Dr. Robert Cassar's 1 Year Healing And Transformation Diet

Dr. Robert Cassar’s 1 Year Healing And Transformation Diet

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I am going to show you my physical transformation and experimental results from a 1 year journey of re-nourishing and rebuilding myself from being severely malnourished from a 15 year “Ovo-Lacto Vegan or Vegetarian” plant based diet.

For 15 years I did not eat any animals, fish or poultry – no flesh at all. I only ate mostly raw veggies, nuts, seeds, greens, fruit and a few eggs a week. Over the years of only eating plants and a few eggs, I slowly became malnourished and started to fall apart emotionally, physically and mentally.

I will go over some of the main reasons why I completely stopped consuming mostly all plants and changed my diet to exclusively eating a “Mitochondria Rich Based Diet” using a variety of high quality animal products, and some fruit for energy when I exercise.

This new flesh based diet, as I will explain further into the description, is an anabolic diet that will definitely help you gain back your health by re-nourishing and rebuilding the body again.

Many of us have been malnourished by the vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian or Standard American Diet (SAD). Some people may have malnourished themselves from using the sauna too much or detoxing excessively.

Whatever the case may be as to why you are malnourished, I am going to show you my excellent results from this 1 year long rebuilding experiment.

Robert Cassar's 60 Day Transformation
Robert Cassar’s 60 Day Transformation

Rebuild and Renourishing Experiment

In March 2020 I will be 60 years old. I video taped my results on 30, 45, 60 and 365 days to record some of the mind and physical transformations of this rebuilding and re-nourishing experiment.

I was exercising 4 days a week for about 45-60 minutes for each training period, and eating mostly 1 large meal a day (in the late evening) with a variety of organic grass fed or wild dense animal/fish that are mitochondria rich, 20-30% saturated animal fats, organ meats, 3.5 % organic kefir, fertile eggs and low oxalate fruits only, when I exercised.

19 Year Old Dr. Robert Cassar Bodybuilding Shot
19 Year Old Dr. Robert Cassar Bodybuilding Shot

This picture was taken when I was 19 years old (1979 – 41 years ago) competing in a bodybuilding contest. I got 2nd place out of 60 people in the show. I competed only in natural contests which means the competitors were tested for using anabolic steroids. Over a year and a half period I competed in at least 15 competitions, and won several of them too.

I always placed in the top 5 because I was extremely lean, all around muscular and vascular for a teenage bodybuilding (all natural) competitor.

Now at 60 years old, following the Earther Academy Protocols for most of my life, I can still manage to stay in great muscular shape; keeping my strength and muscle size, eating the correct foods and following weekly detox protocols.

As you can see, the body can rebuild and re-nourish itself quite easily if you take the correct path, and you can degenerate and break it down very easily if you take the wrong paths.

The body has the ability to bounce back quickly, especially if you are on the correct detox, food and training programs.

In order to achieve your goals you must have good discipline, and health must be a big part of your daily life.

Veggies For 15 Years Were Killing Me Slowly

Over the past year (2020), I changed my diet from a 15 year organic plant based diet to a complete reversal now of primarily just eating animal products and fruit.

A plant based diet can also be called a “Catabolic Detoxification Diet“. Plants are clearly not an anabolic or building type of fuel for the body.

On the other hand, an animal based or carnivorous and fruit based diet is what I now call an “Anabolic Building Diet“.

The rebuilding and re-nourishing experiment incorporated with diet and exercise started 2019 removing most all of the foods that contain “Oxalates, Lectins, Isoflavones, Phytates, Anti-Nutrients, Plant Pesticides, Nightshades, Goitrogens, Greens, Grains, Seeds/Seed Oils and Nuts from my plant based diet.”

The only way to stop eating all of these plant poisons was to eliminate all of these plant foods from my current diet, and exchange them for animal products since they are void of oxalates, lectins, phytates and anti-nutrients etc.

This is an example of what I call the “Optimal Elimination Diet”, and the “Optimal Anabolic Diet” in one.

The idea is to eliminate all, or as many of the plant poisons from the diet immediately, for at least a period of 180 days.

Completely removing nuts, seeds, seed oils, grains and greens; eliminates the constant assault of these very potent plant poisons, especially when used in combination and on a daily basis as in vegetarian and vegan diets.

4 Day Exercise Training Program I Use

When you are on an anabolic diet rich in mitochondria, you will have the ability to transfer some of the flesh energy to your flesh if you perform consistent resistance training 3-4 days a week.

The muscles will not get strong on their own unless you give them intermittent stimulation through strength training.

The muscle meat you eat will transfer the nutrients and compounds to your muscles, when you stimulate the muscles to grow and feed them with the correct food to repair back stronger.

Take a look at the “4 day/week exercise workout video training program”, using my simple home gym exercise equipment coming soon!

Important Fact To Remember:

Eating an anabolic diet is the best way to gain more muscle mass and add over all strength to the body. In order to gain muscle you must exercise with some form of resistance training.

The workout is spread out throughout the week exercising different body parts each workout.

  • Monday – Chest and Shoulders
  • Wednesday – Back and Traps
  • Friday – Arms
  • Sunday – Legs

Before I workout I always perform 10-15 minutes of stretching, low back and abdominal exercises to loosen and warm up the entire body’s muscles and joints, especially the spine.

Diets Are Controversial Subjects

All diets are a very controversial subject with many nuances on every level and statement that we hear from the authorities on health and wellness.

There are many reasons why I removed most of the plants and went on an extremely low oxalate and phytoalexin diet.

Mostly, I wanted to completely stop the constant irritation from all of the plant compounds I was ingesting, and giving my body a rest from all of the plant compounds like antioxidants, polyphenols, endogenous powerful plant defense mechanisms called phytoalexins (plant poisons) found in many plant based superfoods which are the endogenous poisons found internally in every plant.

Vegan diets, especially raw vegan diets, are very high in oxalates and all of the plant poisons called phytoalexins.

A small amount of poison is actually stimulating to the immune system but a constant daily overload of these plant poison compounds such as turmeric, many spices and herbs, cacao, kale, most nuts, many fruits and berries, chocolate and other foods commonly eaten daily in the vegan and vegetarian diets will destroy the intestines over time for most.

High Oxalate Food Chart
High Oxalate Food Chart

(For a more complete oxalate food chart go to the end of this description)

How Many Oxalates Should I Intake Daily?

“Most people get between 200 and 300 milligrams of oxalates daily. If you’re at risk for kidney stones, sources suggest consuming less than 100 milligrams a day. Doctors may also recommend “low-oxalate diets” of less than 50 milligrams daily for some people. Talk to your doctor about what diet is best for your health.” – src: 8 Foods High in Oxalates and Why You Should Avoid It

If you are a raw vegan and do not cook your food (cooking reduces oxalates) your daily intake of oxalates may be in the excessive range of 1000+ milligrams of oxalates per meal.

The average vegetable and fruit smoothie may have 1000+ mg of oxalates in your delicious drink, silently poisoning you.

For example: One cup of raw spinach contains around 656 mg oxalates, so it’s very easy to see the smoothie may have 1500-2500 mg of oxalates in your drink. Especially, if you use cacao, kale, berries, beets, nuts etc. (see oxalate food chart at the end of description).

If you have gut issues, sore muscles and joints, kidney stones, overall moderate to severe stiffness; these symptoms may be the earlier stages of oxalate poisoning.

Oxalate poisoning can be immediate or over time. The body can break down the oxalates in small amounts, but if you are in excess everyday your body will start to accumulate these oxalates in the form of kidney stones, sore muscles and joints, arterio and atherosclerosis and 100’s of other symptoms that can go with oxalate poisoning.

This is the main reason I cut out all of the oxalate rich foods and replaced them with a variety of animal products, that have zero oxalates in them.

Review the pictures below to see the sharp razor like oxalate structures that can cause severe disruption in many areas of the body, if accumulation occurs from a diet in excess of oxalates.

When Was The Last Time You Took A Break From Oxalates In Your Diet?

Oxalates will accumulate in the body’s tissues, and in time start to cause many biological dysfunctions such as digestion, bloating, gas or even giving rise to leaky gut syndrome or other diseases such as kidney stones, sore muscles and joints.

Removing oxalates from the diet is one way to reduce the accumulation of these tiny crystals that are extremely sharp and can cause cellular damage inside and outside of the cell.

Review these Earther Academy video courses below, and make sure you read the descriptions thoroughly about oxalates and how I am reducing accumulation of these poisons using various protocols, practices and principles.

99.99% Of Pesticides We Eat Are Produced By The Plants Themselves

Most of the pesticides we eat are naturally grown in the plants themselves as defense mechanisms against parasitic invaders. This is another reason I am taking a break from most of the plants I was eating and drinking, except for some low oxalate fruits right before I work out in the gym for super explosive energy.

The Natural Pesticides In Your Food

“According to Dr. Ames’s team, every plant produces roughly a few dozen toxins, some of which (at a high enough dose) would be toxic to humans. Cabbage produces at least 49 known pesticides. Given the ubiquity of natural pesticides, Dr. Ames estimates that “Americans eat about 1.5 g of natural pesticides per person per day, which is about 10,000 times more than they eat of synthetic pesticide residues. Furthermore, Dr. Ames estimates that we consume 5,000 to 10,000 different natural pesticides every day, many of which cause cancer when tested in lab animals. Dr. Ames then pens quite possibly the best paragraph ever written in the scientific literature.” – src: 99.99% Of Pesticides We Eat Are Produced By Plants Themselve

Why Did I Change My Diet?

There are many reasons I changed my diet from a vegan/vegetarian diet to a carnivorous diet and fruit.

Number one reason is; I became malnourished and sick in many ways from chronic IBS, intestinal stress, bloating, gas, indigestion, blood in my stools for over 1.5 years, moderate depression and emotional instability, loss of 25 lbs of muscle mass and strength down to a skinny and malnourished 127 pounds.

I also had severe soreness in many areas of the body, especially in my hips and back bilaterally and all of the time. I felt like I was really getting old, and stiffness was getting worse month by month.

I also had chronic inflamed tendonitis in the left elbow/shoulder, and on both wrists which was quite debilitating to say the least.

The worst part was that both of my knees always felt weak and were sore internally when going up or down the stairs. Not being able to run or bike ride for over 1.5 years because of sharp hip pains and muscle spasms in the calves. I also had advanced aging and degeneration over the past 3 years. If I look back at my YouTube videos over the years; it’s easy to see the loss of vitality, sunken eyes and gaunt look.

In April 2019 my body weight was approximately 127 pounds, down from when I started 15 years ago at 172 pounds. I had a myriad of moderate to severe complaints, mainly in my hip joints, intestines, digestion and moderate to severe intestinal colitis.

My main goal at this time was to reduce or eliminate intestinal/body inflammation and of course to re-nourish and rebuild myself.

In approx. 2005, I started to only eat vegan/vegetarian and no flesh/blood at all. I weighed in at approx. 172 pounds and was very strong.

I was not fat at all, you could see my abdominals very well and I was very vascular and muscular. I changed my diet mainly because of small and large intestinal parasites I was diagnosed with, and had terrible intestinal stress for several years.

So, I went on a vegan/vegetarian diet and started using herbs and various plants to start to detox me from the parasites.

Previously, I was eating a heavy protein, low fat and high carbohydrate bodybuilding diet consisting mainly of eggs, fish, some fast and restaurant foods, conventional non-organic foods, packaged processed foods, popcorn every night for years, commercially grown and processed meats, all types of foods like wheat, corn, soy, rice, grains, nuts, milk, 2-3 protein powder shakes a day, lots of toxic supplements for bodybuilding. I was on the bodybuilding diet for the past 25 years before I started my flesh and blood-free diet.

I felt like I was all plugged up, so the plant diet seemed logical at the time to stop eating any of the processed foods including all types of meat.

As a doctor, I wanted to see if we could live vital and healthy eating just plants alone without meat.

My new diet was for cleansing and detoxification: including highly nutritional liquid plant smoothies, fasting, heavy metal detoxification, saunas, parasite removal protocols using amazonian herbs, lots of natural remedies etc.

Overtime, I tried all of the diets to see if they had any benefits, especially if they were natural and have a cleansing or detoxification effect on the body or did the diet have an anabolic effect?

For the first 10 years I did really well with the superfood diet, protein shakes, eating out of my garden, along with fertile eggs and raw butter. I did start to lose a lot of muscle weight and strength within the first year of just eating plants.

After my 10 year mark of just eating plants and a few eggs, I kept losing body weight, muscle, strength and mass, flexibility, slight edema all over my body, especially in the hands and feet, rapid aging, sunken face, constant moderate-severe joint pain in my left shoulder, right hip and lumbar spine area, 3rd degree Sciatica, which is pain, numbness and weakness in my left leg down to my ankle and foot, weak painful joints and loss in testosterone and drive were some of my main complaints and symptoms.

Since I was so malnourished over the 15 year span with the superfood whole plant based diet, it was time to change my diet from a detox and cleansing diet to more of a bioavailable “Mitochondria Rich Based Diet” to rebuild and re-nourish me.

Over the past year, I have been listening to a variety of lectures and podcasts about the diets and protocols from various doctors that have been used successfully to support decreasing the inflammation in the joints and relieving intestinal dysfunctional inflammation and stress.

I first heard of a restriction from plants, nuts, grains and seeds from clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson on one of his podcasts. He was telling the story about his daughter Mikala Peterson, who was diagnosed with terrible idiopathic arthritis, suffering with several joint replacements at a young age.

She removed all of the plants, nuts, seeds, grains and greens and started eating a predominantly a pure carnivore diet with excellent success, with joint and intestinal inflammation.

A Little Background On My Prior Diets And Ideology

First of all, before I started my rebuilding and renourishing program, I had previously been on a whole plant based diet for approximately 15 years or what I call a “Blood Free Diet” – no flesh or blood.

Over the years, I had been curious about the effects I would have on a vegetarian diet to really experience the diet to see how it would work for me and the positive or negative effects from it, short and long term. I have heard of many people using a vegetarian and or vegan diet and thriving on it for years to heal people from sickness and increasing the frequency or consciousness of oneself.

As an experiment, I wanted to see if I could thrive by only eating a variety of plants, nuts and seeds, grains and greens and superfoods. Since I was already an “Optimal Performance Athlete” I wanted to see how this diet void of meat/blood would work for me while exercising with intense strength exercises and cardio training 4-6 times a week, as I was when eating animal products.

To keep this story short and to the point; I tried to go completely vegan for about 6-8 months. I exercised intensely and found out my strength and muscle tone was severely limited compared to when I was eating meat.

Since I got so weak very quickly on the vegan diet, I had to daily add fertile eggs, butter, raw cheese, raw milk for saturated fats and cholesterol.

I had gotten so physically weak and lost a lot of muscle strength and size just in that short window of eating a strict diet of veggies only.

Most of the professional literature I was reading stated the conversion rates of the plant protein and the plant fats would be assimilated easier and more complete than eating animal products.

So, I had to give it a try and see for myself. I found out right away that the plants were definitely not giving me anabolic effects, only catabolic effects for detoxing and cleansing.

From reading the biased literature on plant nutrition and bioavailability; I was convinced that I was going to have enough quality protein, fats, minerals, vitamins I would need to be an optimal or peak performance athlete, and to be able to keep a solid muscle mass as I had before when I was bodybuilding in the late 1970’s.

I was a teenage competitive bodybuilder in 1979, and I competed and won many contests in my younger years eating a lot of meat and protein powders.

I changed my diet to an almost 100% plant based diet in my late 30’s, because I had severe intestinal distress from eating a lot of conventionally grown and processed meats, processed foods, junk foods, sodas, non-organic coffee, restaurant foods, not much better foods than the average Standard American Diet (SAD).

We were all being told that meat was terrible for us, and many people I knew were getting heart disease and/or other sicknesses from this type of animal food diet.

The first 6 months of my vegan diet was very disheartening to me since I was losing so much strength, muscle size and viable endurance in the gym. On the vegan diet, I was continually losing my muscle strength and size year by year, month by month – until I began getting minimal malnourishment symptoms.

I was usually a strict vegan for 6 months at a time, and then would eat ovo-lacto vegetarian for 6-8 months and switched back and forth for a few years.

One of the things I noticed very quickly was; when I was on the vegan diet my athletic performance, strength and endurance were much less than when I added a few fertile eggs a day with butter/organic raw cheeses and some fresh raw milk, then some of my strength and muscle size would return.

Is The Vegan Diet Malnourishing?

The vegan diet for me was definitely a malnourishing diet, and in time most people will be deficient even if they keep up with the recommended 25+ (mostly chemical supplements) we are told to ingest daily because of the lacking nutrition.

See: Rethinking Reality: Suggestions And Warnings On A Plant Based Diet

If The Vegan Diet Is So Good, Then Why Do You Need To Take 25+ Supplements Daily?

You would not have to take any supplements if your diet had the full spectrum of all vitamins, minerals, water and fat soluble vitamins, bioavailable proteins, fats and many other micro essential nutrients only found in meat.

In my opinion; adding extra supplementation is only needed when you want to experiment with adding more specific compounds to optimize fitness and performance.The general diet should have all of the nutrients in the food required for the body to maintain and repair itself.

I have found the vegan diet was a wasting away, or catabolic diet, especially when I was training hard in the gym or riding bikes in the mountains for 10 mile rides in the fire trails.

The only way you get to know some of these simple truths is to follow various diets for at least 180 days, coupled with optimal strength training exercises 3-4 times a week, and see what happens to you over time.

When I was on my plant diet I was eating the highest quality and extreme variety of organic exotic superfoods from our family organic food company called Ultimate Superfoods, OJIO and Earth Shift Products. Everything we sold at Earth Shift Products I used or was using in my plant based diet with eggs and cheese.

Since I was eating all of these expensive superfoods and supplements, I thought that I could never become deficient in my body, since I was having a variety of at least 30-40 different superfoods, herbs, ionic minerals, sea veggies, green powders, seeds, nuts, spices, resins, antioxidants and protein powders etc. added to my plant diet daily.

It took me about 10-12 years to fully see the negative health effects at first in my digestion with moderate to severe intestinal irritation and digestion problems, severe joint stiffness all over my body, weakness in my muscles, muscle wasting, sleeping problems, felt ungrounded, spotted blood in my stools, rapid aging, finger nail ridges, sunken eyes and face along with a list of many more dysfunctions.

If you look back in my videos on YouTube and on EartherAcademy.com you will see I started to age very quickly, starting 2014. I also was losing my muscle mass, endurance and strength as every month went by.

I was exercising 3-4 times a week, the same I am doing now with the anabolic diet.

You can say I hit the wall nutritionally at around 10 years into the plant diet, and it was downhill fast from there.

The face and body skin is where people will first notice the advanced aging. Once you start losing all of the reserves of collagen and micronutrients the body starts to break down and age more rapidly.

Ovo-Lacto Vegan or Vegetarian Diet

I have been eating a Ovo-Lacto Vegan or Vegetarian diet for the past 15 years. My diet did not contain any meat or fish. We called this a “blood free diet” or a “meatless diet”.

I replaced the meat in my diet for a variety of plants, extotic superfoods, organic fertile eggs, raw butter, raw milk and cheese with organic veggies and a large variety of supplements, minerals, herbs and superfoods.

The diet I followed and experimented with for over 15 years was mostly a diverse superfood plant diet with some eggs, cheese and butter.

The plant and eggs diet I was on is an excellent way to start to detox and cleanse myself, for a period of at least 180+ days.

Over the 15 year journey, I found out that plants are not as bio available as I have been told, and do not have all of the essential micronutrients we all need to stay healthy and wise.

The meatless diet, vegetarianism, veganism or fruitarianism are diets that are mainly all plants void of animal products or flesh from an animal or fish.

Most people last 2-5 years on these types of meatless diets and start to become malnourished and biologically dysfunctional and start to slowly suffer the consequences of malnourishment in time like I did and many friends I knew.

I had moderate to severe irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), moderate to severe joint inflammatory pain and mild visual swelling in my ankles and knees. My lumbar spine and right hip were moderate and severe with weakness in both legs, low back, right hip and both elbows.

Oxalates, lectins, isoflavones and phytic acid are in the plants we eat such as nuts, seeds, grains and greens.

For the past 15 years I have been experimenting with a variety of non-meat or bloodless diets. I mostly ate organic superfood, raw and cooked vegetarian to raw vegan, vegan diets. I also tried the vegan and raw vegan lifestyle for 6 months at a stretch.

I could only last up to 6 months on a vegan diet before I was feeling very weak in the gym, severe intestinal distress and my peak performance was dwindling rapidly.

I wanted to “Thrive on Plants” not just survive.

So, part of the story was to see the severe malnourishment in myself especially, over the past 3 years. I ran out of all of my available storage reserves of many micronutrients and didn’t realize I was not really absorbing being on a cleansing and detox diet compromising 97% mostly plants for 15 years, besides some eggs, butter and raw cheese.

This malnourishment occurs over a period of time for many vegans and vegetarians usually in the 5th year just eating primarily plants, nuts, seeds and greens.

Most people start to have severe indigestion, bloating, joint swelling and pain in back and hips, tooth sensitivities (too hot and cold), weak teeth and cavities, advanced aging, sunken eyes, wrinkled dry skin, thin and cracked fingernails, thinning of hair, loss of muscle, loss of libido and imbalance of sex hormones, blurred fine vision and many more complaints such as depression and fatigue.

Primarily, the diet I ate daily for almost 15 years was 95%+ organic fresh as possible plants, seeds, nuts, heirloom whole grains, algaes, sea veggies, raw dairy on occasion such as raw butter, raw cheese and fertile eggs.

10 years into the diet I started to feel and look like I was aging faster than I should. Looking back at my videos over the past 10 years, especially the last 4-5 years, I can see a marked visual aging in my face, my joints and muscles were failing me, severe indigestion and blood in my stools daily for 1.5 years from intestinal inflammation, my teeth became sensitive to heat and cold, I have severe back and bilateral hip stiffness and pain accompanied by numbness and tingling in my left leg and foot constantly, the low back, right hip and shoulder pain and stiffness were becoming weaker or more inflamed as each year went by.

I thought the diet I was on was the ideal and optimal diet that could keep me healthy, wealthy, happy and wise for possibly the rest of my life, but I was wrong.

I wrote this out for you to give you a little better perspective where I am at today in life, and in my journey.

We all can learn from each other’s stories in the real world.

Catabolic versus Anabolic foods

Plant Foods are “Catabolic” and Animal Foods are “Anabolic”.

From 40 years of research and experimentation I have come to the conclusion that most plants are for detoxification and cleansing purposes thus constituting a “catabolic” or detoxification diet.

Plants are not biologically similar in their physiology as to animals that have blood. Since plants do not have blood their operating systems are different than the creatures that have blood, and have a body that can navigate with arms and legs.

Animal, fish, bird flesh and organs along with saturated fats are excellent for repairing and rebuilding the body, thus constituting an “anabolic diet” or “growth diet” because of all of the bioavailable vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats.

What Does Catabolic And Anabolic Mean?

“Anabolism is the synthesis of complex molecules from simpler ones. These chemical reactions require energy. Catabolism is the breakdown of complex molecules into simpler ones. … Anabolic and catabolic pathways typically work together, with the energy from catabolism provides the energy for anabolism.” – src: Anabolism and Catabolism Definition and Examples

Mitochondria – The Powerhouse Of The Cell


The tiny structures located inside the cell are microscopic. Think of the mitochondria as mini “power plants” inside your cells that produce the energy that converts energy for you to use to run the body and mind. Mitochondria are microscopic cellular refineries that make adenosine triphosphate (ATP – the body’s basic fuel of choice) from oxygen and the foods you eat.

Many diseases can be caused by damaged or weak mitochondria.

Plants and animals have mitochondria to convert energy into usable forms for the organism.

I have heard other researchers use the animal based mitochondria for rehabilitation purposes. The mitochondria, I am sure, are different from plants to animals since one has blood and the plants do not.

I ate most of my beef liver/heart meat rare, seared on high heat on the outside for a few minutes each side and leaving the inner flesh still intact by less or no cooking at all.

Cooking the protein denatures or destroys the inner organelles of the cell. This may be why eating raw meat and fish gives us so much energy, maybe because we are eating the inner parts of the cells that have not been destroyed by excessive heat as in cooking.

The heart muscle cells are the winners with the most mitochondria with about 5,000 mitochondria per cell. Heart cells contain far more mitochondria than any other organ in the body.

Muscle cells like the biceps and triceps have about 200 mitochondria per cell.

The heart works harder than any other organ 24/ 7 – always pumping, never taking a rest.

Eating The Heart Muscle Is Like Eating The Powerhouse Central Of The Animal.

Eating biologically similar physiology gives rise to the best absorption and complete nutritional status of the creature being eaten. Muscles, organs etc. from another animal have similar cellular and essential compounds in our bodies.

When we eat similar types of biology, various nutrients of similar biology makes the nutritional content 100% assimilable to the creature consuming it.

These simple concepts take many years of research and practice on yourself to see these truths that can only be experimental in nature.

A 100% plant based diet is a great short term diet (30-180 days max) to detox and cleanse yourself from the Standard American Diet (SAD).

Don’t forget to learn the protocols, practices and principles we teach at here at Earther Academy, as you start your detox and cleansing program!

Eating exclusively animal products and exercise for at least a period of 180+ days is a simple way to rebuild the malnourished bodies and minds of vegetarians, vegans and fruitarians.

In my opinion, 100% plant based diets will definitely malnourish you over time, especially if you push yourself physically daily or are a performance athlete using your body daily for strength, mobility and endurance.

When you exercise on a malnourished plant based diet (or even the SAD diet) the body starts to degenerate much faster, especially when you use up all of the stored collagen, vitamins and minerals.

Wild Caught and or Grass Fed

Wild Caught and/or Grass Fed animal products must be free of hormones, antibiotics or vaccines. Grass fed animals are usually healthy and conventionally grown animals are usually sick animals. Conventionally grown animals and farmed fish are full of chemicals and toxins from the food and water the animals eat and drink, or fish swimming in crowded farms are very toxic.

We eventually become what eat and drink, so it is vitally important to always eat animal products that have not been tainted with pharmaceuticals, chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides and fungicides that are sprayed on the plants, and then given to the animals causing them to become sick, fat and toxic.

If you eat the sick, overweight and toxic animals then in time you will become sick, overweight and toxic also. These concepts are simple common sense.

Only eat wild caught fish and never eat farm raised fish, because they are all eating toxic food loaded up with antibiotics and usually hormones in the food to make them grow bigger and faster.

See: Catabolic versus Anabolic Diet

Plants Are Mainly For Cleansing And Detoxification

Over the past 15 years I have learned a few things I didn’t know before, by trial and error.

Most of the plants we consume on a daily basis are mainly for cleansing and detoxification. A large portion of plants are strictly for energy such as potatoes, grains, pastas, fruits, seeds and greens. The bioavailability of many micronutrients in plants, nuts, seeds and greens are inhibited by many of the plant’s defense mechanisms.

I also practiced veganism a few times for about 6 months each time in my beginning journeys of eating primarily plants, nuts, seeds, grains and fruits.

The Gecko Lizard Diet (Flesh and Fruit)

Coincidentally, I have been eating the diet of the Gecko lizard for the past year. The Gecko pretty much eats any type of insect, bugs, other lizards and a variety of sweet and fermented fruits.

So, the diet I have been using to rebuild and re nourish myself is mostly all from animal products and a little fruit. This diet gives me a variety of grass fed flesh from a variety of animals, organ meats such as kidney, liver and heart for super nutrition and healing powers, cooked and raw fish, fertile eggs, unpasteurized grass fed organic cheeses, butter, raw dairy and a variety of local non GMO fruits.

Gold dust day gecko licking the juicy red fruit of a green cactus at Moir Gardens, Kauai, Hawaii
Gold dust day gecko licking the juicy red fruit of a green cactus at Moir Gardens, Kauai, Hawaii

Since I live in Hawaii, I have been studying the most beautiful and colorful Gecko lizards in depth that are in numbers, not only outside my house, but also sneak inside to live indoors eating any insects that get into the house.

I noticed that this acrobatic Gecko lizard that has tiny suction cups on the bottom of its feet and can walk and grip itself on any surface, sideways, upside down or any way without slipping or falling.

Most reptiles are either strictly flesh eating, but the Gecko loves eating fruit as well. Most reptiles, including the Gecko, have amazing regenerative powers such as regrowing its tail and other appendages when injured.

Animal Products Are Mainly For Rebuilding And Bioavailable Nutrition

Below are a few YouTube channels and researchers I was watching a while ago. Not agreeing with everything that is said, but I did learn a lot in areas I was lacking from other clinical and anecdotal information.

Always try to do your own research, and we all learn from our own experimentation.

I started researching other clinical doctors deeply and YouTube videos that were experimenting with carnivore type diet and protocol for healing many chronic autoimmune diseases and depression.

I started studying 4-6 hours a day for several months listening to channels, interviews, research investigations about how veganism ruined their health both physically, mentally and emotionally in so many ways.

Looking into the real dangers of plant poisons, a different perspective about a flesh based diet and some of the science and anecdotal personal transformations that are shared.

When we all add and share our thoughts together we can advance so much faster, and it is much easier to see other perspectives and then figure out what works best for you and me.

Health, wealth and happiness is a lifelong experiment. Learn from each other and see what works best for you.

Recommended Course and Categories: What is EDTA?, EDTA Skin Cream for Heavy Metal Detoxification, Rethinking Reality: Oxalate Dumping On The Carnivorous Diet and Rethinking Reality: Healing My Gut With A Low Oxalate Diet.

Oxalate Food Chart

Oxalate Food Chart

To research and learn more about oxalates and other toxic plant compounds read the Earther Academy course descriptions and watch the videos below.

Also see: 99.99% Of Pesticides We Eat Are Produced By Plants Themselves

Hope you enjoy this “Dr. Robert Cassar’s 1 Year Healing And Transformation Diet” Video 🙂

Dr. Robert

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