Importance of Unwinding The Body and Mind

Importance of Unwinding The Body and Mind

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Importance of Unwinding The Body and Mind is a private exercise philosophy course with simple practical ideas, concepts and disciplines you will want to add to your exercise and stretching program.

I have had several serious debilitating injuries over the last 57 years, and are some of the major reasons I learn a lot of these protocols to heal myself.

I am going to show you many of secrets I have found for over 40 years of personal research and experimentation. We will discuss many ideas in the areas of exercise maintenance, strength or rehabilitation protocols.

STRESS KILLS and “Intensity Re-Grows and re-Builds” the Body and Mind.

This simple beginning course is an excellent start for all health and wellness practitioners. Part of this course is a philosophical lecture and then some hands on pointers and personal protocols I do daily, or most of the time twice a day.

Even if you are an intermediate to advanced person – having discernment, reason and logic – listening and watching many teachers with different points of views is very good for you in order to educate yourself, and start your personal responsibility we all owe ourselves for the life that has been given to us.

Some of these ideas and concepts may be new simple cutting edge protocols to get you over the hump, and are excellent to put into your “Detoxification, Rejuvenation and Evolutionary Lifestyles”.

I would have to say that “philosophy” is the most important part of teaching people the magic word… WHY? It is always the big question of learning and not just “Following Orders” blindly.

It is inspiration, reason and logic that are the key factors to follow through consistently with a health and wellness “Self Education System”. At first, anything we do is difficult to learn, but once we start to learn new activities and practice them for a few weeks I guarantee you will love to unwind yourself daily.

Am I just following people without reason and discernment, or am I following ideas, concepts, disciplines, protocols, pointers etc. because the information makes some sort of sense (with a lot of non-sense) we all have and have been told. Always ask yourself these questions πŸ™‚

I like to watch TV, documentaries and pod casts etc. when I stretch or exercise at home or at the gym. Music is good too, but there is so much to learn I always try to use my time very wisely since there just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything I want to do.

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Hope you enjoy this “Importance of Unwinding The Body and Mind” Video Course πŸ™‚

Dr. Robert

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Importance of Unwinding The Body and Mind

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