Understanding Lugol's Iodine and B Vitamins

Understanding Lugol’s Iodine and B Vitamins

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In this “Understanding Lugol’s Iodine and B Vitamins” video course we are going to talk about some of the simple essentials the body and mind needs to stay optimal and healthy. We will share with you some ideas on parasites and addictions that go hand in hand with a deficient body of the essentials.

I use both Lugol’s and Plant Iodine, and Ionic Trace Minerals internally, as well as using the transdermal skin feeding techniques – Silica and B Vitamins daily. Most people are deficient in many areas of basic nutrition from Potassium, Boron, Magnesium, D Vitamins, Silica, Iodine and important Electrolyte Conductive Minerals.

Vegans, Vegetarians, Fruitarians and of course the common Standard American Diet groups, have usually have one or more of the deficiencies just stated. So, it’s not just one group of people.

Most of deficiencies can be easily resolved by upgrading, enhancing and optimizing our diets and lifestyles.

Following the transdermal Lugol’s Iodine Protocols, and/or eating Sea Veggies like Ocean Kelp, is essential and necessary to keep the thyroid and other glands functioning correctly. We all need B Vitamins and Vitamin D daily from either our food, the Sun or from our healthy intestinal gut flora which will produce most if not all of the B Vitamins and D Vitamins.

Iodine is necessary for our cells to be protected and to work correctly, and be able to regenerate and detoxify optimally.

We are also going to show you some Ethereal Body Grounding Techniques I have learned with the Earth naturally.

Most people do not get enough of the daily required amounts of many nutrients, and over a period of time usually leaves to early aging, sickness and disease.

I always recommend people to learn and practice both the transdermal skin iodine protocols and the clean sea veggies when you can daily in your lifestyle.

The skin is the largest organ of the body, so it is extremely important to learn and practice the Skin Cleaning, Detoxification and Rejuvenation protocols. The best part is you do not even need to change your diet for now, to learn and practice the Skin and Thyroid Terrain Modification protocols.

Here are some examples of the Iodine that is found in organic and nutrient rich foods.

Iodine Rich Foods

Sea Vegetables

The oceans of the world hosts the largest storehouse of iodine foods, including Kelp, Arame, Dulse, Brown Sea Weed Extract, Hiziki, Kombu, and Wakame. Kelp has the highest amount of iodine of any food on the planet and just one serving offers 4 times the daily minimum requirement.

  • 1 tablespoon of Kelp contains about 2000/mcg of iodine
  • 1 tablespoon of Arame contains about 730/mcg of iodine
  • 1 tablespoon of Hiziki contains about 780/mcg of iodine
  • 1 one inch piece of Kombu contains about 1450/mcg of iodine
  • 1 tablespoon of Wakame contains about 80/mcg of iodine

Below are the links to the many products I have mentioned in the video

I use the kelp on my salads and sprinkle them on soups or salads.



This antioxidant rich fruit is another great source of Iodine. About 4 ounces of cranberries contain approximately 400/mcg of Iodine. I recommend buying fresh organic berries or juice. If you buy cranberry juice from the store, be aware of how much sugar it contains.

Organic Navy Beans

Many beans are a great food source of Iodine and Navy Beans may top the list. Just 1/2 cup of these beans contain about 32/mcg of Iodine. Beans aren’t just an Iodine food, they are also incredibly high in fiber.

Organic Strawberries

This tasty red fruit packs up to 10% of your daily Iodine needs in just a single serving. One cup of fresh strawberries has approximately 13/mcg of iodine. Try buying fresh, organic strawberries from your local farmers Market.

Raw, Organic Cheese

Cheese is high in iodine, along with essential B Vitamins, Calcium, and Protein. One ounce of raw cheddar cheese contains around 10-15 mcg of iodine. Raw Goat cheese is easier on the digestive system and contains slightly higher levels of calcium and protein. Dairy, whether raw or pasteurized, may not be the best choice for some people, especially those with sensitive digestive systems or individuals adhering to a vegan and/or vegetarian diet.

Organic Potatoes

The common organic potato is an easy addition to most meals and is one of the richest sources of Iodine in the vegetable kingdom. Leave the skin on and one medium-sized baked potato holds 60/mcg of Iodine. Be sure to get organic only as potatoes tend to suck up pesticides very easily!

Organic Yoghurt
Organic Yoghurt

Organic Yogurt

A natural probiotic, yogurt is an excellent iodine food you should add to your diet. One serving holds more than half of your daily needs. 1 cup contains approximately 90/mcg of Iodine.

As I have said most of the sickness most of have are due to toxicity, parasites, pure water dehydration, poor gut wall flora, mineral deficiencies and not getting the sun on your full body.

With Terrain Modification Protocols you have many ways to resolve many health issues on your own. It is always a good idea to learn Terrain Modification before your doctor says you are sick with a so called incurable or non manageable disease.

Recommended products: Lugol's Iodine, Organic Coconut Oil and here a few more of the concentrated ionic minerals I use internally and on my skin: https://earthshiftproducts.com/Catalog/health/vitamins-minerals.

Recommended Courses and Categories: Lymph Drainage Workshop of the Chest, Face, Neck and Scalp, Gardening, Hike In Your Socks For health and Healing.

Hope you enjoy this “Understanding Lugol’s Iodine and B Vitamins” Video Course 🙂

Dr. Robert

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