Sugarless Ketogenic Real Raw Live Chocolate

Sugarless Ketogenic Real Raw Live Chocolate

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This “How to Make Sugarless Ketogenic Real Raw Live Chocolate Recipe” is a very important Sugarless Secret Recipe and Mini Lecture to learn from. A Sugarless Chocolate Recipe that really Tastes Great and truly is Medicine for the Heart and the Mind… WOW! Wait until you try this Brilliant Ketogenic Cacao Recipe.

What are Ketogenic Foods / Recipes / Diet? What are Intermittent and block fasting?

What is the idea and concepts behind this new way of looking at diet?

Can I use these ketogenic recipes in a positive way to aid me in my detox and rejuvenation?

This “Super Mind and Heart” Elixir Recipe activates and stimulates the “Super Conscious” mind? What this means your mind and heart will definitely be activated.

This is a personal favorite for me and many other people that want to have a super snack that cuts out the feeling of hunger and gives you passion and endurance.

This is a live Ketogenic Real Raw Chocolate or Cacao super-food – this means we are not adding any sugar to it.

So, this will fit into lowering the sugar levels down to a very low minimum so we don’t feed our Yeast, Mold, Fungus and Candida Microbes that we all call Fat.

Sugarless Ketogenic Real Raw Live Chocolate Recipe:

For Appetite Suppression / Energy Boost:

2 tsp in the morning or when I am hungry or want to get a boost in energy I eat a few tsp’s of our Cacao Recipe and then drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Learning and practicing the terrain modification protocols, practices and principles are one of the simple ways to self treat yourself that is reasonable and logical.

We has 100’s of videos that are too sensitive for YouTube, but you can access them through an Earther Academy Membership.

These are the protocols I have used to rebuild myself and give myself what I call Evolution. That is nothing to be talked about – it is only to be experienced by the user.

You will see and feel this evolution in time… I guarantee you :))

Hope you enojy this “How to Make Sugarless Ketogenic Real Raw Live Chocolate Recipe” Video. :))

Dr. Robert.

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Sugarless Ketogenic Real Raw Live Chocolate

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      Aloha James, Cacao nibs have the power of the beans real medicinal benifits for usre. The powder is for flavor and for the fat content. If you want to feel the power of chocolate ( PEA – like I talked about in the video) then primarily use the nibs.They have the power that really activates the heart and mind.

      The cacao powder gives it fantastic flavors and nutrition.

      Enjoy and have fun with this recipe because it makes you feel so happy, creative and just a good over all feeling and massive energy too.

      :)) Dr Robert

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