How I Use Amygdaline for Maintenance and Therapy

How I Use Amygdaline for Maintenance and Therapy

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How I Use Amygdaline for Maintenance and Therapy – Amygdaline is a natural compound found in over 1200 plants. Amygdaline compounds are a natural therapy has been well studied for over 100 years. This treatment is not approved by the FDA. Why is b17 banned in the US?

Health food stores had stopped selling B-17 in the form of apricot seeds in 2002, due to armed raids.

The F.D.A. openly banned apricot seeds and laetrile extracts, because they had been published as a cure for cancer. Curing cancer is illegal in America.

Synthetic forms of Amygdaline:

Laetrile is a partly man made (synthetic) form of the natural substance found in plants called amygdaline.

Amygdaline is a plant substance found in raw nuts and the seeds of many fruits, particularly apricot pips or kernels. This brilliant substance is also found in many plants like lima beans, millet, clover, sorghum and many other plants as we will talk more about in this course.

Some people call synthetic laetrile; vitamin B17 – although it isn’t a vitamin, but it closely resembles the B vitamin, but it is actually an enzyme.

Some of the other common names used are:

  • Mandelonitrile beta D gentiobioside
  • Mandelonitrile beta glucuronide
  • Laevorotatory
  • Purasin
  • Amygdalina
  • Nitriloside

These are a few names that are used for the bitter seeds that contain B17 or amygdalin, amygdaline, neoamygdalin, laetrile, nitrilosides.

This is another compound of which there is debate and controversy (similar to vitamin B15). On the one hand it is considered as miraculous plant compound that prevents cancer or parasitic infestation, on the other hand (in the U.S.) is prohibited and is considered as a poison.

Do you homework yourself and make your own choices when possibly looking to try any therapy that has controversy.

I have seen amazing results personally and from many patients and friends from these types of therapies that are controversial such as Amygdaline, Terpenes, Sodium Bicarbonate, MMS, Electrical Pulse Technologies, Ozone/Oxygen therapy using IV and also oral administration of 03 or food grade H2O2, Strong Bitter Herbs, Cannabis, Shamanic Plant Entheogens, Fasting, Enemas, Cellular and Intestinal Detoxification and Rejuvenation protocols, etc.

There are many studies for you to research on the internet.

As you will see in your investigations, there is much controversy over Amygdaline (natural forms) versus Lateral (Semi synthetic forms). There has been a big coverup on this very effective therapy as you will read in many articles.

These are the dosages I have used and have learned over the years (these are my personal protocols, so please do your own homework and see how other people have used this therapy and the benefits and side-effects they received).

Part 2 has the all the protocols I have used in the “Maintenance and Therapeutic” levels.

Please do your homework and research on this amazing therapy for many parasitic ailments.

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Hope you enjoy this “How I Use Amygdaline for Maintenance and Therapy” Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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