The Secrets To Organic Gardening

The Secrets To Organic Gardening

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The Secrets To Organic Gardening – Growing Food Easily Without Chemicals or Pesticides. I will show you some of the secrets I have learned over the last 20 years of planting a simple non-toxic organic food garden. If you are looking to heal yourself, one of the best protocols you can follow is to have “Live Organic Clean Greens” that will have to come from your garden, or a close friend from the farmers market where you can get get plants that have not been assaulted with a variety of toxic chemicals.

It is easy to grow healthy and super nutritious, non-toxic plants of any kind your garden.

The soil must be moist, alive, healthy and full of the bio-available nutrients, digestible organic minerals, live bacteria in the soil, clean water, ample sunlight and a lot of love :))

Our gardens must have these simple ingredients so our gardens and/or planters can grow optimal edible and ornamental plants.

Part 1 (27 min) – I will take you around the garden I have grown easily using the right minerals and simple protocols, and we will also talk about several very important concepts and ideas.

Part 2 (40 min) – I will show you how I plant small veggies and seeds into the garden, and the amendments and nutrients used to grow super healthy plants.

A simple and most important Parable: “Healthy Intestines” are akin to “Healthy Soil”.

Think of the garden soil as you intestines in your body.

So, that means that the garden soil is akin to our own personal intestines and the inner materials of the intestines. Whatever is in there is just like the soil of the inner garden of all of us.

When the garden’s soil is healthy, with all of the necessities that the plants needs to flourish, and not contaminated with petroleum based pesticides, fertilizers, insecticides or other poisons such as fluoride and chlorine that most of use daily in our lives, and should never use in the garden.

If we use these chemicals, synthetics and toxins in our soil it is the number one reason we fail in having a thriving and productive garden.

If your plants have the correct soil amendments and nutrients to get them healthy, and are NOT contaminated with chemicals and synthetics, the plants will not only be able to grow beyond their sub-normal or normal abilities, but they will advance as they were supposed too and replicate to have more seeds for another planting.

Once the soil in your garden and the soil in your intestines are healed, or are optimal, then one of the best parts of healing your soil is that the parasites don’t prey upon the sick plant or person as much.

When your plants are healthy with a super mineralized and nutrient rich soil, most of the simple garden parasites will not eat healthy and mineralized conductive plants grown in a optimal live soil media – having the beyond basics of nutrient life void of the poisons of chlorinated or fluorinated city water – mostly synthetic and/or petroleum based chemical fertilizers.

Most people that attempt to have a garden find out that it is not as easy as it looks. I have gotten frustrated many times due to the garden parasites who ate all the food before I had a chance too.

You can easily and cheaply pick up all of the minerals and organic fertilizer at home depot, or at a garden store that sells specifically for people growing cannabis or garden plants.

I will show you how to start your garden and have success very easily. Once you easily grow and eat from your first garden, you then take this forgotten craft and fine art more seriously for sure. Having a garden is really witnessing the miracle of life everyday.

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Once I made my own garden and small planters for the first time I was hooked. Creating a non-toxic garden take a lot of love and hard work that goes into it. Once the soil is repaired and nurtured then it’s so easy to keep the garden going over and over again.

Plants are a miracle of nature in action with divine intelligence from the seed to unfolding and growing in many different layers of a mature plant producing fruits or vegetables, and then replicating once again back into a seed from which it came from.

I purchased all the supplies from either Home Depot, The Neighborhood Garden Store or commercial nursery. I like to buy only from a commercial nursery or agricultural garden store, because the pricing is much cheaper and the size of the bags are much bigger for the same pricing as the small bags in retail stores or on amazon.

Planters With Organic Herbs
Planters With Organic Herbs

Here are some of the garden minerals and supplies I used:

Organic chicken manure, Dolomite or Oyster Shell (#65 particle size is the size of finely ground dust for better absorption), Calcium Carbonate (or you can use Azomite Rock Dust), Magnesium Sulfate (or Epson salts) and Mycorrhizal Fungi Inoculate Granules.

These can be purchased as well in your local garden store, nursery, Amazon, Walmart or Home Depot – Most hydroponics stores sell all of these products as well.

Mycorrhizal Fungi Inoculate Granules work excellent when diluted in water and spraying your plants directly, or you can buy Mycorrhizal Compost in large bags at your garden store or commercial nurseries everywhere.

If you are making small planters I have given you some links to Amazon, but if you are making a garden of any size then you will want to use the commercial garden nursery. You don’t need a large area to start your garden as I was showing you in the video course.

Hope you enjoy this “The Secrets To Organic Gardening” Video Course ;))

Dr. Robert

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