Drinking Liquids Mini Lecture

Drinking Liquids Mini Lecture

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Drinking Liquids – How I drink correctly and very important Mini Lecture. Liquids are the key to Vitality and Health – I cannot stress that enough, and properly drinking liquids is very important.

Liquids is going to be your ”Savoir” when you learn that your body is a 18 gallon salty water bottle.

We are ”Liquid Beings” and if you / we are sick in the body or the mind then most likely you / we are deficient in many of the terrain modification departments.

There are over 50 departments to learn and practice.  Taking baby steps is the basis of learning all of these new cutting edge techniques.

Here are some of the simple protocols, disciplines and practices that I do personally and share with people who want to really get healthy. We are not just talking about drinking water.

We are talking about drinking a variety of liquids we call the “Liquids of Vitality”. We have many videos on YouTube that show a variety of Breakfast Teas and Cold Extract Herbs. I am going to show you my liquids that I am using for the day and just about everyday.

All I can say that I was very sick and tired before I learned these protocols and we have 35 years research in these practices with 10’s of thousands of people helping us refine the protocols.

All Disease Start In The Gut – Hippocrates

This simple phrase is a necessity to understand and navigate. In time we are all becoming sick / tired / dis-ease because of toxic and parasitic accumulation.

These liquids are not only going to re-nutrify us but they are also going to help us massively with detoxification and parasitic colony reduction.

The next step is to rebuild and regenerate the areas that we have assaulted with GMO’s, chemicals, toxins, chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, pharmaceuticals which are synthetic chemicals.

We are also going to also talk about some cold extract herbs and how to take these very detoxing and purifying cold extract herbs.

Learning the “Terrain Modification” protocols are going to change your life for sure. Make sure you ask your doctor if you can get healthy by using liquids and learning what I call a “Super Natural Lifestyle”.

In time you will want to try the Blood Free Diet. I have been Blood Free for over 12 years right now, and it is one of the best Game Changers that you will do.

Parasites live in the blood and flesh as you will see when you stop eating blood and flesh.

Make sure you get a Earther Kitchen so you can make all of the Probiotics, Ferments, Smoothies, Condiments, Minerals, Detoxification Supplies, Shower Filters, Liquids of Vitality etc.

Hope you enjoy this Drinking Liquids Mini Lecture Video :))

Dr. Robert

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Drinking Liquids Mini Lecture

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