Sunday Morning Detoxification Using The FIR Sauna

Sunday Morning Detoxification Using The FIR Sauna

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Sun-day is Spa-day My Morning Detoxification Using the FIR Sauna and Informative Mini Lecture.

If you are new to Terrain Modification then you are in for a treat, and if you are not new – then you are going to still learn the deeper layers of Terrain Modification with this ‘Detoxification Using The FIR Sauna’ Video.

We are going to have a very informative and packed full of of NEW info and mini lecture on the FIR sauna and some of the protocols that I do and you may want to try in time.

We are  going to show you protocols in this video from head to toe. In time you will want to keep trying the protocols.

It is excellent for you to watch these videos several times and each time you watch them you will be able to learn and understand more and more.

Just the info in this video is a life changer if you are ready to try something new. Are you “Ready to Change” it up ??


Why are we going to do what we are going to do with Terrain Modification? The “Philosophy” or what I like to call the “Understandings” is a must to learn and then practicing the protocols makes much more sense.

We are going to go over some of the tools that I use in the sauna and some of the protocols that I have been using for years.

We are also going to show you how I am going to make some of the elixir of probiotic bacteria which are essential to have a healthy intestinal tract.

Please watch our other videos we have on our private site to see how to make Probiotic Bacteria and never pay for probiotics ever again. This is a secret that you want to learn how to add your DNA to your bacteria that you are harvesting daily to drink.

I call these essential good ”Bacteria” your Military that is going to  keep you healthy, wealth, happy and wise.

I guarantee these protocols will upgrade, enhance and optimize your world for the better.

We all need to start somewhere and If you have a FIR sauna then this tool is a beautiful detoxification tool if used correctly and following the Skin Cleaning / Detoxing / Re-Lubricating protocols with the Mineralized Vodka Solutions we show you how to make and use.

Detoxification is a must to learn especially before you are sick and tired from being usually toxic and full of creatures that we call parasites.

As you can see my skin is very see through and you can see my muscles and veins through my skin. This is healthy tissue visually and also the thin skin keeps the body from accumulating debris that gets stuck / clogged in our lymphatic systems and we call that body fay or sickness.

If you are overweight at all or one of the 240 million people in the USA that are 15 pounds overweight or what I would call toxic and plugged would greatly benefit form these Terrain Modification Protocols.

We have many videos in our in the sauna category of Terrain Modification. There are many protocols to learn and practice in the sauna. The sauna does take time to have your body start to open up and unclog the pores and skin. Usually it will take about 20 sessions in the FIR sauna so you can have the sauna start doing maximum benefit learning the Skin Cleaning / Detox / Rejuvenation Protocols.

This cutting edge information that you are going to practice and learn is very different than what you have heard most likely before.

Keep enjoying the journey,

:)) Dr r

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Sunday Morning Detoxification Using The FIR Sauna

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