Lemon Cayenne Detoxification Drink

Lemon Cayenne Detoxification Drink

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This Lemon Cayenne Detoxification Drink is another Effective “Liquid of Vitality”, that will really support cleaning out the small and large intestinal debris.

Part 1 is a short intro and then we will show you the recipe I use in part 2.

Parasites and accumulated debris do not like the ingredients of this Super Lemon Cayenne Detox Elixir.

I did this video back in 2011 when I used to have hair down to my middle back.

Wow… We have all evolved over the last 5 years so much.

In this recipe we are going to use some organic solvents, minerals and nutrients, in combination, that are totally natural and very effective to reduce a lot of the debris that has accumulated in the small and large intestines.

I have changed many of the protocols over the past 5 years since this video was created.

I now use Organic Stevia ( zero calories for the sugar microbes ) instead of the sugars that I use to add to many of the Liquids of Vitality.

I try to reduce my intake of all glucose now, so that’s why I use the Organic Stevia instead of any added sugars.

I have done many videos on these ideas and concepts on: What parasites are eating inside of you that you feed them?

These liquids will support dissolving, washing and re-mineralizing your intestinal debris.

Enjoy Part 1 and then you will be you are ready to watch the Workshop Recipe.

Here is my Personal Lemon Cayenne Detoxification Recipe to support cleaning out the parasitic and intestinal debris, that we all have in us, accumulated over time.

This special Elixir Drink is packed with Super Cleaning / Detox Power, so take it slow at first and see how this recipe goes with your intestines and bowel movements.

Most people are loaded up with accumulated toxicity, parasitic debris and creatures in the small and large intestines.

Lemon Cayenne Detoxification Drink Recipe

Basic Drink:

Advanced Drink Add:

Blend on high for 20 – 30 seconds.

Optional: I do not use to much sugar any longer in my diet. Adding sugar to this drink is the bait for the bad creatures to eat with the hot cayenne and other nutrients we add. If you want to make this into a ketogenic drink without the sugar then add 5 – 10 drops of our Organic Stevia to substitute the sugar.

Good Organic Stevia is hard to find because most brands are processed incorrectly and have chemicals in them.

So, be careful using cheap white powder stevia or the ones that are made by alcohols.

This elixir is a very potent intestinal cleanse, so you can always change the recipe up or down depending on your health / wellness / desires.

Again, I would start out with 1/2 tsp first of the organic cayenne for your first drink you make.

You may have several bowel movements in 1 – 4 hours from drinking this elixir.

All of the products used in this recipe can be purchased at a large discount from earthshiftproducts.com who always has available worldwide shipping.

I always suggest all students learning Health and Wellness and to practice the Terrain Modification Protocols, Practices and Principles found here on Earther Academy.

Our theme is to aid you in Detoxification and Rejuvenation, which we call the “Terrain Modification Lifestyle”.

Please refer to the Liquids of Vitality and Ferments sections as well.

Hope you enjoy this Lemon Cayenne Detoxification Drink Video Course and keep enjoying the Journey :))

Dr. Robert

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Lemon Cayenne Detoxification Drink Part 2

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