How To Make Live Nutritional Ferments Workshop with Dr. Robert Cassar

How To Make Live Nutritional Ferments

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In this ‘How To Make Live Nutritional Ferments Workshop’ we are going to show you some essential ideas, concepts and disciplines in the making of essential good bacteria cultures to drink and eat in part 1. In this very important video series you will see how these live ferments definitely help the body massively with depressed immune systems.

If you do not have Live Nutritional Ferments you are most likely very deficient in one of the most important Terrain Modification departments. This is Live Energetic Food that is truly nutritional and medicinal when used correctly.

If the intestines are toxic and assaulted consistently with toxic dead foods / fake foods / mercury fillings in the mouth. Swallowing the mercury vapors of any kind causes these very sensitive essential bacteria to die by a variety of Parasites, Mold, Yeast, Fungi, Candida’s and many others. Pathogenic Bacteria’s will live and thrive and take over the body’s healthy ability to function.

We are going to go over some Essential Philosophy’s in part 1 of this informative video.

We really need to learn why you want to eat and drink live ferments. This info that could really help your health / wealth / happiness in a very short period of time following the protocols.

Part 2 which is over 2 hours long going over the recipes of over 10 different medicinal ferments and is the hands on workshop.

We’re going to show you how to make a variety of nutritional, medicinal and pharmacological ferments which are much more powerful than traditional and nutritional ferment recipes, ( See our Ferments Playlist on YouTube ), and we’re also going to show you how to make several live alcohol elixirs to drink.

Have you ever drank live alcohol before?

Let medicine be thy food and food be thy medicines ~ Hippocrates.

Let medicine be thy fermented and live foods and let fermented and live foods be thy medicine for health, wealth and happiness ~ Dr. Robert Cassar.

Our good essential gut wall flora is the chief navigator of our Immune systems, hormonal systems, brain chemicals for good feelings and emotions to name a few. Also, these bacteria produce a large variety of vitamins including B12 and many others.

These tiny essential good bacteria digest all of our various foods for use, and break it down so the intestines can let it into the body the already processed foods, minerals, liquids and many other nutrients.

Most of us have intestinal bloating, gas, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhea, burping up of acid in the mouth, you get the common cold easily, allergic reactions to various foods/drinks etc.

These are some of the common negative symptoms of a deficient intestinal bacteria.

When our bacteria are not healthy then we get sick and tired to start with and then the symptoms will progress to a worse state of health.

Their are many types of bacteria in the gut / intestines that are totally essential for normal and optimal health of the Body and the Mind.

Only if we truly knew how important this area of our body is, then we would learn to care for these bacterial essential creatures better, and we would not ever be sick and tired.

All of the products necessary to start farming your own essential bacteria’s ferments is on our wholesale website for organic superfoods and essential health and wellness products at

Some of the Products used in these videos are: 16 strain Probiotic Bacteria, Ionic Magnesium Concentrate With Trace Minerals, Living Silica, MSM, Ayurvedic Herbs, Fulvic Acid Minerals, and Other Nutritional Products.

Hope you enjoy this How To Make Live Nutritional Ferments Workshop Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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How To Make Live Nutritional Ferments Workshop Part 2

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  1. Hi. I’ve built a fermentation unit out of a Fridge for my fruit and vegetable ferments, and also for my daily probiotic drink. I keep the temp at 95 and seems to work amazing! Does the alcohol based ferments require this temp during the fermentation stage? Watched this new ferment vid and Dr cassar did mention that temp for the fruit and veg. But didn’t mention temp for the spirit one. Thank you so much. Absolutely loving every second I spend on here! -Pete St.Catharines. Ontario

    1. Post

      Aloha Pete, the bacteria always like a 80 degree plus temperature. They replicate faster around the temp of 90 -100 degrees C. I really love my live ferments ( I have about 20 of them in varieties on my counter int he kitchen) and they really will like you when you use them constantly. The alcohol is real life changer for most .. because most of us that do partake in the spirits are drinking dead poison instead of live mineralized alcohols.

      :)) Dr r

    1. Post

      Your so welcome Josiah, … please tell a friend … the ferments is the way that is simple to never really ever get sick and tired again. 80-90 % of our immune system comes from the gut wall flora. .. SO these really stimulate the bacteria with a new battalion of good microbes all the time to replenish alot of the assaults we all have to our very sensitive bacteria in the gut.

      :)) Dr r

  2. I’m taking my first steps toward Terrain Modification and at times its seems to be overwhelming. Switching the kitchen out, fermenting. purchasing Earth Shift products, etc. This is really a complete life style change. I’m learning how to eat, think, drink and take care of me all over again. Never the less its a good feeling. I do have one question, What I use to think was the sour, vinegary “gone bad” smell with cooked and processed foods is actually the smell I should look for with ferments signaling me that my ferment is ready how ever how do I identify with a ferment that has gone bad and should be thrown out?

    1. Post

      Aloha Cbill, The ferments never go bad if they are made right .. so they will never really smell rotten like cooked foods.

      Hopefully you will get a white cheesey looking bacteria that will grow in the ferment at the top of the foods fermented and on the top/sides of the jar. As long as it is white is good bacteria … never eat black mold … green mold is usually great too.

      All ferments taste different and some do smell a little ripe … They usually only take 1-14 days to ferment and they will stop fermenting when they run out of fuel or sugar.

      watch all of the ferment videos I have so you get some other ideas in different situations in fermentation’s.

      I have about 20 ferments in my kitchen. They are truly medicine fir sure and they should be eaten or drink a few sips a every day or after any meal.

      Remember these are your military of the body so keep giving them new infantry of new immune system security soldiers that work for the better of you. :))

      Keep enjoying the journey,

      :)) Dr Robert

  3. Hi, I made the kimchi. I dont know if i made it correctly. I tied it down with the big leaves of cabbage just like Nadia and fill it with enough liquids so that it covered all of the cabbage. After about a day the kimchi rose up about an inch. So some of the leaves used to hold everthing down was stick out at the top with black mold. I removed the leaves witb the mold everything else looked ok. A day later i see white stuff at the top but there is a smell. Can i send you a pic? So you can tell me if I’ve done it correctly?

    1. Try attaching a picture if you can, I’ll try to visually troubleshoot with you. Often times the top leaves will look really old, wilted and gross. The white stuff on top is the good fermentative colonies. What’s the smell like, can you describe it a bit more? Does is smell like kimchi?

    2. Post

      Aloha:)) Please send me a picture. a lot of times people are making these ferments with unclean chemicalized conventional GMO veggies. These don’t work well at all.. everything has been destoryed and its trying to ferment cooked foods 🙁

      Most likely as with most of the food we buy at the store … they have all been radiated or microwaved. All live foods that cross state lines are either microwaved or radiated. Always buy your foods from your local organic farmer or farmers market.

      It took me a while to master how to make ferments .. now they are very simple to do … so don’t give up


      Dr. Robert

      PS: if you do get a little black mold then peel off the top … the white stuff on the top of the ferment is what you are trying to grow .. thats the good stuff … shake and enjoy :)) This is medicine :))

    1. Post

      Aloha :)) Glad you are learning and enjoying the information. I will put this request in our future video courses.

      Ferments will help anyone who uses a variety of them consistently.

      Great Idea to add to the category again – 5 favorite ferments and why? and workshop.

      :)) Dr. Robert

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