Neurogenesis Activation Through Body and Mind

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Aloha all, this is part of series of lectures that has to do with the regeneration of new nerves. Neruo genesis has been one of favorite areas for me to personally work on in my world.

”Rebuilding and Evolving” our Nervous systems is the ”main directive” in this lecture.

This is a 2 part video .. Part 1 of this video is a little lecture and then part 2 is to share with people one way also to stimulate the bodies nerves to regenerate and regrow out in our front yard in the grass. Trevor Wilson is one of our Interns here in Hawaii at the retreat he is going to be our volunteer to show us this essential technique that is so simple and easy when practiced for a short while.

I had many deficiencies in this area from my multiple accidents that I had earlier on in my life. Regenerating not only the physical body … that was just a start … because the rest of the bodies now have to be upgraded as you clean up one of the areas of the body then the others now need to be overhauled.

We all have many bodies to clean up and rebuild. Te mental, emotional, nervous, physical, muscular, lymph etc.

Fasting again is one of the best ways to start to reactivate the making of new cells in all parts of the body. This is why I see the miracle of fasting is something to really learn and practice for the rest of your life.

:)) Enjoy

Dr r

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