Healing Wrinkles and Skin Fungus Using Fulvic Acid and Lugol's Iodine

Healing Wrinkles and Skin Fungus Using Fulvic Acid and Lugol’s Iodine

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Do you have Premature Wrinkles, Bad Skin, Sagging Skin, Clogged and Large Pores, Skin Fungus, Parasites, Dandruff and/or Scleroderma? Then this Healing Wrinkles and Skin Fungus Video Course is for you.

Is there was a way to take away years of accumulated hard old skin and toxicity in just a few months without a surgical facelift?

If that was true that would be amazing!

Part 1 is an informative mini lecture, and part 2 we are going to have a hands on workshop on these amazing protocols, practices and proven principles for detox and rejuvenation of the skin and pores.

We all have accumulated internally and externally parasites / toxicity in our lifetimes.

Even if we are young I still see much skin damage from all of the makeup, chlorine, fluoride, skin creams, UV skin protectors, perfumes, chemicals, petroleum from makeup or environmentally in the air.

Our skin is one of most beautiful organs we all own and need to learn ow to take care of for sure.

Wrinkles and clogged pores are not only on the outside of the body, but we holograph how we feel about ourselves mentally and emotionally through our skin and pores too.

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is fairest / youthful / youngest looking of them all?”

Remember, our skin is beautiful when we are young and vital. How would you like to reduce your hardened skin and clogged pores like it used to be not to long ago?

This video is about Healing Wrinkles and Skin Fungus Using Fulvic Acid and Lugol’s Iodine

Some products to purchase wholesale for the skin protocols:

Try to always buy the concentrated forms of these minerals and products.

Beware of the internet charlatans.

We do not dilute any of the products so be careful to buy from a reputable company that does not dilute the product.

Hope you enjoy this Healing Wrinkles and Skin Fungus Using Fulvic Acid and Lugol’s Iodine Video Course and keep enjoying the Journey :))

Dr. Robert

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Healing Wrinkles and Skin Fungus Using Fulvic Acid and Lugol's Iodine Part 2

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    1. Post

      Aloha Tony, we are working on getting more Gwashing spoons that work well for Earthshiftproducts.com We usually have the Jade tools but they are easy to break if you drop them.

      You do need a variety of tools for various protocols. I use a variety of Chinese soup spoons both plastic and porcelain or you can look up on amazon for a Bull Horn spoons.

      :)) Dr Robert

  1. Dear Dr. Cassar,
    My son is 6 years of age. He has an infection or eczema on this sole from heel to toes. He has had them since he was 2 years and we have tried different kinds of therapy like homeopathy to just applying constant moisturizer but it has not improved. He feels itchy at night and we do apply a cream.
    Please let me know a way forward and how to send you pictures of the same.
    Thank you,

    1. Post

      Aloha Gagan,

      Please send the picture to my email drrobert@eartheracademy.com so i can take a look at it. I will add this idea for a future video workshop and course on foot fungus and or other skin anomalies of the feet and hands effective protocols/therapies.

      Take a watch of some ideas I share with on this 7 hour course on foot detoxification and rejuvenation.

      Learn the skin and pore cleaning, detoxification and rejuvenation category on Earther Academy for other protocols and skin recipes.

      I have had great success with the vodka mineralized recipe for skin cleaning – soaking the feet in this solution is usually a good start – ( watch the videos to get some ideas ) and then following the daily re-lubrication and protective protocols with coconut oil – cacao butter – Ionic magnesium minerals and silica all found in the recommended products list at eartheracademy.com

      Mostly all shoes are super toxic and the laundry detergent we use is too. Once the foot/skin is inflamed then sometime the toxicity in the shoes or perfumed laundry detergents on the skin causes more assaults to slow down any healing.

      So I would always recommend washing your shoes first if you buy new ones because of the toxic chemicals all shoes when they are new.


      :)) Dr. Robert

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