Physical and Emotional Pain Causing Us Undue Harm

Physical and Emotional Pain Causing Us Undue Harm

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Physical and Emotional Pain Causing Us Undue Harm – Most people do not understand how much undue harm we do to our emotional body on a lifetime basis. Physical pain can be measured in many ways, one that is good for you and the other that is not.

Physical pain while working is a good pain – as they say, “No Pain No Gain”.

All athletes know that muscle pain from exercise in the gym is a good thing. as it stimulates the muscles and they grow easily.

Negative examples of physical immobility pain that are not positive, could be having a constant nagging back or joint pain, a broken finger, migraine headaches, a severe cut or bruise etc. (as they say, “All Pain No Gain”).

Emotional pain is accumulated in our heart and mind on a daily basis from cradle to the grave, or death. Sticks and Stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.

Physically this is true, but emotionally this is TOTALLY FALSE indeed.

“Words are very powerful S-words”, and they do hurt or damage most of the time more than the physical pain. Usually the physical pain will be gone in a few weeks or months, but the emotional pain is accumulated and may never leave.

We accumulate or de-accumulate the emotional body on a daily basis.

“Emotional Body” is what I call a non-physical body. The emotional body is an invisible “Energy in Motion”, and we can usually see this easily in our moods, facial expressions and body language.

The emotional body, in some circumstances, cannot be cleansed easily through traditional cleansing and detoxification of the physical body. Practicing and learning yoga, meditation, stretching, deep breathing can all help tremendously.

Personally, I have found in my journeys, that 20-30 minutes or more of intense cardio daily using the “Chi Breathing” techniques will change your emotional body’s accumulation very quickly.

Practicing the breathing through the nose protocols with intense cardio, de-accumulates the toxic energies that are stuck in us quite easily.

Seeing experienced Shamans, or the indigenous medicine man/women, that use “Plant Entheogen’s” as medicine from the deep jungles, are another possible choice for people that cannot let go of the emotional guilt or multiple known or unknown traumas.

All I can say is the indigenous Shamans really helped me de-accumulate, and let go of this unknown and invisible emotional baggage of the heart and mind.

We only know we have had these dysfunctions when we let them go, and realize with a new set of feelings that are now clear and less dysfunctional.

We all want to look and feel better so take the first step and start your Terrain Modification program.

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Hope you enjoy this “Physical and Emotional Pain Causing Us Undue Harm” Video Course 🙂

Dr. Robert

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Physical and Emotional Pain Causing Us Undue Harm

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