Coconut Oil and Cacao Butter Super Mineralized Elixir

Coconut Oil and Cacao Butter Super Mineralized Elixir

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This Coconut Oil and Cacao Butter Super Mineralized Elixir is a very special Skin and Pore Detox and Rejuvenation Elixir of the Skin.


This elixir is not only to protect your skin and pores, but its also an elixir to feed the skin through the skin and pores. We call this “Transdermal Mineral Feeding” through the skin and pores.

Most of these skin creams that are commercialized promise you to detox and rejuvenate your skin and pores with chemicals or synthetic super toxic materials.

Don’t be fooled with the hype of lies and so called technology of the big companies!

You can make the best skin and pore lotion that you could ever buy for a fraction of the money that it costs from the retail world.

Please use you critical thinking to go beyond the mainstream con- or confidence job for you to buy something you can make your self for pennies on the dollar.

Part 1 is a Mini Lecture to share with you some of the philosophy of this very special elixir.

Please listen to all of the lecture so you can understand many of the protocols, practices and principals of terrain modification.

Do you have an Earther Kitchen to make 100’s of life changing recipes to your tool bag of health and wellness tools?

If you are an Earther Member you can see private videos I have put together for you, with what I have done to remedy the dysfunctions that I had and cured :))

In part 2 we are going to show you how to make it, and this is the recipe I use personally that I have found out to be the best skin lotion for detoxification and rejuvenation of the skin and pores.

Products Used:

There are many other sacred simple ingredients that I have used for myself that you can use in your personal elixir.

So, please make sure you watch the specialized recipes that we have on Earther Academy.

Part 2 is about 30 minutes long and we are going to show you my special elixir I have used for 1000’s of patients and myself for over 20 years.

This is always a work in progress so next year we may change the recipe for sure.

Hope you enjoy the Coconut Oil and Cacao Butter Super Mineralized Elixir. I use it daily and you will see the difference in one treatment for sure :))

Dr. Robert

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Coconut Oil and Cacao Butter Super Mineralized Elixir Part 2 and 3

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    1. You’re going to want to find as best quality as you can. That will be the 99.99% purity. The strength will depend on dosage amount. There as some simple online calculators you can look at online that will tell you per your kilogram body weight, what amount, usually in grams, of DMSO would be a therapeutic dose.
      In health,
      Dr. Bryce

    1. I’ve now made 2 batches of the mineralized oil. I need some insight on two issues: 1st – the niacin doesn’t dissolve and just sits on top of my skin. 2nd – the mixture solidifies within hours leaving the “special ingredients” at the bottom of the jar. Help.

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        aloha Celelia,

        As soon as you make it you can put it in the freezer for a 20 minute or so period until it hardens up … really rub the lotion , over and over until it absorbs in the skin … It is a therapy and can be also blended in the vita-mix too to give it more of smoother and fuller mixture. If you dont want the grainy feeling do not add the niacin or you can heat up the niacin and melt it more. Its not melting because the niacin may have some additives like carbonate or ? to it.

        :)) Dr. Robert

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