Vodka Skin Cleaning Solution

Vodka Skin Cleaning Solution

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Basic Vodka Skin Cleaning Solution Recipe.

Have you ever cleaned all of your “Skin and Pores” with a “Mineralized Vodka Solution” before?

I am going to share with you the “Basic Vodka Skin Cleaning Solution Recipe”.

The following skin and pore detoxification and rejuvenation protocols, restores skin and pores back to a more youthful age.

Billions of skin and pore “Micro Parasites” will be removed from the first treatment.

This is the basic recipe for starting the skin and pore detoxification / rejuvenation protocols.

You will also need:

Learn the “Terrain Modification Protocols, Practices and Principles” to upgrade, enhance and optimize your health and wellness.

Learn and practice well.

Hope you enjoy this Vodka Skin Cleaning Solution Video :))

Dr. Robert

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Comments 13

    1. Hard to give an exact amount, each persons tolerance will vary but if you feel ‘tipsy’ or slightly alcohol buzzed, you drank too much since that is not the point in taking it. I’ve experimented with up to 1 ounce, like a shot glass, and it was very salty, probably no need to do more than that at any single time, but rather dose it out in smaller amounts throughout the day is one option to try. Also having some water on hand as a ‘chaser’ will help. Happy experimenting! Thanks for your question!
      In health,
      Dr. Bryce

  1. Hello Dr. Cassar. I can’t find the Kirkland signature American Vodka anywhere in USA. What else would you recommend, or if you have tips on how or where I can buy it would be great. I’m from NY, and I can see, that they sell this item almost everywhere but here. Please replay, thank you.

    1. Post

      Aloha Viola, All of the Costco’s have this Kirland brand – 6 times distilled – and its only about $14 US.

      If you cant find that brand … I then will use a triple distilled blend which you can use in glass only … Smirnoff Vodka is triple distilled and about 20 dollars or so.

      Svedka brand is also a good brand. Always buy in glass never plastic though.

      :)) Dr Robert

    1. I have not seen this happen, and it’s not likely to since tattoo ink is delivered to a deeper layer of the skin.
      Thanks for your question!
      In health,
      Dr. Bryce

    1. Hi Shawn!
      Congratulations for your pregnancy! I would caution use of the vodka skin cleaning solution while pregnant due to the possible absorption of alcohol through the skin. In all likelihood it is a small amount, however, let’s not mess around with a developing infant, but you are free to experiment for yourself. For the most part, the skin cleaning ingredients can be used in water with similar though likely lowered effectiveness. Alcohol is used to bring MSM into solution so that there are better detoxifying and toxicity mobilizing effects from the MSM, so without alcohol the MSM is not likely to play a significant role in skin cleaning. An alternative you can use is to add the ingredients to water and then add some apple cider vinegar to it. ACV has long been used as a skin rejuvenating tonic and with the other cleaning ingredients can still be effective.
      In health,
      Dr. Bryce

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