Creating Healing Antibodies Using Your Urine and Vodka

Creating Healing Antibodies Using Your Urine And Vodka

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I am going to show you another excellent therapy I was taught by the medicine shaman of the Amazon jungle using urine and vodka, as an adjunctive tool for health and wellness for their jungle community people.

Using a blend of 80% proof alcohol and the patient’s own urine with their antibodies to support the treatment of a variety of ailments such as symptoms of cold/flu, poisonous bites, antiseptic for cuts, wounds, infections, allergic reactions, intestinal distress, enhancing the immune system, hives, stings, skin rashes, dermatitis, fungal infections and hair loss.

In many cultures around the world, urine has been used as a variety of therapies for ages. Many cultures of the past and present practice drinking their own urine for health and longevity.

In this video course, I will show you how I use my own personal urine combined with 80 proof alcohol sublingually to absorb the personal antibodies and other compounds found in the urine, to be absorbed through the osmotic channels of the capillaries below the tongue, if I feel like I am getting flu symptoms or have an infected bite or cut.

What Is In Urine?

Urine consists of 95% of water, 2.5% of urea and the remaining 2.5% is a mixture of minerals, salts, hormones, enzymes and other compounds. It is a blood byproduct, but despite containing some bodily waste, the urine is non-toxic.

Fresh human urine is sterile and therefore is free from bacteria.

Urine, when it is older than 24 hours, the urea (2.5%) turns into ammonia, which is what causes the distinctive smell.

Antibiotics, vitamin supplements, recreational drugs, birth control, all medications will also start to be excreted in your urine.

This therapy works best when you are not on meds, or taking chemical supplements or drugs of any kind.

Later on in the description we will learn more ideas and concepts about what’s really in urine, and more on antibodies/antigens.

Urine/Vodka And Sublingual Drop Therapies

All Natural Personal Antibody Vaccine

People from around the world have been using urine therapy for thousands of years to relieve themselves of various types of illness/sickness, acne, allergies, boosting immunity, poisonous spider and snake bites and for many other health virtues.

When I was visiting the Amazon in Peru, I was always very curious about asking the shamans of the lowlands and highlands, how they treated sickness without the use of conventional synthetic chemical drugs.

In the Western world we call these synthetic/petro-chemical based drugs: prescriptions, pharmaceuticals and even medicine.

Western type scheduled prescriptions are sometimes very scarce and hard to find in these sparsely populated areas of the lowlands and highlands of Peru, or where indigenous cultures live.

The Amazon jungle and many parts of the country in Peru, do not have easy access to many conventional compounds such as aspirin, antibiotics, common vitamins and common pharmaceuticals in many of the small villages away from the cities.

Maybe that’s the reason they are healthier, less obese, more vibrant and more active than the United States that boasts an obese and very sick population from their processed food diets, sugary drinks, pharmaceuticals, recreational drug habits and a terrible non-physical lifestyle habits – in many areas throughout the country.

Remember, these prescription synthetic petro-chemicals are not in any way or form “Natural”, and many of the elder natives do not trust taking any of the western world drugs/medicines because of the side effects such as addictions and other negative effects.

Also, you may want to take a look at the Earther Academy video course called How I Use CD With Various Therapies” to learn more about this therapy the jungle shamans use as one of their best tools in combating disease in the jungle from malaria to parasites.

The people who live closer to the city have lost the ways of the jungle medicines, and for the most part have succumbed to the pharmaceutical germ theory approaches to health, wealth and happiness, instead of using the thousands of jungle plants as medicine to maintain, cure and heal disease like the jungle people have used for thousands of years successfully.

Amazonian Shaman
Amazonian Shaman

The shamans of the jungle have learned how to use a variety of the sacred healing plants that grow in the tropical and highland regions, and have passed down the medicinal information from generation to generation to each medicine shaman to the regions, as a doctor goes to college and professional school to learn and practice the western teaching of medicines from other doctors or authorities.

The shamans not only teach themselves with personal experiences with the plants, but learn from the elder shamans the secrets on how to use the diverse amounts of plants and animal compounds that can be of nutritional, medicinal, pharmacological and entheogenic plants are valued as supporting and maintaining healthy lives.

I have heard from the shamans that this protocol is a “Natural Urine Vaccine”, an ancient practice and therapy that is said to work very well for many types of infections or mild sickness.

The Urine Has Your Personal And Unique Natural Antibodies

The body is an amazing machine indeed. When we get an infection, cut, venomous bite or get a sickness of some type, the body creates antibodies (soldiers of the body) to fight the infection internally in the body and the antibodies of the infection will be in the precious urine.

The “Amazonian Shamans” would instruct their patients to catch their urine “Mid Stream” for this therapy to be done correctly.

For purity purposes, a midstream catch is always best for collecting urine samples in the medical field too. Catching the urine mid stream will clean the urethra tube, for which the urine flows from the bladder out of the body, making sure there is not any old urine or bacteria in the ureter.

Some patients will capture their urine during and right after the ayahuasca or Psilocybin mushroom entheogenic ceremonies. The urine can be used for several days as a treatment for many illnesses.

The shamans say that the urine has your unique personal antibodies and is known as a “Naturally Activated  Personal Vaccine” that the patient gives back to themself internally to support the healing process.

“For almost the entire course of the 20th century, unknown to the public, doctors and medical researchers have been proving in both laboratory and clinical testing that our own urine is an enormous source of vital nutrients, vitamins, hormones, enzymes and critical antibodies that cannot be duplicated or derived from any other source. They use urine for healing cancer, heart disease, allergies, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, asthma, infertility, infections, wounds and on and on — yet we’re taught that urine is a toxic waste product.” – src: Urine Therapy An Amazing Untold Story by Martha Christy

Sublingual Medicine Administration

Sublingual Administration is a way of giving medication through the mouth. It involves placing the compound underneath the tongue, to be absorbed and dissolved into the bloodstream through the mucous membranes of the mouth.

The area underneath the tongue has tiny blood capillaries. Therefore, biological compounds are easily absorbed directly and very fast into the system without passing through the digestive system.

Sublingual technique is akin to an injection directly into the body with a needle.

Young woman holding a dropper pipette sublingual
Young woman holding a dropper pipette sublingual

Many people drink their urine as a therapy, but this therapy is quite different because I am going to blend my urine and vodka under the tongue as an immune booster.

I will go over several protocols and 2 different urine and vodka antibody recipes I learned from the shamans in the Amazon, in the private part of this description for Earther Academy members.

The shaman explained to me that they use the 80 proof alcohol/urine combo to stimulate the capillaries to absorb more compounds, as well to remove some of the mucus lining in the mouth and tongue, to achieve better absorption of the antibodies created by our own bodies.

The 80 proof alcohol/urine in the mouth also sanitizes the inner mouth where many cuts or abrasions, tooth/gum infections, bacteria, dental caries, plaque are dramatically reduced also.

“If your mouth is infected; most likely your body is infected too.”

As I have learned from seeing patients for over 4 decades; when I see a person with dental caries and receding gums – this is a good indicator of that person’s health just by looking at their teeth gums and smelling their breath.

In this therapy I am going to use a very small amount of each urine/alcohol tincture sublingually. So, the antibody compounds will osmotically enter into the body via the capillaries under the tongue.

Important Concept to Remember: Sublingual therapy is used to simulate the same reaction as a direct needle injection.

Many drugs and other complex compounds can be easily delivered by using the sublingual technique. The sublingual method can be used for many compounds very effectively, and is a scientifically proven technique.

This method bypasses the stomach acids, and the antibodies enter into the bloodstream via the cells and capillaries in the mouth.

What Is An Antibody Versus An Antigen?

“Antibody, also called immunoglobulin, a protective protein produced by the immune system in response to the presence of a foreign substance, called an antigen. Antibodies recognize and latch onto antigens in order to remove them from the body. A wide range of substances are regarded by the body as antigens, including disease-causing organisms and toxic materials such as insect venom.”

To understand more about the different types of antibodies read: Encyclopedia Britannica – Understanding Antibodies

Antibodies: Any of a large number of proteins that the body produces from B cells and releases as part of a so-called immune response. The production of antibodies is triggered when the body encounters an antigen which could be a parasite or other type of foreign material pathogenic infection.

Antibodies then lock onto antigens (pathogens) as a first step in disabling the germs or other foreign substances that were the source of those antigens.

The idea and science of this type of therapy is to reintroduce back into the body your own personal antibodies and other response compounds present in the urine, that the body produces in a healthy and active immune system.

The body will always excrete some of the antibodies produced through the urine.

So, what we are really doing here is harvesting our own antibodies and reintroducing them into the body via the sublingual method.

Antigens and Antibodies

In the picture above, the B cells (lymphocytes) produce antibodies at first response to an infection and then release the antibodies into the blood to attack the bacteria, infections, parasites, virus, any invader/pathogens that are in the body causing dis-ease.

Antibodies are created by the body instantaneously to combat infections, bacteria, pathogens etc. If the immune system is functioning correctly.

Antibodies are said to be created immediately by the lymphocytes, when there is an assault or dysfunction in the body.

The invaders or pathogens are referred to as Antigens and Antibodies are produced by the body to destroy the Antigens“.

You can think of the antibodies like the police or military in your body to keep it healthy from bullies – criminals that are trying to invade or destroy the body. Antibodies help keep the body clean and free of pathogens. Without them we all get sick, tired and in time disease.

The normal healthy immune system produces these magical antibodies 24/7 to fight the pathogenic antigens.

The shamans said: urine is completely sterile and does not contain antigens – drinking one’s own urine or using the alcohol/urine blend sublingually, supports the returning back of some of the antibodies created by the body initially at first sign of infection, to boost the power of the body’s immune system.

Click there link to learn more about “Antigens” and “Antibodies

What Does Urine Really Consist Of?

Urine consists of 95% of water, 2.5% of urea and the remaining 2.5% is a mixture of minerals, salts, hormones, antibodies, wastes, genetic material and enzymes.

Urine can also carry a variety of plastic, heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides that are being excreted by the body by the kidneys.

Urine is produced at the end of the metabolism, the blood is filtered by the kidneys and for most purposes the urine is the body’s waste and is eliminated by urinating.

What’s in Urine? 3,000 Chemicals and Counting

“Scientists have laid out the entire chemical composition of human urine, revealing that more than 3,000 compounds are found in the fluid, and have published it all in an online database. In the study, which took seven years to complete, the researchers found that at least 3,079 compounds can be detected in urine. Seventy-two of these compounds are made by bacteria, while 1,453 come from the body itself. Another 2,282 come from diet, drugs, cosmetics or environmental exposure (some compounds belong to more than one group). Urine is an incredibly complex biofluid. We had no idea there could be so many different compounds going into our toilets,” said study researcher David Wishart, professor of biology and computing science at the University of Alberta.” – src: Urine Chemical Composition

Word Of Caution About Drinking Your Own Urine

Our urine not only holds the life-giving antibodies that we produce naturally, but it also contains residues of many harmful substances from your diet or prescriptions that you are taking.

Prescription drugs are synthetic chemical compounds that are not completely synthesized by the organs of the body, so they are excreted as residue through the urine up to 90%+.

If you are taking prescription or recreational drugs, your urine is full of the chemicals.

If you are drinking your urine daily, and you are on prescription drugs or using any heavy metal detox protocols, then drinking your urine would not be a good idea at all.

If you are taking any medications, drugs, chemicals, toxins, plastics, chemotherapy drugs, pain killers, heart medications, birth control pills, fluoride, antidepressants, antibiotics, vaccines or any pharmaceuticals your urine is toxic from the synthetic chemicals the body is trying to excrete.

Further recommend studies and video: Pharmaceuticals Found in Water, Drugs in Drinking Water, Is Your Drinking Water Contaminated – Dr Vernon Coleman.

In the private part of this description is where I will share the two urine and vodka recipes/protocols and a lot more information that is too sensitive for public social media. Full access to is only 10 dollars a month – cancel anytime.

Please read the descriptions thoroughly to the courses and do further research yourself. I always add several links to articles and other videos for you to watch to get a better understanding of the points we want to get across.

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Creating Healing Antibodies Using Your Urine and Vodka

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