Lymph Drainage Workshop of the Chest, Face, Neck and Scalp

Lymph Drainage Workshop Of The Chest, Face, Neck and Scalp

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Lymph Drainage, Detoxification and Rejuvenation Of The Chest, Face, Neck and Scalp.

When is the last time you have cleaned, detoxed and rejuvenated your Lymphatic System? Please keep in mind… The skin and pores are part of the premier detoxification system the body has at it’s disposal.

Please watch the Lymphatic System Series Teaser and Lymphatic System Series Course first to see our many cutting edge private lectures and workshops that we have on this SUPER essential department of Terrain Modification.

Lymph Drainage Workshop of the Chest, Face, Neck and Scalp is a super important area to learn and practice.

The body’s lymph system is everything for sure, when it comes to keeping the body and mind clean and less toxic. It is a kin to your oil filter in your car to keep you engine healthy, and we know if we don’t change our oil filter and oil every 3000k miles then our engine will not last to long.

This very informative video is 52 min long and I am going to show you some of personal protocols in this workshop. We have many workshops going over many areas of the lymph here on Earther Academy.

To understand and detox the lymph, we have several lectures with many visuals and essential hands on workshops in this course for you to get a better picture on how the lymphatic system works.

Please Watch These Courses / Videos First:

This vital and informative pictorial lecture was done with our 21 Day Terrain Modification Retreat Groups to give them the next layer of information to navigate to the next level of optimization, enhancement and upgrading the biological mind and body layers chiefly in the areas of detoxification and rejuvenation.

I will keep Lymphatic System Series Part 1 | Primary Elimination Channel video showing on YouTube for just a little time longer for public viewing because a lot of the info is very sensitive for the public rules and guidelines.

These are my personal health, wellness and evolutionary mind and body protocols, practices and principles – put together over 40+ years of research, experimentation and private practice.

So, you may want to research/experiment with Terrain Modification to see if they will work for you.

I know the protocols work from millions of people around the world that have benefited from the practice of Terrain Modification. This is my personal opinion and collective results sharing these protocols over the past 10 years on YouTube and Earther Academy :))

On the Earther Academy private channel we share the much deeper layer of my personal protocols, practices and principles that you may want to learn and practice for sure I can’t share on YouTube or social media because of the sensitivity of the information.

The Lymphatic System is one of the most important systems to understand, learn and practice daily, and is the “King of Detoxification and Rejuvenation” when you really see that we all must take care of the largest filter in our body.

The lymphatic filter keeps us young and healthy. If you are overweight, fat, chubby, plump or well rounded etc. at all, then for sure your lymphatic system is definitely clogged and sluggish to some degree. A sluggish lymphatic is a sluggish/toxic/lazy/tired mind and body.

Clogging and sluggishness of this crucial life giving filter system is most always the precursor to many diseases, including but not limited to biological, mental and emotional dysfunctions.

The lymph is a giant filter – the largest that we have, and the skin is largest detox organ we all have as well. The lymphatic ducts are the superior drains of toxicity, parasites, chemicals, parasitic waste products etc. that we all accumulate.

Whatever the lymphatic filters can catch and eliminate to the bodies other filters and detoxification organs or systems it send to the skin, breath, kidneys, urine, feces, hair, nails, etc. that clean us daily. If these filters are clogged then we get toxic and sick very easily over time.

If you are overweight by 15 pounds, that most likely means that your lymph/immune system is weak and clogged, which by the way is about 240 million people in the USA.

I have personally decreased or lost about 40 pounds of toxic contaminates, a host of different layers of parasites, synthetic toxins and just plain clogged debris of who knows what… in my body and my mind.

Wait until you try this method of detoxification and rejuvenation. I bet you have not tried any or most of these techniques/teachings or even heard of them.

Recommended Categories To Study:

These protocols have been followed by 10’s of thousands of people from around the world with excellent results in enhancing, upgrading and optimizing their lives.

Earther Academy is our private platform where I/we can personally share some of the protocols, practices and principles I have learned over the last 40 years of clinical practice, experimentation and constant hands on research in over 50 departments we call Terrain Modification.

Learning the skin/pore detoxification, rejuvenation and delousing of the parasites of the skin and pores are super essential to everyone. Most people have never really cleaned their skin and pores except for in the shower with soap.

Some of the recommended necessary products I use for the lymphatic protocols for the sauna and skin are: is the best internet store to buy all of your undiluted essentials for health and wellness, and have the best deals on the internet with world wide shipping too.

I would be very careful where you buy your products from. Make sure they are all in Bisphenol-A free or food reusable grade packaging, and the products are not diluted so you are not just paying for added water.

Hope you enjoy this “Lymph Drainage Workshop of the Chest, Face, Neck and Scalp” Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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Lymph Drainage Workshop of the Chest, Face, Neck and Scalp

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