How To Grow Live Bacteria In Your Kitchen

How To Grow Live Bacteria In Your Kitchen

Robert CassarBeginner, Ferments, Intestines and Gut Wall 4 Comments

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How To Grow Live Bacteria In Your Kitchen

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      Aloha, you can add as many different types of probiotic bacteria’s as you wish in fact the more the better.

      Once you get these colonization good bacteriums multi strains together then you have yourself a very special brew so make sure you keep that always safe in the kitchen cupboard

      in case you want to reuse the initial inoculation of bacteria

      :)) dr r

  1. Don’t these freeze dried probiotic pills need to be refrigerated to preserve them? Say I decide to get the earthshift brand, it may take several days to get to me without refrigeration.

    1. Post

      Aloha Dr c here :)) All of the probiotic pills or the starts as I like to call them are stored in the freezer or refrigerator until ready to use.

      They will last for ever in the freezer if the cap is tightly sealed. The pills bacteria needs to be grown and replicated many times in the sugar solution that we showed you.

      The bacteria eat the sugar as there primary fuel and then replicate over and over again until the sugar is all gone.

      They do not die if they run out of fuel they are dormant until ready to eat some more when the opportunity arises. :)) Dr r

      PS : Watch all of the vids we have done on the ferments so you can really learn the concepts of these miracles essential bugs we all need to be healthy in our guts.

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