31 Day Water Fasting For Lyme Disease

31 Day Water Fasting For Lyme Disease

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Have you ever really dried yourself out from addictions or bad habits? ) Dry water Fasting is the way to your freedom and Sanity !
This video is my first ”three some” interview and workshop in the sauna I have ever done. Collen Joy from Oahu ( dry water fasted for 31 days) and Clover Cross from Queensland, Australia ( dry water fasted for 16 days).

They are both participants in the Advanced Detox/Rejuvenation ”Terrain Modification” Retreats in Hawaii.

Dry water fasting is one of the ”Best Fountains of Youth”

Part 1 is a very interesting interview and mini lecture to hear about what happens to peple when they fast for long periods of time.

Colleen as been diagnosed with ”Lymes Disease” for 6 months and she has a great story to tell. Clover is only 26 years old and she is really wanting to get another layer of health and de-accumulation of parasites, yeast, mold, fungus, candida, toxicity and other contaminants that are in us all.
So this is a great interview and real life stories to give you an idea on some of the protocols and transformations while participating with us.

In the future you are going to want to clean up your diet, optimize, enhance, upgrade your world.

The question is ”How are you going to get out all of the accumulated baggage out of your body and mind?”.

Part 2 is a very exciting and revealing 1.5 hour long hands on workshop. This videos theme is ”Full Body Deep Pore/Skin Cleaning”

Wait and see what comes out of there skin and pores. WOW!

Go to www.EartherAcademy.com to see the rest of the ”trio in the sauna”

These simple concepts we call ” the 30 departments of Terrain Modification” are where in my opinion most of the diseases or conditions we see are caused by dynamic dysfunction when one or many of these TM departments does not function with the other departments correctly. This is a slow and cascading event that happens in mostly all sickness.

Terrain Modification is a constant ”work in progress” and is always in a state of progressing to Optimize the information and practices.

Once the body is more fluid and less hardened like stone then the body has the chance to regenerate and flourish because of the essential upgrades that we have done to support the lifestyle of living in a not only toxic world but also a super confusing one at that.

Sound information is not easy to find for sure. So be careful on what is begin spewed to you.

Learning and practicing the ”Terrain Modification Principles” is a must to live healthier in this world that is so dysfunctional and toxic.

Go to www.EartherAcademy.com and www.EarthShiftProducts.com to optimize you and your families world.

Everything in Life is all a ”Work in Progress”.

The key is to clean/detoxify the body and mind as well as you can by living a ”Super Natural Lifestyle” which simply means to live with Awareness and live as smart and Natural as you can.

You are what you ”eat, drink, say, hear and do” so be conscious of that.

En-joy :)) Dr r

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31 Day Water Fasting For Lyme Disease Part 1

31 Day Water Fasting For Lyme Disease Part 2

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