Making CD For Pathogens and Parasites

Making CD For Pathogens and Parasites

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In this private video course I am going to show you how I transform the 80% sodium chlorite (SC) flakes into the liquid 22.4% concentrated solution needed to create CD (abbreviated), and can be used for various therapies and industrial/household uses. I have found them to be safe and effective when used in low concentrations/doses.

I will also show you how I create the CD and various uses in the 2 video courses.

“Making CD for Pathogens and Parasites” is a companion video course to “How I use CD for Various Therapies”. 

I highly recommend you read both descriptions thoroughly and review both of the private video courses relating to CD, in order to have a better understanding of this amazing compound and the FDA warnings and precautions before using or experimenting with CD.

In the private parts of the description and video course below I will explain some of the history of CD and its many commercial uses around the world, for water purifying and sanitizing effects.

In my opinion; this could be one of my most effective therapies for the first sign of symptoms of a cold/flu/infections/parasites, to slow down or stop acute and chronic parasitic infections, in most cases in a day or two, for as little as 25 cents a dose.

This is one of the main reasons Amazonian medicine people, and many other poor countries, use CD as one of their top effective medicines in the jungle, metropolitan city areas of Peru, Brazil and Central America for many acute and chronic ailments, sickness and water purification.

CD is another very controversial compound and therapy that has been used for sanitizing water, various health illnesses and biological dysfunctions for multiple decades in large commercial operations and personal use.

I have personally used CD for the past 15 years with excellent results for parasites, fungus, mold, candida, disinfecting water, detoxification, household disinfectants, garden pests and for overall health and wellness.

Most of the literature you read will most likely confuse, or possibly scare you away from researching further into the uses of this magical compound that has been used for many decades around the world.

Some of the false literature and propaganda will promote that CD is chlorinated bleach you would use in your laundry, and that many people have gotten ill, sick or have died from taking CD.

As you will discover; CD is not chlorinated bleach, as I will explain in the private part of the description.

You will have to sift through the literature yourself looking at both sides, pros and cons, to make your own decision if you are ever going to experiment with CD. Seeing how others have used it – reading the testimonials pro and con.

Again, CD is a very controversial subject on the internet. CD has been used for industrial and health purposes around the world for many decades.

There is much to learn and discover in the very detailed members only description and video courses about this very inexpensive salt and acid based compound, that has been used commercially for over 75 years for a variety of health and industrial uses.

IMPORTANT: Read the entire detailed description on the CD course and follow the links to get a better understanding about the warnings, uses, protocols and cautions.

I personally use CD with several different dilutions and strengths for: successfully sanitizing hot, swimming pool and rain catchment tank for water treatment instead of using toxic chlorine or bromine chemicals, pathogens, skin fungus and parasites both internally and externally, use with my animals for parasites and infections, mouthwash and gargle disinfectant, colds and flu, water purification and sanitization treatments for water, removing mold/odors, non-toxic cleaning supplies, mouth/ear infections and many more.

I learned many of the protocols for CD from clinicians, scientists, health practitioners, indigenous shaman medicinal tribes, commercial farmers, practical experience and other researchers in Europe, Mexico and the US.

The private information and research about this compound is very sensitive for the strict public guidelines of social media, and will only be available to view as a private Earther Member.

All of this information is for research and educational purposes only. Always, do your own research, consult with a health professional that is familiar with protocols and usage before experimenting with any new idea, concept or therapy.

See you in the private video and description 🙂

Dr. Robert

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Making CD For Pathogens and Parasites

Making CD For Pathogens and Parasites BONUS

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