Conductivity In Minerals and Plants

Conductivity In Minerals and Plants

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Aloha all, Minerals are Everything !!! when it comes to cellular functionality. The human body is the same as all other living breathing organisms. All living creatures need the correct fuels to live optimally. Plants need water, sunlight and at least 15 minerals at the bare minimum to stay alive. The body also needs minerals and other elements to survive and or to flourish.

In this video you will see what happens to a tobacco plant with the correct minerals and one that has the incorrect minerals to grow and flourish or not.

The tobacco plant without the added minerals to the soil did not hardly grow at all. Its color is lime green and if you did not see the other tobacco plant you would say it looks sort of normal. Then you take a look at the mineralized soil tobacco plant and you will see that one leaf is bigger than the other tobacco plant. also take a look at the deep green color used to pick up solar plasma in the form of photosynthesis.

The greener you are the more you collect the rays of the sun and grow.

With the correct nourishment you can see how one plant doesn’t even resemble the other plant that was grown from seed and planted exactly at the same time.

So the moral of the story is : Minerals are everything!

Especially for all living creatures especially us human beings.

At Earth Shift Products we have a full line of ionic minerals in liquid form with other many essentials such as living silica, iodine and plenty more to keep healthy and strong.

Ionic trace concentrated minerals is what I use in all of my liquids I drink. I also add the minerals to salad dressings, smoothies and or anything I want to have the essential absorb-able minerals in my foods or beverages. When you are deficient in minerals your body cannot function correctly and in time your body will be de-mineralized and sickness then usually ensues very quickly.

Look at the plant with the minerals versus the one that did not that should give you a good example. The body only absorbs ions – so make sure your minerals are in ionic form if not you are most likely wasting your time trying to absorb minerals if the particles are too big for your body to absorb.

The body needs strong Hydrochloric acid in the stomach to break down the rocks into ionic form if not they cannot be digested easily unless you have powerful beneficial gut wall flora which most people do not have either.

You are what you ”eat, drink, say, hear and do” so be conscious of that.

En-joy :)) Dr r

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Conductivity In Minerals and Plants

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      Aloha Chanel, I have been using many solutions that make plants grow really good or really bad.
      The easiest solution per quart or 32 ounces of solution is :

      All of the products can be purchased at wholesale direct , usually with free shipping too.

      It is important to use the non diluted forms of all of the products. I use all of these same products/minerals for myself and my animals/birds too.

      Earth Shift does not sell diluted products so they are all at full strength compared to most other versions that are diluted massively.

      Here is the recipe I use.
      20 drops magnesium minerals
      2 cap fulls of living silica
      30 drops of fulvic acid infused with boron and zinc
      1/2 tsp of MSM
      2 tbs of your favorite ferment that you are making to eat for yourself. (We show you how to make in the Ferments playlist section)
      1/4 tsp of organic sugar ( this feeds the ferment microbes that you are adding to the recipe)

      Use organic fertilizer only ( I use chicken manure or other manure from a clean source) every 2-3 weeks.

      I use a Home Depot sprayer from the paint department.

      Spray the solution (about 4-5 sprays per small plants or more on larger ones) on drip line of the plants or mix in the soil. I like to add calcium carbonate and or dolomite to the soil or put on top of the soil and then spray the solution on the rock dust every 2-3 weeks or as needed.

      Its all an experiment and work in progress so try different plants with different concentrations and so forth.

      This is my simple recipe. I have done many videos on this subject: in the “Garden Series playlist” or “Live Food” playlist”

      I just spray them

      :)) Dr Robert

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