Hands and Feet Cleaning and Detoxification Master Class

Hands and Feet Cleaning and Detoxification Master Class

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Welcome to our Multi Part 7 Hour Course “Hands and Feet Cleaning and Detoxification Master Class” specializing in Detoxing and Rejuvenating the Hands and Feet.

This series is one of the simplest and most crucial areas to detox and learn, and you don’t even have to change your diet πŸ™‚

When is the last time you really Cleaned, Detoxed, Groomed, Re-Lubricated and Protected your “Hands and Feet”?

Most people take a shower and think that washing their hands and feet are good enough – This is most definitely NOT the case at all.

The Hands and Feet are super important in the flow of the capillaries, which transfer the blood and the flow of energy ( or ener-chi ), oxygen, nutrients etc.

So, if the hands and feet areas are clogged with plastics, BPA, petroleum of any kind, glue, perfumes, dyes, synthetics, chemicals in a myriad of forms and millions of toxins when they are combined together, like a recipe or soup, and a host of unknown contaminants, parasites and pathogenic microbes. Then this simple disease or condition leads to a grave situation, over many years of accumulation and clogging of a very crucial area where the blood needs to flow unimpeded, and circulate the blood back to the heart for another round of life in the body.


Do you have any skin fungus, athletes foot, nails that are yellow, brittle nails, deformed nails, sores on the feet, yellow hard calloused feet and hands, sore and stiff joints in the knuckles of the hand and feet, arthritis of any kind, constant day or night time itching, stinky feet, infected hands and feet with virus and warts, ugly feet and hands in general, old and dry looking etc?

These very common symptoms, and the visual inspection list are very long. The list of disease in many cases starts in the feet and hands, and most sicknesses first start to occur in the mouth, intestines and hands and feet.

Many of the sickness – mental – physical – emotional – ambulatory – problems or dysfunctions we see everywhere are the simple constant toxic and clogging effects of the venous and arterial blood systems in the body and the mind.

So, learn to navigate what to eat and drink, and clean up and rebuild your body and mind.

Please make a firm 180 day commitment to try to really clean up the body and mind before you get really sick and tired, before you will not be able to do so as easy.

This is what we teach and share called “Terrain Modification Protocols”.

Videos to watch:

Please catch up on all of the other videos we have done on the Hands and Feet Detoxification and Rejuvenation. It is very important not to wear tight socks, bras, belt buckles and other tight clothes or apparel of any kind, which is chocking our flow in our capillaries.

Also, please watch the several 2 hour workshops on hands and feet capillary/lymph flow I did several times in different styles.

I gave the private workshop at the “Raw Living Expo” in 2014. This is in the workshop section of the Earther Academy private videos. It is very important and vital to learn and practice “How to Clean and Detox the Hands and Feet” correctly.

The hands and feet, as you will see in the lectures, are where the body changes from arteries to veins, and we call this the “Capillary Transmutation Layer” where the arteries turn in the veins and go around in a complete closed circuit.

These are the areas for expanded and extended life force and vitality when they work and flow correctly, and are not clogged with toxins and plastic or tight shoes or clothes.

Once the body is clogged with plastic, BPA, glues in shoes, fire retardants in carpets and many other household items, petroleum ( which is in everything incl. your makeup ) you can see how people get toxic really quick. These all add to the clogging of the capillaries.

Usually after a few self soaking treatments of the hands and feet detox / rejuvenation protocols ( especially when soaking in the alcohol solutions ), you will transform your flow and esthetics very effectively and quickly.

It is very important to break up all the hard calcification of the tendons and muscles manually with your hands, and / or using various Gwashing instruments. Watch all the “In The Sauna” videos and other Gwashing Videos to get an idea on how Gwashing the hands and feet work.

Go on nature walks daily and try to use 5 finger shoes, or shoes that enable you to use your toes when walking. I like to use cotton socks which aids the bodies flow when you use the types of shoes that enable you to walk like you are barefoot.

Try not to walk heal to toe. Try to walk as if you were barefoot not slamming the heal in the ground. Jogging or running is more of flow workout if you run without heal/toe running. Try to run more on the upper pads of the feet as if you are barefoot.

Running or walking in the sand at the beach is really effective too, because you can really use the sand to your advantage as it molds perfectly to the feet.

Take care of your hands and feet and they will serve you for a very long time, and will also let you have optimal flow in your vascular system.

Recommended products from Earth Shift Products to make the “Basic Vodka Skin and Pore Cleaning/Detoxing Solutions“:

Hope you enjoy this “Hands and Feet Cleaning and Detoxification Master Class” Video Vourse :))

Dr. Robert

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Introduction To Hands and Feet Cleaning Tools Workshop

Introduction To Hands and Feet Cleaning Tools Workshop

Introduction To Hands and Feet Cleaning Tools

Removing Callous From The Hands and Feet Using Solvents and Oxidizers Workshop

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  1. Ok, This is a key point in circulation and for me a good starting point. now to find a baggie big enough to fit my size 13 eee footsie. This also allows me to procrastinate on lymph system start — which is terrifying me!

    Awww pooor Tony doesn’t like ouchies ;-( πŸ™ that and I don’t like to be touched by anyone.

    This sounding like — what ever we resist in life will persist? hmmm sounds like I better get over it fast and dive into lymph system very fast!!!


    I’ve had horrible callouses and cracked heels and toe fungus for 11 years.

    As of this week, NO MORE DRY SKIN!!!

    Application 1: fulvic acid directly onto feet, bagged, 1 hour. Then washed with vodka base and soaked in alkaline soak for 1 hour. Incredibly, TONS of dead skin frayed off with ease! Sprayed with minerals and rubbed on coconut oil.

    Two days later:
    Application 2: same steps as Application 1. Lots of skin easily grated off and then degree of softness is unlike I’ve experienced in years! This time I applied the cacao lotion recipe I made this morning. I almost didn’t need it due to the softness. I applied it anyway as I’ve MANY cracks to soften on my feet.


    Next I will soak my hands!!

  3. The more consecutive days that I do the complete foot soak, the better the results!

    This is incredible!

    We leave this weekend for our first visit to Hawaii and I will be proud to show off my feet in sandals!

    I’m assuming the sooner that I clean up my diet and commit to a plant based high nutrient diet, the longer lasting the results will be!

    Thank you for sharing this priceless instruction and providing access to high quality products, at wholesale prices, that work!

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