Liver And Onions Pate

Liver And Onions Pate

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We are going to create one of the best “Real” nutrient rich superfoods to rebuild yourself, and to give the body a variety of essential vitamins that are found in high quantities in a healthy liver of all grass fed herbivores.

Mark Daniells and I are going to show you a simple “Liver, Onions and Egg Pate” recipe to create an excellent tasting and loaded full of super nutrition medicinal food.

If you have never had liver pate before and shied away from liver because you didn’t like the taste, I guarantee you will love this easy to make recipe 🙂

Most people cringe at just thinking about eating organ meats nowadays, so we are going to show an easy way to prepare liver that will taste so good that everyone I have ever offered to always wants more. 

Some people love the taste of liver and some do not. Most people don’t like the taste or texture of liver and it has a unique flavor. The livers’ unique flavors are mostly because of high levels of minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and micronutrients.

Our ancestors knew that the organs of the animals were most prized for their medicinal and healing qualities.

In our family we had liver once a week. Mom would always say that liver is medicine to keep us healthy and that you need your dose of weekly vitamins, iron and minerals.

Is Liver Really A Superfood?

The term “Plant Based Superfoods” has been used quite a bit by the vegetarian and vegan communities. As we will see in the description below; the #1 superfood in the world is from the liver of an animal. In the plant kingdom there are many foods that the vegans call superfoods, but are they really all that nutritious compared to liver?

Superfoods high in protein, vitamins, minerals, omega 3, anthocyanins, antioxidants, smart carbs & dietary fibre

The problem with many plant superfoods is that they are difficult to fully digest and reap the full benefits of the plant’s noted analized nutrition on paper.

Many plant foods are said to be superfoods because they are deemed to be high in nutrients and antioxidants, but one of the problems with many of the superfoods is that many are full of endogenous poisons called phytoalexins and or antinutrients which are the plants’ defense chemicals all plants produce internally to defend themselves from mold, bugs or anything that wants to eat it.

You would be surprised how many plants we eat have anti-nutrients in them. Fermenting most plants will make the anti-nutrients not active thus making the plant more bioavailable.

Most plants need to be processed (pressure cooked or fermented) correctly in order to reduce or eliminate the phytates or phytic acids and many other chemicals the plant produces to survive, and for defense against parasites and insects.

What Vegetables Have Anti-Nutrients?

“Are anti-nutrients harmful?

  • Glucosinolates in cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage)—can prevent the absorption of iodine, which may then interfere with thyroid function and cause goiter. …
  • Lectins in legumes (beans, peanuts, soybeans), whole grains—can interfere with the absorption of calcium, iron, phosphorus, and zinc.

Src: Are anti-nutrients harmful?

Some plants produce more than others, and most of these foods are called superfoods such as: greens like kale, grains, nuts and many seeds are touted as superfoods, but are loaded with plant toxins.

Many types of plants are loaded with super nutrition as they are touted on analysis.

Just because kale has 60 mg of calcium in the leaves, it doesn’t mean you are going to be able to absorb the calcium. The nutritional analysis of plants has nothing to do with the bioavailability of the plants.

Most plants need to be processed or fermented as I stated before. When you ferment plants for a week or more, the plants poisons are either reduced significantly or removed all together. Watch our Ferments section to learn more as well as How To Make Live Nutritional Ferments.

It’s pretty easy to see that plants in general are much less bioavailable and have much less nutrition, microminerals and nutrients than animal organs or flesh. (See charts below)

The animal organs and flesh have most of the packed nutrition. Since we are flesh and blood and are not plants we can easily absorb the nutrients from the animal that has already taken these nutrients, to create biology that is similar to ours.

“Superfood is a marketing term for food assumed to confer health benefits resulting from an exceptional nutrient density. The term is not commonly used by experts, dietitians and nutrition scientists, many of whom dispute that particular foods have the health benefits claimed by their advocates.” – src: Wikipedia

In my opinion, out of all of the foods I could eat the liver is very worthy of the title of a real bioavailable “superfood”, both on analysis and on bioavailability. Liver was once a treasured food source to be eaten 1-2 times a month, if you could get a hold of it.

Liver is full of iron which is very special and necessary for menstruating females to give them a fresh load of nutrients that will help her replace the blood and minerals she lost during mence.

Liver is truly a nutritional powerhouse, and I would recommend eating this sacred part of the animal to replenish and support rebuilding the body and mind, with a massive amount of bioavailable nutrition rich in protein and low in calories and packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Superfood Plants versus Superfood Animal Products

Below are 2 charts I want you to take a look at. The 1st chart shows the nutritional difference between an apple, carrot, red meat and beef liver.

The 2nd chart will show you the difference between Kale and Beef Liver.

They say kale is a superfood because it is loaded with calcium and minerals, but the liver wins hands down for the most bioavailable superfood fully packed with a broad spectrum of essential nutrition than any other plant superfoods. 

Superfood Charts (Plant versus Animal)

Look at the calcium levels in the beef liver (11 mg) and red meat (11 mg) versus the apple (3.0 mg) and carrots (3.3 mg).

APPLE (100 g)CARROTS (100 g)RED MEAT (100 g)BEEF LIVER (100 g)
Calcium3.0 mg3.3 mg11.0 mg11.0 mg
Phosphorus6.0 mg31.0 mg140.0 mg476.0 mg
Magnesium4.8 mg6.2 mg15.0 mg18.0 mg
Potassium139.0 mg222.0 mg370.0 mg380.0 mg
Iron.1 mg.6 mg3.3 mg8.8 mg
Zinc.05 mg.3 mg4.4 mg4.0 mg
Copper.04 mg.08 mg.18 mg12.0 mg
Vitamin ANoneNone40 IU53,400 IU
Vitamin DNoneNoneTrace19 IU
Vitamin E.37 mg.11 mg1.7 mg.63 mg
Vitamin C7.0 mg6.0 mgNone27.0 mg
Thiamin.03 mg.05 mg.05 mg.26 mg
Riboflavin.02 mg.05 mg.20 mg4.19 mg
Niacin.10 mg.60 mg4.0 mg16.5 mg
Pantothenic Acid.11 mg.19 mg.42 mg8.8 mg
Vitamin B6.03 mg.10 mg.07 mg.73 mg
Folate8.0 mcg24.0 mcg4.0 mcg145.0 mcg
BiotinNone.42 mcg2.08 mcg96.0 mcg
Vitamin B12NoneNone1.84 mcg111.3 mcg

The chart below shows you the nutritional differences between Kale and Beef Liver Superfoods. The vegans say that kale is a superfood, but when compared to liver there is no contest at all.

Nutritional Differences between Kale and Beef Liver

As you can see above, kale has 63.4 mg of calcium and beef liver only has 11.0 mg of calcium.

It seems that kale may have more calcium than the liver, but that’s not the truth at all. On paper kale has more calcium but the real story is the 11 mg of calcium in the beef liver is 100% bioavailable, as for the calcium in the kale is minimally bioavailable because of the oxalates and phytates that are in the plants, which will bind to the calcium to make these ions not be able to be broken down easily or effectively.

So, essentially you may get a lot of calcium, and since it is not bioavailable because of the oxalates and phytates, these may turn into kidney stones in time like so many vegans have got kidney stones by eating too many veggies, and a diet high in oxalate loaded non-bioavailable calcium.

This is a big problem in the vegan community with people getting kidney stones over and over again from eating high quantities of oxalates.

Feedlot versus Grass Fed Animals 

In my opinion, liver is the top superfood of all the foods you can eat and have easy access too.

Feedlot conventionally grown animals are being fed the bottom of the barrel toxic moldy grains to make them gain weight, and get more marbleization in the muscle.

All of this old moldy grain makes the animals sick, so they give them antibiotics with the feed. Cows that eat grass are more active, healthy, more muscle and athletic compared to grain fed fat and lazy cows.

Remember, soy is a phytoestrogen and produces higher estrogen in the animals, so they the muscles start to get a marbelization that tastes great but is not a healthy animal.

Good video to learn more about estrogen in our diets:

Organ Meat versus Muscle Meat

When we look at the nutrient contents of organ meats versus muscle meats; most organ meats are between 10 and 100 times higher in a variety of nutrients than corresponding muscle meats. When we are talking about nutrition, the organ meats are the highest out of all of the different muscle cuts on an animal.

Many people think the liver will store the toxins in the organ, so they shy away from eating the organs, thinking they can be toxic. That is true if you are going to eat liver from a feedlot or conventionally grown animal for sure.

I wouldn’t eat the liver from conventionally grown/feedlot animals because of all of the petrochemical drugs, hormones, vaccines, antibiotics and pesticides in the food they give them and eat daily.

One of the livers’ roles is to neutralize toxins, drugs, chemicals, poisons, pollution etc., but it does not store the toxins in the organ and can be damaged and toxic from all of the drugs and chemicals that are typically given to the feedlot animals.

In a healthy animal that eats grass; toxins are excreted out of the liver into the body for elimination. If the body cannot eliminate the toxins, chemicals and poisons the body will store the toxins in the fatty tissues and nervous system.

So, the bottom line is try to only eat grass fed and finished herbivores. Most cattle are grass fed until they are ready getting closer to slaughter.

They will fatten them up for about 3-6 months by eating the moldy grains and other feedlot garbage they feed the cows.

So, this is why you want to get grass fed and finished if you can, because grass finished means they didn’t get grain fed the last few months of life to fatten them up.

How Does The Liver Excrete Toxins?

“The liver filters toxins through the sinusoid channels, which are lined with immune cells called Kupffer cells. These engulf the toxin, digest it and excrete it. This process is called phagocytosis. As most chemicals are relatively new it will be thousands of years before our body properly adapts to them.” – src: Detoxification | Hepatitis C Trust


Remember, if you are going to eat liver, I would recommend only eating grass fed and finished liver or other organ meats.

Feedlot or conventionally grown animals also have much less nutrition than the grass fed animals.

Conventionally grown animals are all given vaccines, hormones and antibiotics and fed moldy soy and grains to increase their size and add marbleization to the meat.

The marbleization in the meat is where most of the toxicity stores in the form of estrogen, or the chemicals/toxins that have been excreted from the liver.

I would not eat these types of conventionally grown organs since they had to process extreme amounts of chemicals and mold through them.

A healthy liver is a storage organ loaded full of many essential nutrients such as vitamins A, E, D, K, B12, iron, folic acid and copper.

Animal products are very bioavailable compared to their plant cousins. In order to really break down grass and fiber like the herbivore, we need a large fermented chamber which we do not have as humans.

Eat The Liver To Support Healing Of The Liver

In order for any sentient being to create and maintain a healthy liver, the body must have all of the necessary ingredients or compounds for the liver to be able to constantly rebuild and repair itself.

If you eat the liver; it stands to reason that the liver you are eating has all of the essential ingredients to pass onto another liver if needed.

When I was in the amazon several years ago, I was deep in the jungle and I was very curious about some of the indigenous treatments the medicine people give to the sick or affiliated.

Many people in the amazonian bush drink lots of very strong alcohol, and suffer from cirrhosis and other liver and organ degeneration.

They do not have any hospitals and have a very limited supply of western/eastern medicines. So, they use the jungle herbs to detoxify and the organ meats to re-nourish, heal and rebuild the affiliated organs.

The medicine shamans know this simple concept; if your liver is sick, they would have to eat liver only for a few weeks and drink lots of distilled or purified water daily. Drinking lots of purified water will help flush out the toxins and chemicals out of the body.

The same goes for weak, toxic and malnourished kidneys or the heart that may be weak, or any other organ you would want to rebuild by eating the healthy organ of another herbivore.

Many warrior cultures will eat the testicles of bulls to keep their vital testosterone and manhood intact.

The FIR or any type of sauna works excellent for deep detoxification, due to the profuse sweating, and then rehydrating the water lost with clean water, for several weeks.

They say the secret to regenerating the liver or other organs is to eat 1 full meal of the organ meat, or combination of organ meats, and drink 1 gallon of water throughout the day. The shaman told me many of the people eat a combination of liver, heart and kidney in a soup to keep the family strong from disease.

I have been eating clean grass fed organ meats for about 1 year now, and adding them into my diet has helped me tremendously to regenerate and rebuild myself.

Keep an eye out for the “Dr. Robert Cassar’s 1 Year Healing And Transformation Diet” course. I gained 25 lbs of solid muscle by changing my diet from a catabolic diet (plant based) to an anabolic diet (animal products and fruit).

Removing all seeds, nuts, grains and greens from my diet to heal my intestines and to rebuild my malnourished 127 pound plant based body to 150+ pounds of solid muscle.

Robert Cassar's 60 Day Transformation
Robert Cassar’s 60 Day Transformation

As I said in my Rethinking Reality: My New Years Resolution To Rebuild Myself – this was the year to rebuild myself.

Healing My Gut from a low Oxalate Diet is also good video to see if you are having intestinal stress or dysfunction from the plant based diet.

As you can see in the New Year 2020 video; I was very dried out, weak and malnourished when I started rebuilding my health by solely eating grass fed animals and fruit from the plant based malnourishing diet I had for 15 years prior.

Watch Dr. Robert Cassar’s 1 Year Healing And Transformation Diet.

Dr. Robert Cassar's 1 Year Healing And Transformation Diet

Plant based and malnourished at 127 pounds transforming to 150 pounds re-nourishing myself with animal products and fruit. I exercised 3-4 day a week, mostly 1 meal a day.

Again, I am 60 years old and if I can rebuild, reset and renew myself back to health and vitality at this age (as you can see with the results), the detox and re-nourishing protocols worked excellent.

I did not use any testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). I only re-nourished my body with what it needed and craved most, along with following the Earther Academy protocols.

Cirrhosis Of The Liver The Number One Offender

Many people who are heavy drinkers of alcohol, will in time most likely start getting cirrhosis of the liver. Even if you do not drink any alcohol the liver is being assaulted 24/7 with pollution, and is overwhelmed with constantly trying to break down and detoxify a variety of chemicals, poisons, drugs, chem trails, dirty water, mold, heavy metals, synthetic foods and highly processed foods and drinks, perfumes and pesticides etc.

A healthy liver also creates many endogenous compounds for the body on a daily basis, thus need many compounds ingested so that the body can create what it needs to repair and regenerate efficiently.

Medical journals state that the liver has 500+ biological responsibilities for the body and mind, and need to be healthy and vital.

The liver can regenerate itself quite quickly if you stop alcohol, chemicals, pesticides, poisons and other toxins from getting into the body.

If the liver has all of the components to rebuild itself and it is not getting assaulted with a high load of chemicals of any type, then the liver has the capability of rebuilding itself sometimes in a matter of weeks to months from years of abuse and toxicity.

How Long Does It Take For The Liver To Regenerate?

“The liver, however, is able to replace damaged tissue with new cells. If up to 50 to 60 percent of the liver cells may be killed within three to four days in an extreme case like a Tylenol overdose, the liver will repair completely after 30 days if no complications arise.” – src: Liver disease: Frequently asked questions

Raw Liver on Slate board on Wooden Background

Just 4 ounces of liver will provide you with 53,000 units of Pure Retinol Vitamin A 

Real Vitamin A found only Animal products 

Retinol A is the “Real Vitamin A” which is only found in some animal products.

When you think about carrots you most likely will think of Vitamin A for better eyesight, or at least that’s what the nutritionist say. For example; carrots have quantities of beta carotene which is not vitamin A. Beta carotene is the precursor to vitamin A but is not the real deal by any means.

Scientists, or some research, will say that some people can convert a little beta carotene into retinal A, but they say that the conversion rates are very low in the 5-15 % range at best.

When I used to drink carrot juice daily I had an orange color on my skin, hands and feet. My body couldn’t convert the beta carotene, so it was coming out of my skin turning it orange. People turn orange because they cannot break down the beta carotene.

Carotenemia, orange tint from eating to many carrots
Carotenemia, orange tint from eating to many carrots

The upper hand has Carotenemia, which is orange tint from eating too many carrots.

So, if you think you are getting all of the essential minerals, micro nutrients and fat soluble vitamins from plants only, you are quite mistaken.

Some people can digest and process plant compounds better than others. Generally; most people cannot digest plants that well at all, which is why it is important to ferment, process or cook most plants for better digestion and bioavailability.

Many of the vegan doctors and proponents of this plant based only diet, will recommend taking up to 25-30 supplements (usually are chemical forms) for the lacking of micronutrients, minerals and vitamins not present in the vegan diet.

Usually supplements are only taken by people who are lacking in nutritional status in their diets, or they are wanting more nutrition from their already full nutritional diet ie. bodybuilding or athletics.

Vegetarian, vegan and fruitarian diets can be very catabolic and lacking in many of the departments of essential nutrition. So, be careful if you are on one of these diets too long because you may get malnourished like I did and it is very hard to rebuild yourself when you have damaged yourself.

By the way, all of these supplements people are talking about are supposed to be up and above a healthy diet, not to take the place of a severely lacking and malnourished diet.

What I have learned is that meat and organs heal and re-nutrify the weak body.

If you eat sick or diseased animals, you get sick and diseased as well.

Liver And Onions Pate Recipe

This recipe is available to Earther Members. You can Sign In to your account or Signup to become an Earther Member 🙂

If you have never had liver pate before and didn’t really like the taste of liver; I guarantee you will like this recipe’s taste and you won’t even know you are eating liver medicine.

The pate tastes so good that newcomers to eating liver and even children love it and come back for more. If you could not eat liver before because you didn’t like the taste or texture, then the pate is the way to go for you.

The liver, onions and egg pate is excellent to serve as a side dish, snack or meal with a few poached eggs when I get hungry and want to eat something that will give me excellent energy and health.

You will notice when you eat the liver that your urine will be very yellow for the next day.

This yellowish color is all of the B-vitamins and other nutrients coming out from the body in excess amounts, that you ate from the liver. The color in the urine is to show you that the liver is truly a precious B vitamin pill.

I also recommend you watch the video course that Mark and I did called Bone Broth Soup for Healing Leaky Gut and Intestinal Stress“.

If you are a little skittish on the taste or the texture, the Liver, Onions and Egg Pate is what you may want to try for superior nutrition and excellent flavors.

Have fun making these healing recipes for yourself and the family. These recipes are excellent gifts to give to your friends – “The Gift of Health”.

Recommended Courses and Categories: Ferments, The Miracle Of Fertile Eggs, and Rebuilding The Gut Wall Flora.

Recommended Reading; The Liver Files

Try it, you’ll like it, and hope you enjoy this “Liver And Onions Pate” video course 🙂

Dr. Robert

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Liver And Onions Pate

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