Optimizing the Auricle and Inner Ear

Optimizing the Auricle and Inner Ear

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Our senses make up our Reality whether we like it or not, and we have very “limited Senses” indeed.

I call the 5 senses or ( biological sensors ) our “Biological Radio Station of Our Realities that we Perceive as Real or Fake”.

How would like to tune all of the senses up or make them all work better?

When is the last time you really cleaned, detoxed, re-lubricated and super massaged the Ear and Auricular areas?

One of our 5 senses is the “Ear” and “Auricles”, and this highly tuned sense organ ( or sensor array ) does need to be maintained, detoxed, massaged, cleaned and re-lubricated correctly.

Do you know how to really clean, detox and re-lubricate your ears and auricles correctly?

Part 1 is to understand a little more about the 5 sense reality with a short Mini Lecture.

Do you use cotton swabs to clean or what I would say clog up your ears? We will go over some of these questions in the lecture.

Part 2 is our Hands-On Workshop, I will personally show you how I do this therapy for Cleaning and Re-lubrication.

Wait until you see what comes out of my ears! :))

If you / we cannot “Hear and Feel” well, then your / our communication skills and perception is hampered or out of tune significantly.

Remember the “Ears” not only “Hear” but they “Feel” too!

There are so many biological and physical assaults that corrode and pollute our 5 senses – Let’s learn how to tune them up!

Also in part 2 – Wait until you see the toxic debris ( mostly parasite poop – smelly yellow material ) that comes out of my ears.

I bet you probably have more debris in your middle ear than you think :))

Can we change our 5 sense perspectives and our Reality if we optimize, enhance and upgrade our 5 physical – non physical senses?

Our senses give us our true reality, so it is vital to learn cleaning and detox protocols to ensure that we are getting more of the true sense of our perceived realities.

Did you know that a real 6th or 7th Sense Reality is what is needed to real-ize with our “Real-Eyes”, and feel with our “New Ears”, a more real Truth that our eyes and ears could not transcribe previously in the Matrix of life before?

If we really want to get a more clear reality picture of what we sense then we need to clean the senses correctly at least 1 – 2 times a month for several months, then I suggest 1 x month or as needed.

In time we will talk about the 6th and 7th sense realities.

We all live in a 5 Sense Reality, so if we tune up our 5 Senses of Reality then we will be able to have more sense or better sense in our decision making abilities in every part of our lives imaginal.

Each of the senses work together in harmony when they are functioning correctly.

Practice and Learn the Terrain Modification Protocols, Practices and Principles at Earther Academy and don’t forget to get an Earther Kitchen too.

Keep Enjoying the Journey and hope you enjoy this Optimizing the Auricle and Inner Ear Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

PS: Our middle Ears are like the size of the State of California to microscopic tiny creatures that live in the ears. So, there could be many passengers indeed.

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  1. Hi,
    there’s a mention of Cassar doing a video on optimizing the sinuses. I can’t seem to find said video anywhere and would very much like to focus on my sinuses.

    Can someone direct me to where I could find this please?

    1. We are finalizing a video regarding the sinuses and using a netty pot nasal irrigation system. Stay tuned for that! But of course find a quality netty pot and begin doing nasal irrigation techniques!

      In health,
      Dr. Bryce

  2. Hi, great work. I have constant ear problems with disfunctional eustacian tubes, blocked sinuses, eczma & regular build up of wax/puss. Its a vicious cycle of irratation. Both ear drums pops 2 months ago with full hearing returning but now has gone down to about 40%. Intrigued by the theory that i probably have parasites in the ear as they have not been cleaned like the way you have shown.
    Do you sell all the formulas & tools that are shown in the videos, or recommend where best to get them, based in the UK ?

    1. Post

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