.

Craig Lawrence

Dr. Cassar’s teachings have and are changing my life.
My first gift has been that my gums have stopped bleeding. I have been battling with periodontal disease for over 40 years. I purchased some of the products discussed in the Dr.s video and implemented his teachings on dental care and there has been no bleeding for almost two weeks.
I am excited to soon be trying other products as I know they are going to be life changing.
Thank You So Much Dr. Cassar for all you are doing for so many people all around the world.

Jeannie Sarsfield

I love the integrity and quality of nutritional information and personal experience that Dr Robert provides–he’s so open and thorough about sharing all the things to do and look out for to take care of ourselves, and I love the recipes for the smoothies, detox, and all. (And he’s such a fine example of how well his own body responds!) I send people his videos all the time, and just wish it wasn’t so hard to get his products in Ecuador. Once in a while someone from the states comes over and will bring some supplies for me, otherwise we have a very expensive health food store here, so consider yourself lucky for not having to pay outrageous shipping costs (usually a lot more than the product to get here.)
Thank you “Dr. Bazaar”- (love the nickname) I love you and your info and all you do to help heal the world!

Sue Tjernlund

I LOVE Terrain Modification and Liquids of Vitality along with the other fabulous workings of Dr. Cassar! It has helped me to go deeper within the intelligence of my body, mind, and soul, and allowing me to do the same for others. Dr. Cassar is a massive blessing where no words can truly define even close to how impactful this all is!

Marina Love

My wife and I truly enjoy watching Dr. Cassar, because he is passionate about helping others. I’m slowly implementing the terrain modifications and disciplines. I feel great improvements and know his works are truly a blessing for all who act on his teachings.
Thank you, Dr. Cassar!! I hope everyone realizes how desperately we need to better humanity, as you do. Thank you so much for bringing such an awareness and such a thirst for bettering Gods greatest creation! I hope to continue to get more involved in the near future, Although it may never happen, I often entertain the thoughts of being on the Big Island for a true rejuvenation. Keep being You!

Bobby Corkum

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