Dirty Water Filter Parable

Dirty Water Filter Parable

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I’d like to introduce you to what I call the “Dirty Water Filter Parable,” a perspective that may help you refine your approach to health and wellness. Imagine optimizing your well-being by making choices that are nutritionally rich and clean. Similarly, think of the importance of detoxifying your body’s internal “filters” to ensure that fluids flow seamlessly through your blood and lymphatic systems, just as nature or intelligent design intended. This visualization aims to guide you in making better decisions for your health, emphasizing both the quality of what you consume and the condition of your body’s internal systems.

The flow of liquids from one spot to another, as you will see, is everything.

I’m in the process of replacing the clogged and contaminated filters in my six-stage reverse osmosis (RO) system. This particular setup ensures that I have access to ultra-clean water for both cooking and drinking, eliminating the need to consume impure water.

Watch the video course called Creating A Home Health Sanctuary to get a better idea of what I am talking about. How I set up my water systems in my personal sanctuary, and how I use it as a “water filter science project” 🙂

Task at Hand and Health Parable

Today, I am changing the filters because the RO filters are completely plugged with the accumulated particulates the filters took out of the rain water and my water catchment systems.

It’s been about 6 months since I changed the filters last time.

Quick note: I live in Hawaii on the Big island and if you live out in the rural areas of the island you will most likely have to gather water from either the rivers, underground springs, wells or from rain catchment because many of the areas of the Big Island do not have public municipal water supply.

Why is there dirt in my Dirty water filter?

Filtering all types of water is a must before using for bathing, cooking or drinking. If you have ever owned a filtration system you know that you have to usually change the filters every 6 months to a year, and you do not want to be drinking dirty water.

In time, any filter (gas, oil, air and water filters) will get clogged up and will have to be cleaned and or exchanged for new filters.

Our Bodies have a Very Complex Filtering System

The filters within our bodies are far more intricate than the simple paper filters found in machines. However, they can become clogged in much the same way, either gradually or rapidly, due to the accumulation of toxins. These can range from indigestible particulate matter like plastics and heavy metals to a variety of other substances including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, and parasites.

Dr. Robert Cassar and his dirty water filters
Look at the difference between a 6 month old dirty filter and a brand new clean white filter

Observing the general populations, particularly in the USA, Canada, and Mexico—not to mention numerous other countries worldwide—you’ll notice alarming health trends. Over 80% of the population in these regions is at least 10 pounds overweight, with roughly 30% classified as obese, meaning they are 30 or more pounds overweight. Additionally, a significant portion of people are on medication for various ailments. The prevalence of recreational drug use further exacerbates the issue. Synthetic chemicals, which are often found in these substances, are extremely difficult for the body to fully metabolize.

We all absorb and accumulate a variety of petrochemical toxins from a variety of different sources.

Here are some prevalent examples of petrochemical toxicities that are ubiquitous in our environment: Pharmaceuticals, most vitamin supplements, medications, NPK fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and all types of plastics—including those used in bottled water and food packaging—are primarily derived from crude oil or a variety of refined petrochemicals. When we don’t lead a clean and conscious lifestyle, our body’s internal filters have to work overtime to cope with these substances.

Additional factors contributing to the clogging of the body’s internal filters include poor dietary choices, such as the Standard American Diet (SAD), which is often laden with processed, chemically-engineered foods. These foods usually offer minimal nutritional benefits, primarily providing carbohydrates and abundant processed sugar. Add to this the presence of pesticides and preservatives, and it’s clear that the cumulative effects on both body and mind are concerning. Another significant issue is chronic dehydration due to insufficient water intake. I personally recommend drinking approximately one gallon of distilled water a day to help flush out toxins.

Ultra clean water is necessary to help flush and hydrate the flow of the body’s fluids, which is why we must make sure to clean our dirty water filters often.

Are you living with environmental toxins and pollution? Any type of pollution can and will accumulate the same way as these dirty filters on the RO machine.

The Question is: When was the Last Time you Cleaned Your Body’s Internal Filters?

Thousands of people in Hawaii capture the rain water through the roof. In my personal household, I capture the water from the sky, filling up one of the many large cisterns we have on the property. From there the water gets pumped through a series of 50 micron sized sediment and 20 micron sized activated charcoal filters.

After the rain water has been pushed through the first set of filters on the house, the semi clean water now is ready to pipe throughout the entire house for use with bathing and cleaning. This water is still not recommended for drinking.

The last stage of filtration for me to use for cooking and drinking is to now run the semi clean water in the house through the RO filtration system going through another set of 6 filters.

Now the water is ready to use for drinking and cooking.

Much like a house, the human body has multiple biological filtration systems operating simultaneously. If any one of these internal filters – or those in your household systems – fails, it will necessitate repairs to restore optimal function.

Once any of the dirty water filters – whether in the body or in a machine – begin to accumulate particulates, the flow starts to get impeded. This results in a gradual backup and slight clogging, causing the flow and pressure of the water to decrease incrementally. Eventually, the filters may become completely clogged, preventing any water from passing through.

Our Bodies Are Over 75% Water

Our bodies are akin to a large body of water – the human body has approximately 18 gallons of salt water solution that keeps us alive and electrically charged.

We are like a big water bottle that is constantly being cleansed/filtered by the multiple complex filter systems that the body has internally and externally through the skin. The skin is also a very complex filter system.

Function of water in the human body. Illustration about medical and anatomy
Water is the life giving compound that makes up most of the body’s various volumes

Water is the life giving compound that makes up most of the body’s various volumes – as you can see in the chart above.

The flow of bodily fluids diminishes when the body’s internal filters become clogged with particulate matter. Heavy metals like aluminum, cadmium, and lead are just a few examples of the toxic substances that can gradually obstruct the body’s organs and blood vessels. Plastics also pose a significant issue in the clogging of the body’s filtration systems.

Earther Academy offers numerous videos across two sections to further educate you on this subject. One of the simplest yet most effective methods to kickstart the cleansing of your internal filters is through sweating. The skin is the body’s largest organ, weighing approximately 10 pounds. When you sweat, the pores on your skin facilitate what can be termed the “Self-Cleaning Process,” supporting the biological filters deep within your body.

Skin and Pore Cleansing Detoxification with Beatrice
Skin and Pore Cleansing Detoxification with Beatrice

Cleaning the skin is essential for the body to be able to breath through the skin/pores and be able to transpire fluid through the pores when overheating. We call this phenomenon sweating through the skin.

The Internal Filters of the Body

You can look at the entire body as one big multifaceted biological filter with many sub-filters within the body itself, all working with one another.

For example: All of the organs, muscles, the cells, intestines, the skin etc. are all filters and/or let a diverse amount of fluids all exchange with one another.

What happens if you don’t clean your Dirty water filter?

If the filters of any part of the body or any part of the RO water filtration system gets just partially clogged, the rest of the filters or flow in the body and or the machine will all suffer or have a decreased rate of flow.

Female hand holding model of human kidney organ at back of body
Since the kidney and other organs are filters – that would mean they must be cleansed, detoxed and or flushed out once in a while to stay in optimal functioning operating parameters.

It’s important to remember that the human body contains an estimated 75,000+ miles of blood vessels, which I like to think of as the body’s intricate and highly complex plumbing system. These blood vessels are essential for our survival, as they are responsible for efficiently circulating fluids and nutrient-rich blood throughout the entire body.

Consider the body’s organs, muscles, capillaries, and lymphatic system as interconnected filters working in harmony. If any one of these filters becomes clogged or loses its ability to maintain flow, the body becomes “plugged” or toxic and starts to malfunction. This is similar to how my reverse osmosis (RO) system ceases to function when its filters are clogged, preventing water from passing through.

Real blood vessels donated from a person who wanted to use their body for scientific purposes
Real blood vessels donated from a person who wanted to use their body for scientific purposes

Picture above: These are real blood vessels donated from a person who wanted to use their body for scientific purposes. As you can see the massive amounts of blood vessels  everywhere – it is vitally important to keep the blood vessels, all of the body clean and free of particulate toxic matter so it does not clog up the body’s plumbing.

The photo above was also taken from the famous Body Worlds exhibit. I have the book and went to a showing in Los Angeles. It was truly amazing and creepy at the same time to see how intelligent and magical the body really is.

Body Worlds (German title: Körperwelten) is a traveling exposition of dissected human bodies, animals, and other anatomical structures of the body that have been preserved through the process of plastination – src: Wikipedia – Body Worlds

Buy on Amazon

If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend visiting exhibits that delve into the intricate and multifaceted anatomy of biological beings. Witnessing the complex and ingeniously designed structures of humans and various animals through techniques like plastination is truly amazing and well worth the experience.

Important Point to Remember: One of the many reasons people may experience a range of mental, emotional, physical, and energetic ailments stems from obstructed or clogged organs – such as the kidneys, spleen, lungs, liver, skin, and intestines. If the body isn’t adequately hydrated with clean water, it becomes more challenging to flush out the internal toxins that accumulate through our food, water, and air.

A few ways the body helps self clean itself is by the intelligent actions of urination, defecation and sweating through the pores. If the body is dry or dehydrated these processes will be impeded quickly and accumulating toxicity is inevitable – that can lead to sickness in a variety of ways.

Personally, I only try to drink ultra pure/clean distilled water that I make myself at home with a distiller.

If you are new to this website or you need a refresher course you may want to see The Curative Power of Distilled Water, as well as review the video sections on the Lymphatic System.

Signup for Earther Academy Membership Only $10.-
Signup for Earther Academy Membership Only $10.-

The public videos are mostly very basic and beginner’s information – there is a lot of good information for sure. if you would like to see the personal protocols, practices and principles of health I research and experiment with for health and wellness – Join EartherAcademy.com for just $10 a month, cancel anytime.

What Type of Filtered Water Do I Drink?

I mainly drink distilled water from my personal home distiller, and I also use a 6 stage RO system.

Midi Classic Water Distiller
Midi Classic Water Distiller

I use an automatic distiller at my home called the Midi Classic Fully Automatic Distiller. This machine is a true workhorse, capable of automatically producing up to 7 gallons of distilled water per day, with a 5-gallon holding tank. When you join Earther Academy, you’ll receive a $100 gift certificate that can be used in the store. I recommend applying this credit towards purchasing a distiller. Distilled water is excellent for detoxifying the body, particularly for flushing out oxalates and various other toxic substances that can accumulate over time.

As I have said many times before on other videos – distilled water is the most pure and best water to drink if you can make it yourself with your own distiller. Try not to buy distilled or any bottled water from the store in a plastic container. The plastic is known to leach out chemicals and other toxins such as endocrine disruptors that can easily change one’s natural balance of hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. These plastic bottles leach out estrogenic and other harmful chemicals in the plastic bottled or canned water products – leaching is more pronounced especially from distilled water stored in plastic bottles.

Distilled water has the unique ability to cleanse the body’s internal filters, gradually breaking down the accumulation of oxalates caused by diets high in oxalic and phytic acids. These compounds can lead to a variety of health issues, including kidney stones, arthritis, sore muscles and joints, as well as “brain sand,” among other oxalate-induced conditions. Just as filters in an RO machine can become clogged over time, these harmful substances can gradually obstruct the body’s internal systems.

You can easily taste the difference between distilled water bought from the store in a plastic bottle versus distilled water that is made out of your home distiller, and then stored in glass.

The next best option for drinking water is from a multi-stage, 5-7 stage RO (reverse osmosis) system. Depending on the quality of your public water supply – particularly if it contains fluoride or other chemicals like pesticides – you’ll want to ensure that your RO system includes an effective fluoride filter. The frequency with which you’ll need to change the dirty water filter, typically every 6 months, will depend on your water consumption. The poorer the quality of your public water supply, the more frequently you’ll need to replace your filters.

There are numerous avenues for improvement, enhancement, and optimization of both body and mind. I highly recommend exploring specific sections of Earther Academy, where you can learn about the various protocols, practices, and principles I have employed for detoxification and rejuvenation.

Hope you enjoy this “Dirty Water Filter Parable” video 🙂

Dr. Robert

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