Cranial Facial Release For Sinus Cleansing

Cranial Facial Release For Sinus Cleansing

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In this course Dr. Nick Tancheff, Medical Director at the Earther Academy Hawaiian Retreats, will explain and demonstrate the sinus anatomy and specific treatments to stretch open the the 3 sinus, or air passage cavities, using a pressurized “Balloon Technique” through the nose.

This treatment is called “Cranial Facial Release”, and is specifically designed to open up narrowed or obstructed sinus cavities. This protocol is excellent to reduce facial stress and nasal pressures.

Nasal Cavities
Nasal Cavities

The ballooned instrument is gently inserted deep into the lower sinus cavity, and is now in position to pressurize the lower sinus.

Dr. Nick will also be using a very powerful and strong amazonian herb called “Sananga”.

This tribal and ancient eye cleansing protocol is to be used in both eyes as a detoxification and healing therapy, not only for the eyes as it also affects the drainage of the sinus cavities.

These two therapies are part of the Earther Academy 21 Day Retreats, along with many others workshops you will learn and practice while you are here for the 21 days of “Renewing, Rebuilding and Resetting” yourself.

Dr. Nick will perform these super powerful and life changing therapies on myself (Dr. Robert Cassar) and the entire 21 Day Retreat Participants.

Both therapies are quite painful (only for a very short time) since these potent therapies open up, stretch and manipulate (un-fixate) the inner bones of the nose, turbinates, sinus cavities and sphenoid areas as well as purging the eye tissues with Sananga.

Most people have never heard of these types of therapies before, and Dr. Nick and I will introduce to you to these fantastic life changing therapies.

Benefits of “Cranial Facial Release”.

  • Immediate increased nasal air/much better breathing through the nose.
  • Decreased snoring or dry mouth while sleeping.
  • Decreased or healed sinus clogging/ear infections.
  • Decreased temporal headaches/migraines.
  • Improved pineal and pituitary function.
  • Facial movements are less tense.
  • Nonsurgical and very safe by an experienced practitioner.

Skull and Facial Bones.

The skull is a perfectly fitted complexity of 22 bones that are subdivided into eight cranial bones and 14 facial bones, and this therapy definitely realigns many of these cranial and facial bones.

These 22 individual bones of the skull and face are all supposed to move a little every time we breathe in and out.

If these delicate moving facial and facial bones do not move correctly with one another, we can have a variety of symptoms from headaches, sinus infections, breathing problems, snoring, etc.

Dr. Robert Cassar getting a Cranial Facial Release (CFR)
Dr. Robert Cassar getting a Cranial Facial Release (CFR)

This specific therapy helps these delicate bones to slightly move a little bit under pressure, to release their scared or calcified positions from injuries or prior sinus infections.

The cranial and facial bones can be easily damaged through the birthing canal, or any type of acute injuries to the face or nose.

My Personal Experience.

In my lifetime I have had 5 broken noses and several facial injuries from motorcycle, car accidents, wrestling and martial arts.

I had my nose corrected with nasal surgeries 3 times to correct my difficulty in breathing, due to my damaged air passageways that were narrowed or blocked from injuries.

The nasal surgeries only helped a little at first, but after a few months the surgery made my breathing worse, along with increased nasal scar tissue that made it impossible to breathe well while exercising or sleeping.

Once I was treated with the Cranial Facial Pressurized Ballooning Technique my breathing was miraculously easier when I exercised or slept – no more snoring for me 🙂

The treatment does feel very uncomfortable, and could be quite painful for a few seconds. But after the pressure is released the pain or discomfort is immediately gone.

Many people will feel immediate release in the sinus to be able to breath again freely and easily.

I have used these facial and eye release therapies in my private practice for many years with excellent results usually in just 1 treatment.

How Deep Is The Balloon Inserted Into The Nasal Cavity?

The balloon is inserted approximately 3 inches deep into the nasal cavity, into 1 of the 3 sinus cavities.

Once the unpressurized balloon is in the correct position, the bulb is pumped a few times to get the balloon seated deep into the canal.

When the balloon is pumped up to a higher pressure the pressure valve is released, and this cycle is repeated several times until the final pumping with max pressure, which is a quick and much stronger pressure in the balloon. This is where you will feel a lot of internal face pressure, and this part of the therapy is where the balloon pressure is most intense.

The pain is very intense but very short lasting. Once the balloon is depressurized, the pain stopped for me immediately.

When the balloon was pumped up to max pressure I heard a lot of cracking, crunching and a potent release in my face and sinus cavities.

This procedure unlocked a lot of the areas of my sinus that were either blocked or narrowed by injury.

The Results Are Immediate.

The results of this therapy are either immediately or within a few hours. The pain is only for a few seconds and is worth any bit of discomfort.

My immediate results were – Breathing 80% better than just a few minutes ago. My sinus drained for about an hour or so. I had a small amount of blood come out in the tissue while blowing my nose but the results were excellent for me in every aspect.

Sometimes you will hear a lot of crunching in the sinus usually along with a lot of thick mucous or sometimes blood will come out of the nasal or throat areas for a few minutes.

Sananga Eye Medicine

Amazonian Sananga
Amazonian Sananga

“Amazonian Sananga” is a Super Powerful Eye and Sinus Medicine.

Sananga is made from the juice extracted of the roots and bark of the Tabernaemontana shrub. Some of the indigenous people have named this plant “Mata Heins”. This plant is from the “Milkwood” species from the plant family called “Apocynaceae”.

This medicine is used for cleansing of the eyes, and as a sacred potent medicine for healing physical ailments and activating and connecting the spiritual mind.

The plant is a bushy tree from the amazon regions. Sanaga has been utilized by the Kaxinawa Indians and many other tribes for centuries as a healing medicine for the eyes.

From inside its roots, a juice is extracted, which is utilized to cure the Panemas (spiritual diseases) according to the Amazonian Tribes.

Its active principle in Sanaga is “Ibogaine” and is a very powerful known substance in the shamans world.

Dr. Robert Cassar after a Sananga Session
Dr. Robert Cassar after a Sananga Session

If ingested, it will be absorbed into the bloodstream and could very possible go into a deep state of psychoactive deep trance to connect with other non-physical worlds.

Using Sanaga in the eye does not give you any psychoactive effects, as if you were to take this substance internally, many claim to its psychoactive power. So, this entheogenic plant and many other plants of the amazonian jungle are used in shamanism for many cultures around the planet.

Benefits of Sananga Eye Medicine

  • Prevents and has helped with diseases like cataracts, dry eyes, glaucoma, astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness.
  • Supports detoxing the eyes and sinus cavities from toxins, parasites and clogged ducts.
  • Stimulates blood flow in the sinus and eye areas.
  • Simulated activity of the Pineal Gland and airway passages while exercising or sleeping.
  • Non-surgical and very safe when using a safe protocol, and an experienced practitioner.

I like to have both of these therapies done once every 6 months or so, to help keep my sinus cavities open and eyes cleansed.

Always have an experienced practitioner!

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Hope you enjoy this “Cranial Facial Release For Sinus Cleansing” Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

Recommended Study:

Medicinal Roots of the Tabernaemontana Genus

While the two species used most commonly for sananga haven’t been researched as thoroughly, the Tabernaemontana genus as a whole has been studied since the 1970’s.

Studies on the Tabernaemontana genus have shown the following properties:

This section referenced from the article “Scientific Studies Hint at How Sananga Eye Drops Treat Ocular Diseases“.

Antimicrobial: Studies from 1984 and 2002 show that the species T. pachysiphonand T. angulata have antimicrobial properties effective against a variety of bacteria. The bacteria species targeted include Staphylococcus aureus, which can cause skin infections and respiratory infections, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a notoriously drug-resistant bacteria linked to pneumonia, sepsis, and eye infections in people who wear contact lenses.

Antifungal: A 2009 study showed that extracts of T. stapfiana was effective against a variety of fungi species, including Candida albicans, a yeast that can cause thrush in the mouth and yeast infections in the vagina. While Candida infections are typically easy to treat, the fungus poses risk to people with compromised immune systems.

Anti-inflammatory: A 2003 study showed that T. pandacaqui had fever-reducing and anti-inflammatory qualities and was also quite effective at blocking pain signals.

Antioxidant: The Tabernaemontana genus also has strong antioxidant properties. While nutritional antioxidants are widely known for their value in maintaining general health, ongoing research also suggests antioxidants could play a critical role in preventing age-related ocular problems like cataracts and macular degeneration.

Anti-cancer: Studies dating back to 1977 have shown promising results that Tabernaemontana species could help combat cancer. The African species T. elegans was shown to be particularly effective at killing cancer cells.

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