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At this point we are not selling saunas but plan on doing it again soon.

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Distillers and Filters

The 1st Filter on a 3 Stage Filter is the Sediment Filter, 2nd Stage is the Activated Charcoal Filter and 3rd Stage is for the removal of Arsenic and Fluoride.

All the filters can be changed once per year as long as you have approx. 275 ppm or less. You would simply test the water with a TDS Meter (Total Dissolved Solid Meter). If you have over 300-500 ppm in your city water, change your filters every 6 months.

The dirtier the water is the more often you change it.

The 10″ and 20″ Whole House Water Systems and the 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis ( RO ) Filters can all be purchased off of Amazon.

The Filter Housings are made out of Non Bisphenol-A Plastic.

The Filter that comes with our Water Systems are High Grade.

These are standard sized filters but there are different qualities and sizes that are easily available on the internet.

Total House System does not take everything out (such as pharmaceuticals, many chemicals, gases, acids and many other liquid state particles). Filters are made to filter out particles and many things will still slip through them. Distillers are the only way to get real pure water for ingestion purposes. The whole house system is made for exterior use (such as bathing, laundry, washing etc.), and is not suggested to drink.

The $200.- distiller are imported (usually from China), can easily break (light duty) and are difficult to get parts for. The $600.- is more of a commercial heavy duty model (made in the USA) and has easy accessible parts. It makes a gallon of pure water in approx. 3 hours.

If you want to drink pure water it is necessary to have a separate steam distiller regardless. The good thing about having a whole house water system is it will take most of the garbage out so you don’t have to clean the steam distiller as often. City water is very dirty with many chemicals and particles not even known.

The 3 stage house filter is a very efficient filter for removing the whole house fluoride problem. Flouride is very hard to remove … and is a special media just for this purpose.

Yes the 3rd filter is the fluoride filter. The 2 stage system is only sediment and charcoal filters. They do not touch fluoride at all.

The 10” filters system are for small 2 bedroom houses and the 20” inch system is for a 3-4 bedroom house.

You would need to get local plumber to have it professionally set up. Usually costing between $100.- to $200.- depending on how much time is needed for installation.
The whole house system means you bypass the need for shower filters.
Yes, you can. The cleaner your water is when you use your distiller the less you will have to clean your distiller. The distiller should be cleaned once per month using acetic acid vinegar (common household white vinegar). Watch our video on how to clean it.