Sanitizing Mold In Your Kitchen

Sanitizing Mold In Your Kitchen

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Sanitizing Mold In Your Kitchen

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  1. I ran into this in my life experiences it appears the health concern from using this wonderful stuff is from breathing in the dust. Can some one bring me up to speed so I can share this with others that may like to use it.
    I found a label on something listed below that helps clarify what I’m asking.

    “Studies of the fibrogenic potential (silicosis) of diatomaceous earth provide conflicting evidence – some showing positive results and some showing negative. Since the criterion for establishing and reporting health hazards under the HCS is “evidence which is statistically significant and which is based on at least one positive study conducted in accordance with established scientific principles,” information on the adverse health effects resulting from exposure must be reported on the label, and a discussion of the potential for silicosis must be included on the MSDS.”

    1. Post

      Aloha Dr c here :))
      this would be a lenghtly blog if I was to get deep into the concepts of all of this. First of all the DE that you would buy at Home Depot is used for pool filters and is a totally different material that has been fired at 800-900 degrees and turns the DE into a glass silica structure that is very dangerous to breathe.
      The DE or Fossil shell flour is to be used in many ways. Never breath a fine prtciucate into the lungs or try not to breath it or any other micro dust particles such as siliconized or non siliconized sands that we use in playboxes for children.

      This is to be used like with anything caution and care. I have used DE in my home, Garden for pests, cupboards for parasites- cock roaches- bugs of all types in the house, in my pillows, bed, internally too, for my pets for external parasites etc. I have never had a problem.

      I wold never use the heat treated DE ( diatomaceous earth) that you get at the pool store or Home Depot.
      This is again a totally different product but I would not inhale any of it because of the particulates.

      Hope this helps out,

      Dr r

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