The Curative Power of Distilled Water

The Curative Power of Distilled Water

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The Curative Power of Distilled Water – Understanding WATER will Change Your Life for either the Better or Worse.

First of all, the body is an “18 Gallon Water Bottle”. Liquids will renew, reset and rebuild your body and mind, and clean and detox yourself with the correct water πŸ™‚

The Curative Power of Distilled Water Course is a very informative 100 min Earther Academy Exclusive Report. In this video I will give you some simple truths and very effective self teaching and practicing protocols I have personally experienced, learned and practiced for over 40 years of clinical experimentation and research in the ares of “Health, Wellness and Evolution”.

“Pure Clean Water” is the key to this future as you will see and learn.

Chronic Dehydration is the #1 sickness that leads to many other suffering sickness’s worldwide.

The Curative Power of Distilled Water

Do you want to heal yourself from one or more of the thousands of common complaints and worldwide dysfunctional ailments?

Personally, I have been a practicing licensed Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine since 1984 – Helping people positively in many ways: treating a multitude of sicknesses, healing, curing, teaching, sharing and learning with tens of thousands of patients for a wide variety of complaints: physically, mentally, emotionally etc.

I was in clinical private practice for almost 15 years until I had a severe auto accident in 1997 and was disabled from practicing. I research still today approx 4-5 hours a day to keep up with all of the various information, that may be useful today, for people to learn how to take care of themselves effectively.

I found out that “Pure Clean Water” is one of the most controversial subjects one can talk about, and the most important factor to staying healthy or repairing your health.

Water is the number one Terrain Modification department out of 50 areas to optimize and enhance. We want you to learn and practice the Liquids of Vitality protocols, because they are going to be one of most important factors for you to heal yourself and never really ever get sick again.

The hidden and suppressed information in this video is very controversial and revealing for most of the collective public’s opinions that most have about water.

Clean water, or just water in general, is truly sacred when we don’t have enough of this life giving and amazing elixir. We all exist and thrive mainly because of water. Without water the “Water World” dies with all of the inhabitants that swim and use water’s life giving virtues.

All creatures need water, air, food and shelter to survive. Humans use water with much disregard compared to the other kingdoms that use or share the life giving and necessary water. Millions of people are sick and tired, both physically, mentally and emotionally. Dysfunctions can be healed just with drinking and bathing in the correct pure water.

Always be very discretionary about doing your research from any of the so called authorities or professionals that say they are. I have personally found it is best to hear and look at many layers of research from private real experiential people.

Also, take a look at what private practicing doctors and real researchers have to say with no bias. Always try to have total discretion on the big picture and make a conclusion based on all facts.

As we all find out when we start to become wise to all of the stories we are told, most are just good stories with an alternative agenda other than the truth.

The Curative Power of Distilled Water Flow Chart

Remember, learning and practice how to Become Your Own Doctor will be the “Key” or “Lock” – point to our health and wellness in the future.

It takes some time to sort through all of the BS versus the Truth, but once found then it is time to spread the word about your truth you have found and practiced.

CLEAN WATER (or PURE WATER) is the most essential and controlled substance on the planet for “All Cultures and ALL Life Forms”. ALL WATER is a powerful and unknown “Shape Shifter” and can take many forms ie; Ice, Vapor, Rain, Liquid, Steam, Clouds and Moisture. Water changes shape when boiled it has bubbles and when frozen you can drive a car over it – many different qualities indeed.

This is why we call this one of the magical elements πŸ™‚

Sometimes water is visible and sometimes it is hiding from sight and is completely invisible.

Wikipedia Definition Water: “Water is a transparent and nearly colorless chemical substance that is the main constituent of Earth’s streams, lakes, and oceans, and the fluids of most living organisms. Its pure chemical formula is only H2O, meaning that its molecule contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms that are connected by covalent bonds.”

We never see absolutely pure water because it dissolves so many substances. High altitude rain is the only pure water and then dissolves rock and cleanse the earth. If we want real pure water (only H2O) we have to prepare it laboriously by such means as “Distillation, Ion Exchange, and Reverse Osmosis”.

Moving water even dissolves rock slightly, to form caves and to wear away mountains. All of the water on Earth, therefore, is in the form of solutions. The dissolved substances change the properties of water from what they would be in absolutely pure water.

Life is water and without water none of us can live on this beautiful plane we call Earth πŸ™‚ The average Human body makes up about 18 gallons of salty water or as science says we are approx 71- 92% cellular conductive water. So, pretty much we are mostly water like all other organism too.

Water is the most important part of all life that we know and do not know… including our own. Without “Clean Pure Water” we would all die in a matter of days, months or slowly in years to come.

So, water is not only the “Universal Solvent” and “Universal Donor” and life giving force to all life, it is also the main reason we are called the magical water planet. All species that live on this planet are reliant on water to survive or thrive. There is more water on our planet than there is land, as science tells us.

The earths supply of water is constantly being recycled. We use the water over and over again, year after year. It is evaporated from the oceans by the sun and is given off by the forests. The vapor condenses into clouds, which rain out onto the land. The land water runs off into the lakes and rivers which then run back to the seas, and the cycle is complete. This is how the Earth cleans herself.

We can use a similar therapy and cycle the water through us so we can keep healthy and vital. This therapy and lifestyle can simply be accomplished by learning and practicing the importance of drinking and using the correct water as nature uses.

We only use “Pure Distilled Water” in all of our medically supervised fasting retreats in Hawaii. Participants usually fast for a minimum of 7 days and the max is 30 days of fasting on only on distilled water.

Results of the fasting patients were truly astounding of course, and we have many fasting interviews with the participants about their fasting journeys with pure distilled water and rebuilding the damaged gut wall bacterial flora.

Recommended Earther Academy Courses: Stimulating The Fountain of Youth via The Great Lymphatic System, Fasting Interviews and Courses, Becoming Your Own Doctor.

The “Becoming Your Own Doctor for Health and Wellness” course is going to be an inspiration for you to become your own Doctor/Physician. If we do not learn how to take care of ourselves and family optimally, then sickness is usually around the corner.

When the Terrain Modification protocols, practices and principles enhance, upgrade and optimize your life for the better please share the information to your family and friends.

Hope you enjoy this “The Curative Power of Distilled Water” Video Course πŸ™‚

Dr. Robert

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The Curative Power of Distilled Water

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Comments 8

  1. Your an awesome man. So blessed. I wish to come detox. How much do you ask for 30 days? I too am a victim of high impact car accident that disabled me in 04. I then became certified as a colon hydro therapist and a yoga instructor. I do the best I can with what I have but the bottom line is. I need help. I need the correct water. I thought alkaline water was as was taught in colonics school. Please help me.

  2. I have already been drinking distilled water since the start of 2019. When starting, i had dizziness and other bad symptoms and I almost stopped with it, however, I have read that this is when the cleansing started in me. Thank you for the video!

    1. Post

      Hi Milan!

      Distilled water can have an aggressive detox reaction to some people in the beginning when they start drinking large quantities per day. Usually this detox reaction will only last less than a few weeks. I have been drinking 1 gallon of distilled water per day for the last 7 years, and it is one of the best ways for me to daily detox along with the FIR Sauna.

      You may want to look at our Sauna Detox category.

      Hope that helps πŸ™‚

      Dr. Robert

      1. Do you only drink distilled water?
        Do you recommend supplementing with trace minerals?
        And lastly, how about water fasting for longer period of time 7-40 days, can you only consume distilled water or would you then need the minerals since your are not eating?

        1. Post

          Aloha David,

          Here are the answers to your questions.

          “Do you only drink distilled water?”

          I try to just drink distilled water since it is the purest form of water void of all contaminants including very hard to remove chemicals such as floride, pesticides, pharmaceuticals etc.

          RO water (reverse osmosis) with the correct inline filters would be the second best water to use. In fact – I pre filter the water with a 5-6 stage RO system before the distiller. Pre-cleaning the water first cuts down the cleaning needed on all distillers every 30-60 days to remove hard deposits.

          Watch the video course “Home Health Sanctuary” – to get an idea how I set up my RO system and distiller.

          “Do you recommend supplementing with trace minerals?”

          I drink the distilled water by itself without any minerals. You can add 10 drops of Ionic Trace minerals per 64 oz if you wish. The distilled water without the minerals is more beneficial for detoxification – the water is dry and helps reduce oxalates that form in the body.

          Watch the video and read the description for “What is EDTA?” to learn more about oxalates. I use pink Himalayan salt on my food for most of my dietary minerals. I will add fresh lemon juice sometimes with my distilled water for minerals and or the ionic minerals while I am in the sauna – fasting – exercising for electrolytes.

          I get a lot of minerals in my mineralized hot tub I go into every night.

          Watch the video – “Hot Baths To Relieve Stress, Body Aches and Flu Symptoms”

          Take a look at our “Recommended Products” page for the minerals that I use.

          And lastly, “how about water fasting for longer period of time 7-40 days, can you only consume distilled water or would you then need the minerals since your are not eating?”

          While fasting it is always important to add minerals to the water several times a day while fasting. I like to use a pinch of pink himalayan salt in the mouth, or added to water several times a day. Ionic trace minerals are also excellent to use while fasting. You may want to review some of the fasting videos we have on Earther Academy.

          Hope that helps πŸ™‚

          Dr. Robert

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