Lymphatic System Series

Introduction To Lymphatic System Detoxification

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Lymphatic System Series – Primary Elimination Channel.

Lymphatic System Series – The Lymphatic System is one of the chief filters / cleaners of the body / mind that is very important to keep clean and free of debris. Loss of flow to this important filter can leave you with a variety of sickness / dysfunction both of the body and mind.

Toxicity, chemicals, pesticides, plastics, parasites, calcium oxalate’s that find their way into all areas of the body etc. clog the lymph systems ability to properly function.

We are going to over some very important topics and we have added many visuals for you understand better.

Part 2 is a hands on visual workshop to share with people a variety of different ways to start to soften and break down the accumulated debris and toxicities. There is a beginning, intermediate and advanced protocols to learn.

One of the most important areas to learn is to soften and return the lymph and other connective tissues back to a more flexible softening up the hardened tissues.

We are going have some of the participants of the Hawaiian 21 day retreat be volunteering to learn and share.

The Lymphatic System is the king of detoxing and keeping us young and healthy. If you are overweight then for sure your lymphatic system is definitely clogged and sluggish to some degree.

The lymph is the drain to the bodies filters that clean us daily. If these filters are clogged then we get toxic and sick very easily.

Even if you are overweight by 15 pounds that most likely means that your lymph / immune system is weak and clogged too ( which by the way about 230 million people in the USA are 15 pounds toxic or overweight ).  I have lost about 40 pounds of contaminates, parasites, toxins and just plain clogged debris in my body and my mind.

Multiple techniques are needed to restore back normal flow and health of the lymph filters. Rebuilding the body and mind is one of the worthiest virtues anyone could have.

There are so many chemicals and poisons in our world so it is time to learn where these hidden toxicities are in our households, foods, drinks and environment. Negotiating the toxicity is the game at hand – clarity comes to a clean “Body and Mind”.

I will tell what it takes… it takes us as a species to clean up our bodies and then our minds, and reconnect back to the world that is a miracle we call “Nature”.

Are you ready to rebuild yourself?

Take the leap of faith that living a non toxic or less toxic and smarter life will aid you in many ways more than you could imagine.

Learn the “Terrain Modification Principles” is a must to live healthier in this world that is so dysfunctional and toxic. Our planet that we live on is truly a miraculous place indeed.

You are what you “Eat, Drink, Say, Hear and Do” so be very conscious of that.

Hope you enjoy these Lymphatic System Series Videos :))

Dr. Robert

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Lymphatic System Series Part 2 with Dr. Robert Cassar

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  1. I was born with raging Lymphedema, weighing 9.13 pounds… this was in 1941 just before Pearl Harbor. So I finally found practitioners to help me melt the mucus and move the lymph! I regret my lowincome status prevents my membership, but it’s good to know this work is available.

    1. Hi Allorrah!
      Sorry to hear of your health issue, but I’m glad you found some help! Membership does have that initial expense, but the wealth of information you get is priceless. Additionally you’ll get access to content not shown to the public making it quite the value in the long run of things.
      In health,
      Dr. Bryce

  2. What is the name of the tool Dr. c was using in his video. I would like to buy one for myself. Is it on earth shift? I would like the one you hit yourself with. Rubber with the little porcupine spikes. Lol that sounds so funny but anyway I’d like to have one. Thx.

    1. I don’t have the exact name of it but you can hopefully find it by searching for body bonger, or bonger massage tool. I also recommend for lymphatic drainage a hand held massage rolling tool, as well as a rubber spiked massage ball.

      All the best,
      Dr. Bryce

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