Exercising Without Money

Exercising Without Money

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Exercising Without Money? Let’s say you have money to exercise, or have the freedom to exercise at a gym – then do you have the desire to exercise?

Do you live in the rural areas where they just don’t have gymnasiums with weights equipment to use? This video should be very inspirational for everyone.

Mateo is 25 years old and designed and created his own home gym. He is going to show some of his stretching and exercise routines.

Mateo and Satori have been on the Terrain Modification Protocols for several years, and have not had flesh or blood for many years of any kind of animal, bird or fish.

Wait until you see how “Flexible and Strong” this young whipper snapper is :))

In Part 1 Mateo is going to show you some of the exercise, balancing and strengthening exercise equipment he created made from junk and scrap material.

In Part 2 I am going to show you my personal home regeneration gym that I put together buying my specific simple equipment instead of making it.

I am also going to show you my Earther Kitchen and share a short Mini Lecture.

Please see this course as well: Dr. Robert Cassar’s Personal Earth Shift Kitchen.

Exercising is only 1 is one of the 50 Terrain Modification departments.

Consistent smart intense exercise and stretching is one of the ways to detoxify, rejuvenate and unwind yourself, but if you don’t learn hydration, detoxification and rejuvenation protocols then the exercise does not help you as much as you think.

The average gym membership is about 400 dollars a year, and if you didn’t have the money what can you do? And, if you did have the money and didn’t want to go to the gym then this is what I use.

Mateo and his wife Satori are the caretakers and foreman of our Ranch property at 4000ft in the mountains.

This 60 acre farm is deep in the country, so if you want to workout with some type of equipment then you need to be creative and make your own.

Earther Academy is our private platform with my personal detoxification and rejuvenation protocols, practices and principles that I learned over the past 40 years of research and experimentation. Also, a clinical Doctor for over 14 years and 40 years of research and experimentation.

The cutting edge information we share on our private website are mostly protocols, practices and principles of the deeper layers of Terrain Modification and are too sensitive for YouTube and other social media sites.

One of the prime directives of Earther Academy is to enhance, upgrade and optimize everything we can in our lives.

Becoming your own Doctor” is a very trending Idea that most people and families are wanting to learn and practice.

Taking your first steps to Getting Started is learning and navigating many areas in your life.

At EarthShiftProducts.com you can purchase many of the hard to find organic superfoods, ionic minerals, detoxification products and many essential health and wellness products.

All products sold at Earth Shift are at a large discount with free shipping over $75 in the 48 states and we ship worldwide.

The Earther Kitchen Essentials For Beginners is a great video for you to watch as well.

There are many tools that a “Master Carpenter” has in their tool bag to help create beauty and creative designs with material objects.

Same concepts applies to your Earth Shift Kitchen and Household for “Health and Wellness”.

Remember, life is a constant “Work in Progress” especially with the body and the mind.

We have 100’s of people from around the world that have really benefited from these self taught cutting edge philosophies and practices we call “Terrain Modification”.

Hope you enjoy this “Exercising Without Money” Video Course πŸ™‚

Dr. Robert

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Exercising Without Money Part 2

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