Mocha Iced Latte Vegan Superfood Drink

Mocha Iced Latte Vegan Superfood Drink

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Iced Mocha Latte Vegan Superfood Drink – Jason Wrobel and I are going to share with you a morning pick up, nutrient rich favorite Iced Mocha Latte.

Iced Mocha Latte’s are a famous drink around the world. This drink will wake up your brain and open up your heart with these Ayurveda ingredients.

The only problem with most mochas (hot or cold) is that they are really toxic with false sugars, hydrogenated fats, non organic ingredients and full of toxic sugar. I always use distilled water for all of my recipes.

Distilled water is the only pure water there is.

Jason and I are going to share our favorite “Morning Ketogenic Mocha Latte Vegan Superfood Drink” with very little sugar calories if you follow my recipe in the description.

Always create this recipe as low in sugar as you can by only using the Earth Shift Products Organic Liquid Stevia to taste:

Ojio organic superfoods and products are available at most health food stores, and ESP superfoods are available directly at ESP always sells at a discount compared to retail stores.

Iced Mocha Coffee or Yerba Mate Recipe:

Use Organic Liquid Stevia to replace sugar without the calories. I use about 3-10 drops in all of my Breakfast Tea Recipes.


  • 2-3 tbsp of Organic Coconut Oil – adding much creamy texture and super flavors.
  • 8-10 distilled water ice cubes before blending.

Remember, when blending this energy drink use the blender tamper tool or a wooden spoon to help move the ice if needed, and blend on high for 20 seconds or so. I like to blend my drink so it’s creamy like ice cream, and you can even drink/eat it with a spoon.

Garnish the top of this elixir drink with coconut fine shavings and a small hand full of organic golden berries on top of the coconut shavings. Golden berries are very low in sugar, high potency of vitamin C and boast 14% protein in these little tart berries from Ecuador. Golden Berries are the best to use and taste great for this ketogenic drink.

You can also use: Goji Berries, Cacao Nibs and a dash of Organic Cayenne Pepper.

Recommended Courses: How To Make Super Mineralized Sole Salt, Dr. Robert Cassars Personal Earth Shift Kitchen and Breakfast Tea Recipes.

Check out Jason Wrobel’s website at for many more recipes.

Hope you enjoy this “Mocha Iced Latte Vegan Superfood Drink” Video Recipe :))

Dr. Robert


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