Vodka Skin Cleaning Solution

Vodka Skin Cleaning Solution

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Basic Vodka Skin Cleaning Solution Recipe.

Have you ever cleaned all of your “Skin and Pores” with a “Mineralized Vodka Solution” before?

I am going to share with you the “Basic Vodka Skin Cleaning Solution Recipe”.

The following skin and pore detoxification and rejuvenation protocols, restores skin and pores back to a more youthful age.

Billions of skin and pore “Micro Parasites” will be removed from the first treatment.

This is the basic recipe for starting the skin and pore detoxification / rejuvenation protocols.

You will also need:

Learn the “Terrain Modification Protocols, Practices and Principles” to upgrade, enhance and optimize your health and wellness.

Learn and practice well.

Hope you enjoy this Vodka Skin Cleaning Solution Video :))

Dr. Robert

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