Neurogenesis Activation Through Body and Mind

Neurogenesis Activation Through Body and Mind

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Neurogenesis Activation Through Body and Mind – Neurogenesis has been one of my favorite areas to personally work on in my world. I will show you some ways to rebuild your nervous system, followed by a group workshop on the grass to show you some simple ways to stimulate the nervous system with intensity to rebuild itself.

In part 2 of the video one our facilitators, Trevor Wilson, will show us these essential techniques that is so simple and easy when practiced consistently. “Rebuilding and Evolving” our Nervous systems is the main directive in this lecture.

We must ask ourselves: “What is meant by “Neurogenesis” or the “Rebuilding and Evolving” of our nervous system.

Our nervous system is the thousands of miles of life force conduit, wires and hoses that let us exist in our bodies of flesh. The nervous system is where all system originate from and get their command. The nervous system can be rebuilt, or it can be assaulted to fall apart as well.

Our bodies are all very innately intelligent when it is not toxic, dehydrated, poisoned, de-mineralized, silently stressed or assaulted mentally and emotionally with many varieties of unknown unharmonious artificial energies like WI-FI, all wireless/bluetooth technologies, EMF’s, computer/TV screens and invisible electrical energies or digital transmissions etc.

This course and information is very important for people to understand. How to breath correctly to stimulate the body to entrain itself to be healthy and vital, and build “CHI”.

How Do We Rebuild Our “Nervous System?”.

The body can be stimulated to regrow and rebuild itself. Have the correct conductive minerals/nutrition, and don’t forget intense physical stimulation in the form of exercise. The Nervous System is stimulated by intensity and NOT stress.

I had many deficiencies in this area from multiple accidents I had earlier on in my life. Regenerating not only the physical body (that was just a start) because the rest of the body now have to be upgraded. As you clean up one of the areas of the body the others now need to be overhauled. Some of the bodies are mental, emotional, nervous, physical, muscular, lymph etc.

Again, fasting is one of the best ways to start to reactivate the making of new cells in all parts of the body. This is why I see the miracle of fasting is something to really learn and practice for the rest of your life.

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Hope you enjoy this “Neurogenesis Activation Through Body and Mind” Video 🙂

Dr. Robert

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Neurogenesis Activation Through Body and Mind

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