Beginning Skin and Pore Rejuvenation

Beginning Skin and Pore Rejuvenation

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Beginning Skin and Pore Rejuvenation of Skin and Pores Series is an informative Mini Lecture on the specific products and understandings of the Recipes we are going to make for Skin and Pore Detoxification and Rejuvenation.

The best part about the Skin and Pore Protocols is that you DO NOT HAVE change your diet to start these protocols.

These protocols are so easy to learn and are essential to practice consistently.

  • Part 1 – Intro Philosophy on Skin and Pore Products – 37 mins
  • Part 2 – Workshop: Recipes for Skin and Pore Detoxification, Rejuvenation and Re-lubricating Protocols – 20 mins
  • Part 3 – Workshop: Removing the Hair off of the Entire Body – 25 mins
  • Part 4 – Workshop: Dissolve / Wash / Re-Nutrify Protocols Hydrogen Peroxide Skin Wash and Disinfecting the Skin / Pores from Parasites – 60 mins

Also, in Part 4 we are going to give a demonstration of Gwashing Skin and Pore Techniques which are cutting edge and very profound to regenerate the skin and pores.

Part 2 – 4 are part of our private membership site which are too sensitive and profound for YouTube. These are my personal protocols, practices and principles of Terrain Modification.

It is advisable to watch many of our In The Sauna Private Videos on Earther Academy, because we go over all parts of the body to detox and rejuvenate on such as baldness, obesity, wrinkles, sore muscles and joints, lymph tissues, hands, feet, neck and entire body.

Hope you enjoy this Beginning Skin and Pore Rejuvenation Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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Beginning Skin and Pore Rejuvenation Part 2

Beginning Skin and Pore Rejuvenation Part 3

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      Aloha Raphiel, Dr c here :)) You can do it both ways. The cleaning of the face is usually great to do in the beginning few times. then after that you can use the fulvic and other solutions directly. I would still wash the face with either hot water or after a shower from getting warm and hydrated first.

      Make sure you use the post lubricating protocols wit the coco oil , cacao butter , mag minerals, silica etc

      :)) Dr r

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