How To Survive In A Toxic World with Ronnie Landis

How To Survive In A Toxic World with Ronnie Landis

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How to Survive in a Toxic World with Ronnie Landis is a Live Broadcast Video Interview with host Ronnie Landis and is packed with information on the many areas of health and wellness worlds. We all have hidden stress’s that are both physical and non physical so let’s talk about a few of them.

We will be talking about several new topics and a lot of new ideas, concepts and disciplines from Intermittent and Block Liquid Fasting, Live Ferments, Wireless Technologies with a few demonstrations for some people to learn a few new tips and pointers. And, of course “Connecting The Dots” in our self responsibilities to health, wellness and evolutionary journeys ahead.

Most of us know and see we live in a world full of Toxicity, Scarcity, Wireless Technologies, Fake Food, Dogmatic Teachings, Parasites, Sickness, Obesity and forget the Stress of daily life to Survive, and most never even want to try to thrive.

How do we “NAVIGATE” some of these mostly hidden, unseen and not understood physical and non physical assaults?

It is a long interview, but it is definitely worth listening too. So, listen while you are working out, stretching, cleaning the house or are driving to work. I have known Ronnie Landis for about 8 years or so, and we have both grown so much in different ways over that time frame.

Back in December 2016, Ronnie and I did an 80 min podcast called “Terrain Modification & Transforming Your Health with Dr. Robert Cassar” (see videos below) – Please watch both of segments when you get a spare moment.

Time is really flying and it has been almost 2 years since our last interview in Dec 2016, so it is time to update some of our newer “Report of Findings” with this live stream interview. In both of these interviews in 2016 and 2018 there are many golden nuggets for those at the level of receiving these concepts, disciplines and understandings.

So, it is a good idea to go and watch the free videos here on Earther Academy Youtube, and when you’re ready to start your program and learn some of the protocols, practices and principles we call Terrain Modification (that I have personally researched and experimented with for over 40 years), then Signup as an Earther Member.

I will show you the protocols, practices and principles of 50 departments of Terrain Modification that I had to learn and practice personally.

Over the last 10 years we have had at least 100K+ people from around the world, who have taught themselves, learned and practiced “Terrain Modification”, and have had excellent mind and body transformations.

Only 100 years back in time we all used to be our own doctors/teachers/practitioners, inventors, healers, grew our own food, respected the air, lands and rivers and truly cared for one another more than of course right now.

There has been a strong emergence in the mainstream to want to “Re-Learn” this lost art of “Preventative/Longevity Medicine and Self Responsibility”. We can help each other with that virtue at and other sites that want to share their truths and experiential wizdom in health, wellness and evilution.

We will all have to just learn a few new ideas, concepts and disciplines and it will be necessary to practice and gain experience in these areas of detoxification, rejuvenation and self sustainability protocols that gives you hands-on experience in the areas of the “Art of Self Reliance”.

Hopefully we can inspire and take away some of the confusion we see almost everyone has in the health, wellness, mental, emotional and evolutionary mind and body.

Learning and practicing Terrain Modification protocols will help and support you to navigate many of the hidden toxicities, chemicals, biological booby traps, wireless transmissions, vaccines etc.

Most of us know we are living in a toxic world with many different types of physical and non-physical pollutions and/or assaults affecting us 24/7 and of course 365 days a year. Most of these assaults are either known or unknown.

Recommended Course and Categories: Becoming Your Own Doctor, Water, Ferments, Rethinking Reality and Fasting.

Hope you enjoy this “Terrain Modification and Transforming Your Health with Ronnie Landis” Video Interview :))

Dr. Robert

See Ronnie Landis Here:

Dr. Robert Cassar & Ronnie Landis: How to Survive in a Toxic World

Terrain Modification & Transforming Your Health with Dr. Robert Cassar Part 1 and 2

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