Healing Parasitic Infections and Acute Morgellons Symptoms

Healing Parasitic Infections and Acute Morgellons Symptoms

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Healing Parasitic Infections and Acute Morgellons Symptoms – Ami Garcia has a great story to tell us about her Profound Changes of Health and Wellness from being very sick for many years of her life.

Have you ever heard of the epidemic of complaints that some call Morgellons Disease of Synthetic Biology Sickness?

Wait until you see the massive greasy toxicity and other unknown substances come out of her skin and pores.

Some people have the constant demonic feelings of bugs or creatures crawling in and around their body, and some doctors refer to this sickness as Delusional Parasitosis –  which means it is all in your head and not real.

There are many people that have many of the same severe complaints of having constant acute sensory sensations all over the body, and actual visual fibers coming out of the skin and lesions that will not heal easily if not at all.

Many researchers say they are of in-organic and synthetic biology and not of the natural world.

There is a lot of private research and videos on this on the internet if you search for: “Morgellons Delusional Parasitosis”, “Morgelleons Disease” and “Synthetic Biology Morgelleons Disease”.

In Part 2 we are going to do a profound therapy that really helps de-accumulate many inorganic and organic parasites and toxicities within the skin and pores.

Many people have been labeled with this diagnosis of synthetic into organic cellular invasion of red / blue / black fibers and other geometrical synthetic inorganic forms coming out of the skin.

And, many very aggressive symptoms such as not being able to walk, Seizures, Massive Intestinal IBS, Mental and Emotional Dysfunction, Severe Headaches, Confusion, Mental and Emotional Instability, Feeling of Parasites crawling all over the body etc.

I have found that most people have a variety of Interacting Toxicities, Internal and External Parasites, Synthetic Biology Infusion, EMF – WIFI and Cell Phone Assaults, GMO’s, Synthetic Sugars, Atrizine and Glyphosate Endocrine Hormone Disruptures, Hormones, Plastics, Petroleum, Antibiotics, Vaccines in Meat, Food and Water Supply, Big Pharma, Fluoride etc. to name a few.

Ami was on total bed rest for about 1.5 years being physically, mentally and emotionally debilitated.

She has been to many doctors and have had many types of treatments over the years searching for a relief from her sickness.

Many sick people have been seeking medical attention with a variety of symptoms with this, or similar syndromes and debilitating afflictions that may be a combination of many diseases, toxicities and or parasites.

Ami Garcia participated with us here at our Hawaiian Detox and Rejuvenation Retreat for about 30 days. She went through dry water fasting protocols for 14 days.

She has been very sick on and off since she was a little child from different infections that were either organic and in-organic in nature.

So many people are searching for the Antidote to Sickness and Mental / Emotional / Physical Dysfunctions.

Cleaning up the diet and learning and practicing how to de-accumulate the heavy metals, chemicals, synthetic biology, parasites etc., and then learn and practice how to rebuild the body and the mind.

We are all super saturated with a variety of parasites internally and externally, a variety of chemicals, toxins, plastics, dental assaults, synthetic biology, body fat, etc.

Using the Terrain Modification protocols is the most effective Practices, Protocols and Therapies I have ever used for these types of assaults from either in-organic ( synthetic)  or organic ( natural ) infections.

There is much to learn in the area of Synthetic Biology that is for sure.

Hopefully in time we will all start to understand more about the silent invasion of both synthetic and organic parasites that is virtually everywhere we live.

Keep enjoying the journey and hope you enjoy this Healing Parasitic Infections and Acute Morgellons Symptoms Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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