Mineral Conductivity Light Bulb Experiment

Mineral Conductivity Light Bulb Experiment

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This experiment is to show the conductivity of minerals in distilled water. I am using a simple 100 volt electrical conductivity device that was custom made, to show the variance in conductivity in water and foods with a variance of differences in the brightness, illumination or brilliance of the light due to the ionic mineral conductivity available. As you will …

Understanding Lugol's Iodine and B Vitamins

Understanding Lugol’s Iodine and B Vitamins

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In this “Understanding Lugol’s Iodine and B Vitamins” video course we are going to talk about some of the simple essentials the body and mind needs to stay optimal and healthy. We will share with you some ideas on parasites and addictions that go hand in hand with a deficient body of the essentials. I use both Lugol’s and Plant …