Leaders Causing Leaders Workshop 2010 with Dr. Robert Cassar

Leaders Causing Leaders Workshop

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Leaders Causing Leaders Workshop 2010 with Dr. Robert Cassar. I was sharing at the Leaders Causing Leaders convention summit back in Los Angeles in 2014.

Disregard a lot of the cosmic ideas I had in my mind back then in 2014 to this lecture. As we all grow up a little more in consciousness and experience we change the way we feel and see as we all grow.

We are going to talk about several Terrain Modification departments before we start the workshop on the mouth, gums and parotid gland therapies.

When was the last time you have cleaned or detoxed your mouth, gums and parotid glands? This video course is to help connect some of the dots in the grand game of life.

Our mouths are literally full of pathogenic bacteria – worse than a dog that drinks out of the toilet. This simple therapy will Terrain Modify the mouth reducing parasites, chemicals and get the parotid glands working again.

Definition of Parotid Glands:

“The parotid gland is a major salivary gland in many animals. In humans, the two parotid glands are present on either side of the mouth and in front of both ears. They are the largest of the salivary glands and are the base of digestion.”

The entire workshop/lecture and course is approx. 3 Hours.

Protecting, Detoxing and Cleaning The Tongue and Gums is an essential course, to learn and practice intermediate coconut oil pulling therapies and much more information that will help you connect the dots in your own personal health journey.

Some of the information is a little outdated from the year 2014. My mind has learned and understand more but the themes are right on track.

Beginning Recipe for Coconut Oil Mouth Therapy (use a small glass container to add all of the ingredients):

Intermediate Recipe:

The first time you try this type of mouth detox therapy you may want to keep the oil and other ingredients in the mouth for only 20 minutes. Swish briskly then spit out in a clear glass to look at what came out of your mouth. I like to keep the coconut solution in my mouth for up to 45 min.

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Hope you enjoy this “Leaders Causing Leaders Workshop” Video :))

Dr. Robert

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Leaders Causing Leaders Workshop 2010 with Dr. Robert Cassar

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