Stimulating Your Genitals In The Power Of The Sun

Stimulating Your Genitals In The Power Of The Sun

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Stimulating Your Genitals In The Power Of The Sun – Most people in the USA are Vitamin D Deficient. The best way I have found to get your Vitamin D is directly from the Sun’s Rays.

Sunbathing nude is a necessary therapy for both our body and our mind. Best of all – it is totally free for all people that wish to use this life changing therapy. So, absorbing the sun’s powers correctly is one of the best and essential ways to regain some of your health, or to stay vital in your life.

Always, before sun bathing nude, learn the Skin Cleaning, Detoxification and Rejuvenation Protocols which are very necessary in order to not burn and be able to absorb the rays more efficiently.

The “SUN” is what I call the “Light Spirit”, and without this unknowable energy we all use and see daily, all life would cease to exist in a very short time.

The sun is the ultimate sanitizer and life giving energy provider for all species that breath air.

So, when we get the sun’s energy consistently, you will notice you have more life giving hormones and feel like you just took a vacation in nature. The best feeling I have when sunbathing nude is the complete reset or renewing of my brain chemicals. The rest of the day I am so creative and feel like I have been “Baptized by the Sun”.

I would recommend going out in the sun 2-3 times weekly if you can, or at least once a week.

Give this life changing sun therapy with consistency, and don’t forget to clean your skin and pores and follow the re-lubricating protocols prior to nude sunbathing.

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Hope you enjoy this “Stimulating Your Genitals In The Power Of The Sun” Video Course 🙂

Dr. Robert

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