MSM Lemon Charcoal Anti Inflammatory Drink

MSM Lemon Charcoal Anti Inflammatory Drink

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MSM Lemon Charcoal Anti Inflammatory Drink – Liquids of Vitality Mini Lecture and Recipe.

This is another “Liquid of Vitality” recipe that is very special to help support Anti-inflammation, Detox and Rejuvenation, all in one drink.

It is one of my favorites for inflammation of the joints, or just inflammation in general, and is an important mini lecture to help “Connect the Dots” to many of the other videos that we have previously produced.

“Chronic Inflammation” is always the precursor to most sickness’s, versus health and wellness not having inflammation.

If you are not familiar with the Liquids of Vitality Courses.

We have produced many different recipes to help support different types of needs.

One of the ways I have found out, through my personal direct experience, and the 100K’s of people from around the world that have had fantastic results with the “Terrain Modification” intermittent and block liquid fasting to become healthier and more vital with non GMO super mineralized liquids.

Liquid Fasting is one of the Terrain Modification Principles and Practices, and is one of the easiest ways to reset your body and mind.

I usually recommend people that really want to get results fast to look at our “Health Retreat Interviews“.

The Simple Version of the “Liquids of Vitality Fast” is:

  • Drink “as much” as you can of the liquids of vitality – as you like throughout the day.
  • Try to get at least 150 ounces of a variety of the Liquids of Vitality.
  • In the evening then have a simple preferably raw and organic non-GMO meal.

Make sure to study our 21 Day Liquids of Vitality Courses.

Drinking Super Mineralized Non-GMO Liquids only for 21 days – This will massively upgrade for the better and change your life in many ways.

Remember the body is only 18 gallons of salt water – a big water bottle we call a body.

We are going to be using MSM and a variety of other minerals which is really bitter, but so good for you.

We will show you how to disguise the bitter flavor with Lemon, a variety of Spices, Stevia and Earth Shift Products Coconut Aminos.

Here’s the Recipe I like to use:

Optional: If this recipe does not taste sweet enough for your liking then you can add organic Stevia adding zero calories to your drink

I like to blend this drink on high speed for 30 seconds, and this elixir will be super creamy and bowel moving for sure.

The organic spices we add really potentiates this drink in many ways.

This is my personal recipe I have used for over 15 years, so you may want to experiment with this recipe if you are really toxic and clogged.

Any of the Liquids of Vitality drinks is an excellent to replace a cooked food meal of the day, and they will super hydrate yourself with these elixirs.

You may have loose stools from this if you are quite toxic so just decrease the recipe strength.

Also, make sure to get an Earther Kitchen to assist with your Terrain Modification.

Everything in Life is all a “Work in Progress”.

You are what you “Eat, Drink, Say, Hear and Do” so be conscious of that.

Hope you enjoy this MSM Lemon Charcoal Anti Inflammatory Drink Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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MSM Lemon Charcoal Anti Inflammatory Drink

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      Hi Ronan!

      Charcoal will still have a good detoxification effect on the intestines, even when you mix it into another recipe. If you want to get the full effect of charcoal you would take it as a stand-alone. Be careful not taking too much charcoal at one time if you do not dilute it. I would only take 1-2 capsules at a time to try to make yo are ok with that.


      Dr. Robert

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