Addicted To Parasitic Technologies

Rethinking Reality: Addicted To Parasitic Technologies

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In this “Rethinking Reality: Addicted To Parasitic Technologies” Live Stream Video we are going to discuss the newer “Artificial Intelligence – (A.I.)” versus the ancient “Natural Intelligence (N.I.)” technologies we use and consume daily.

Both of these are beyond genius and miraculous technologies (or creations), and can have both negative and/or positive effects for each other and for all that use the technologies.

One concept is for certain: all species living, and most of the Earth’s lands, are effected by these two basic but super complex and unknowable technologies or creations daily.

Here is a simple observation for most of us and our societies in general worldwide: “We are killing ourselves trying to make a living”.

Most of us are in the energies of A.I. technology all day and night long, and are totally addicted to this A.I. technology versus N.I. creations of nature. We usually will only use our minds with this A.I. technology and not often use any physicality at all – this could be said to be mind control. The natural world is mostly all body and mind physical in our use and action.

A.I. = All wireless, WI-FI, pad computers, cell phones, smart meters, blue tooth, smart appliances, smart everything technologies all use the air and pulsed energy to work with each other.

Most of us also never get into natures energy to keep us healthy and balanced. Natural energy is how all of the living organisms live.

N.I. = Sun, clean air, clean water, green technologies, grounding, seeing the animals, oceans, lakes, rivers etc. All of the natural world gives us the life giving chi/prana/mana/life force.

We must be careful to stay balanced in the two energy worlds that surround us all. Nature will love you when you love it back, and use the technologies wisely. So, let’s all be conscious to use the creations and technologies safely and correctly and not parasitically.

Have you ever heard the sound of each of these Super Advanced Technologies or Creations?

We will let you hear the sounds of some of the wireless transmissions with a few acoustical RF meters. A.I. digital technologies are very different frequencies than the N.I. creations.

A.I. is a super fast pulsed energy of up to billions of pulses per-second. 1 = Gigahertz is 1 billion pulses/sec. Typical cell phones or other wireless technologies operate on upwards to 3 Gigahertz or 3 billion pulses/sec.

Versus the N.I. (natural living creatures and all of organic life) creations are not pulsed but smooth multi-oscillation’s/frequencies/dimensions cycling up and down smooth sine wave of energies, and are very slow in the mere cycles per second that form than the N.I creations.

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We will go over some of the ideas you may want ponder upon while using these technologies or creations. As you will see, they are totally different types of energies or frequencies.

Get out in nature as much as you can and reduce your exposure to the A.I. interfaces.

Hope you enjoy this “Rethinking Reality: Addicted To Parasitic Technologies” Video 🙂

Dr. Robert

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