Rethinking Reality: Learning How To Love Ourselves

Rethinking Reality: Learning How To Love Ourselves

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Rethinking Reality: Learning How To Love Ourselves – The “Big Question” for many people today around the world is “How Do I Learn To Love Myself again?”

I was compelled to do this video as so many people want to know if there is a better, less expensive and less toxic way to feel, detoxify, maintain and heal yourself – without consuming synthetic chemicals, or what we commonly know as prescriptions or pharmaceuticals.

Trevor Wilson is also going show us some “Quantum Exercises” he has learned towards the end of the video.

Why do so many people take pharmaceutical prescriptions for Depression, Anxiety and Insomnia which are the 3 biggest mental/emotional complaints most people have in the USA.

Tens of millions of average simple people consume a variety of very powerful psychotropic, opiates and medical prescriptions daily.

If only people would simply listen and understand the scary warnings on the label. Watch TV and you will see that about every 3rd commercial is a pharmaceutical advertisement.

These powerful and emotional mind and body prescription drugs are given to adults and children alike every day. A variety of patented drugs are given out like candy (to mostly fail) to try and resolve their multiple cascading mental, emotional and physical dysfunctions/ailments with the “Magical Pills” we call Western Medicine.

“Emergency Medicine” has saved my life many times and may save yours as well. This area of medicine saves many lives per day.

Western Medicine falls very short when treating chronic sickness, illness and disease with the “CUT – BURN – POISON” protocols.

As we all know (or most of us know) western medicine is not here to cure you of anything. It is here to see if they can manage you with synthetic medicines, surgery or radiation chemo techniques.

Many of our common dysfunctions most of us have, is because we have accumulated a host and variety of toxic synthetic chemicals, environmental toxicity, dangerous internal and skin parasites, plastics of all kind, etc.

Most of us are also chronically dehydrated, and most people eat and drink a de-mineralized SAD (Standard American Diet), or common toxic processed dead fast food, box packaged and canned full of sugar and corrosive acids.

Learning and practicing the Intermittent/Block Liquid Fasting Terrain Modification protocols, practices and principles will upgrade, enhance and optimize your life – I promise you. Learning and practicing these very simple, but effective, protocols will be a “Life Changing” event for anyone who wants to live less toxic, and be able to learn how to self maintenance “All of Yourself”.

Most people have never really learned “How to Honor, Respect and Love Ourselves”.

We call this work or transformation (and it is a transformation of personal work) “The Great Work”. Hope you join us and together share ideas, disciplines, concepts, practices etc. to learn how to live more naturally sustainable with ourselves and the planet we all share and use πŸ™‚

The “Antidote” to many sicknesses and dysfunctions is YOU!

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Hope you enjoy this “Rethinking Reality: Learning How To Love Ourselves” Video πŸ™‚

Dr. Robert


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