Growing Beneficial Bacteria In Your Kitchen

Growing Beneficial Bacteria In Your Kitchen

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In this video we will show you how to make essential fermented very potent healthy live bacteria brews. Adding 30-40 strains of pro-biotic bacteria with a medium of sugar gives us a strong ferment loaded full of good beneficial bacteria. This drink is excellent to drink several times a day to help regrow your gut wall bacteria.

As Hippocrates says ”All DISEASE STARTS IN THE GUT !” Once you get a colony of good bacteria to grow in a day or two its very easy to keep growing more of the same good bacteria over and over again.

Remember this is a live culture so it is very easy to grow again and again as long as there is fuel for the good microbes/bacteria to eat and then replicate. Our fuel we are using for the microbes to replicate is organic sugar. This is one of easiest ways to grow your own Gut Wall Flora bacteria exponentially.

Once you buy a 30 plus strain pro-biotic then you should never really have to buy it again if you are a good grower or farmer.

Like a smart farmer who buys seeds to grow a crop of plants for the first time. Once the farmers grows a crop then he has seeds to grow another crop from the last harvest.

Add this pro-biotic ferment to salads, smoothies, desserts or just drink it straight up. its always best to swish the ferments loaded with the good bacteria in your mouth so you can get your porotid gland to put a protective coat of saliva on the bacteria that are going to be swallowed.

This aids massively in the survival of the very sensitive and fragile bacteria that we want to get past the stomach to the small intestine where they will live and thrive if you take care of these house keeper essential bacteria.

More to come :)) Dr r

Good farming to you !

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Growing Beneficial Bacteria In Your Kitchen

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