Intelligent Organic Gardening Using Terrain Modification

Intelligent Organic Gardening Using Terrain Modification

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Intelligent Organic Gardening Using Terrain Modification Protocols, Mini Lecture, and 3 Part Workshop.

Growing a Super Garden is really easy to do, and I show you how I do this in my Garden in Hawaii.

Lots of really good ideas for you to have a “Super Green Thumb” and be super proud of your Garden.

One of the main reasons to have an “Intelligent Organic Garden” is not only for the super nutrition and cleanliness of the food, but the top reason is to be able to have “Super-Powerful Live Food” – anytime you want it, right out of the garden.

In Part 1 we will show you some of the essential elements of an Intelligent Organic Garden ie. fertilizers, supplements/nutrients, soil based organisms, minerals, soil activators, non-toxic pesticides etc.

In Part 2 we are going to show you how to have a super garden without the space of a real garden, and how to use only planters to get a huge amount of food to grow super easily.

Part 3 is learning how I made my Super Intelligent Organic Garden.

The Mini Lecture and Workshops will be very informative to understand the deeper layered concepts of intelligent gardening and health connections.

It’s been about 4 years now having a Real Organic Super Garden. My garden gives me so much food in such a small area.

I really love working, creating, nourishing, caring and harvesting food from my non-toxic gardens. Organic Intelligent Gardening has easily become my most favorite hobby.

Having an Intelligent Organic Super Garden is also a deep pleasure, and it is an honor to see the “Miracle of Life” grow right in front of your eyes through your efforts.

It does take work/love to have a good garden, but it is well worth it for sure.

Most people that have a garden are simply using synthetic fertilizers, fluoridated/chlorinated water, pesticides, insecticides, GMO’s, etc.

The main reason we have a garden is to give us the best possible cleanest, most nutritious non-GMO live foods

The simple fact is if you really want to stay healthy, wealthy, happy and wise and feel great all of the time, then you need to invest in putting time and energy into an Organic Garden.

Live Organic Food out of the garden will make you feel better than you ever have, I guarantee you.

Hope you enjoy this Intelligent Organic Gardening Using Terrain Modification Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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Intelligent Organic Gardening Using Terrain Modification Part 2

Intelligent Organic Gardening Using Terrain Modification Part 3

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